Weekly Photo Challenge, “Change”

LA-25Cell C-018004A016In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Change.” 

“Change” can mean so many things and change isn’t always pleasant! BUT glad to say these changes have been! Once again tho I will tell parents not to BLINK! For in the twinkling of an eye, your kids go from toddlers to teens, cherish the moments like my sweet blogger friend Jodi says from her LifeinBetween  blog which I highly recommend! Be careful tho for her pictures of the awesome recipes she makes can make you very hungry!!

Last of all if you are looking for a loyal, faithful dog to won, highly recommend Sheltie’s! They shed too much hair, but they are so sweet and loving and loyal! Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Change and that if Change is coming your way that it is a GOOD Change!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge, “Change”

    • So glad you are enjoying my “Anything Goes” topics 🙂 I am writing another one today. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for starting to follow my blog!! I hope you continue to enjoy it! And hey you are welcome now to share ideas for a “Anything Goes” post 🙂

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