Friday’s 6 word story!

Funny minions september 2015 quotes (01:00:57 PM, Wednesday 09, September 2015 PDT) – 10 pics:

Yes,  I know this isn’t a 6 word story, but yet check again. Look at #1 and all you need to do is add 1 more word to it. Here you go.  “The wife is always right…TRUE!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Yes, it is our 21st Anniversary today and these rules are why we have had such a Happy Marriage! LOL! Kidding,  well maybe 😉  My poor hubby, he is going to wish he had his own blog. Ha! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY To the One who still HOLDS my HEART! ❤ ❤

Now for one of my 7 word stories.  …. Fell for you once… still falling now!

And here is a 6 word story…. Restaurant, wedding, party….Intrigued, I knew.

To explain my 6 word story a little more. We met at a Rehearsal Dinner for the wedding for mutual friends.  It was a New Year’s Eve wedding and I  went to a  party with him after the wedding. Before flying 500 miles away back home the next morning. As I flew back home I felt like I was 10 feet tall and walking on the clouds. I knew I had met someone very special and 21 years later I am still RIGHT! Refer back to the top of my post, to the Number 1 six word story 🙂


37 thoughts on “Friday’s 6 word story!

    • Thank you Judy! It is a fun story to tell, makes you think of the movies, but this was real 🙂 Looked across the table at him at the Rehearsal dinner and I was hooked, LOL! I maybe should have pointed out how they were mutual friends of ours who were getting married, but me and him had never met before, due to the distance.

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  1. “Poor Brad” (For Dec 16)

    (Copyright Colin & Melanie Chappell 2016)

    So many years ago
    He found himself a bride
    Her parents were so glad
    At last now she was going
    At last she was leaving their home
    Everyone was happy… poor Brad.


    Her sisters were delighted
    That she was getting wed
    It was no secret they were glad
    They stifled their smiles
    As she walked down the aisle
    They couldn’t help thinking… poor Brad


    He suffered her humor
    Put up with her quirks
    And then a child they had
    Dizzy with excitement
    Illogical as ever
    Carolyn was a challenge… poor Brad


    A second child followed
    Much to Carolyn’s delight
    And Brad was, once again, a Dad.
    “Dizzy Lizzy” was confused
    Puzzled and rather perplexing
    But our thoughts go out to poor Brad.

    So many years have now gone by
    So much time has passed
    Was it really all that bad?
    Well by all accounts
    At least from what we hear
    All we can say is …poor Brad!

    Now at their 21st anniversary
    We just shake our heads
    She’s quite mad!
    We’ve known her for almost a year
    And she does have really nice kids
    But… we just have to say… poor Brad

    Brad is surely a martyr
    Suffering the confusion
    It really is quite sad
    For Carolyn, being so short
    If she asked what we thought… we’d say
    It’s alright for you… but… poor Brad!


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  2. Happy Anniversary, dear! These 7,671 days have been quite a journey, haven’t they? 😉

    I noticed that you left out the “I like to get mail and stuff” part of the story. 🙂

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    • Thanks! Yes, I hope for many more to follow as well, But the “lovely” poetry doesn’t need to follow them! LOL! Of course my husband would say differently. Though we just have to refer back to the beginning of this post to see who is the RIGHT ONE , right? 🙂

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