Sounds of the Season!

Happy Wednesday everyone! As I said in my quotes yesterday, music touches the heart. I thought for today I would share some songs with you. I don’t say favorite, for its impossible for me to pick a favorite Christmas song. These songs do all have special meaning though. I hope you enjoy and go about your day singing. Singingย  makes your heart happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

This first song is from a CD that my dear hubby got me for my birthday. I used to have the cassette tape of it and wore the tape out listening to it. The CD is Once Upon a Christmas by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton and the song is “The Greatest Gift of All!” I am so thankful for my husband’s love! With the curve balls that life has thrown at us over the past couple years, his love has been a constant and that is a gift that can’t be bought.

The next song is a more lively one and it is from the same CD. It brings a smile to my face for I remember my Dad singing it at home as he would dance a little jig. To other parents out there, you really would be surprised at what your kids will remember about you ๐Ÿ™‚ My kids have already surprised me by some memories that they have shared. It really is not as much about the big things as you think. You never know what little thing you do that might be making a forever memory.

Last one for now is one of my favorite Christmas Carols. This song fills my heart with peace and I sang it to my precious children from the time that they were babies. Would sing it at night as they fell asleep numerous times, not just around Christmas, but at the times that they were sick or scared as well.ย  I may not do that anymore at their bed, as they are teenagers now.ย  But the memory is there when I hear the song. I wish all of you peace this Christmas!


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