The Secret Adventures of Puff and I!

It is time again for a blog post about a topic that a friend chose for me. You all are doing a great job at keeping me thinking with the “Anything Goes” topics.  She wanted me to do a post about my secret adventures. Don’t want to disappoint you all but  this is not a TELL ALL kind of post, for hey some stuff has to remain secret, right 🙂 And this isn’t exactly nail biting edge of your seat adventures, but hope you can enjoy them! Most importantly can you tell the fiction from the truth?? For this post is a mixture as you will see. 🙂 But I assure you that there is truth in each story, its just up to you to decide how much 🙂

1.The Night Ride

It was a relaxing Sunday thus far and was going to get even better. I had my bowl of popcorn and was settled down in my little rocker to watch The Wonderful World of Disney, a show that I loved! The show came on and all was well, but not for long. What was that? Why was I feeling cold water at my feet? I looked around me and the water was growing deep and getting deeper by the minute it seemed. There was only one thing to do in this dire situation and that was to call on Puff. He came as quick as a wink, always was ready at a moments notice, for he was well trained 🙂 We all climbed up on his back, I made sure to keep hold of my popcorn. Hey, I was little and hungry! We flew into the night sky, the stars were twinkling so bright. Would have been a beautiful night for a ride if we weren’t saying good-bye to our house, not knowing when we would return. All was well tho, the waters did not engulf the house and the following Sunday had me sitting in my rocker again waiting for The Wonderful World of Disney and oh yes, the popcorn!

2.The Cupcake Bandit

Puff and I were longing for adventure one day and decided to go cave exploring. It was a beautiful day for it, and oh the fun we had. I felt safe in the cave as long as Puff was by my side. He scared away all the icky creatures that were hiding in the cave. We got so busy going from one cave to another, for when you fly on the back of a dragon you can cover a lot of territory; we lost track of time. Our stomachs reminded us that the hour was getting late and we needed to get some food and head for home. Well I looked in my knapsack and all the food that had been there was gone, consumed by Puff. He is a growing dragon he reminded me! All that was left was the brownies I had made, some things even a dragon will refuse to eat. Apparently he didn’t want to break his teeth on them and if they are too hard for a dragon’s teeth, well…..So what were we to do?

As we headed home I could feel Puff sinking down he was getting tired and needed nourishment right away. We landed on a road we had never been on before and saw a house that looked inviting. I told Puff to hide behind a bush as I went to the door. I didn’t tell him that his tail was sticking out by a mile. It was dark, so we were safe. The door was unlocked so I crept in and saw I was in the kitchen. Now I was a P.K. and my parents had taught me never to steal but you know what they say about P.K’s and hey Puff was hungry! I wasn’t going to take more than what we needed. I spied several boxes of Tasty Cake Cupcakes and grabbed them all and into the night I went.

Puff was delighted, who can resist chocolate cupcakes with icing on them. I had to bribe him to share his bounty. The sweet taste of them chased away any guilt that I had of taking them. We made it home and slept well on our full stomachs! 

The next morning as I came downstairs my Dad was reading the paper and one of the headlines caught my eye.”Cupcake Bandit Strikes” Uh-Oh! I guess they noticed the missing cupcakes!

3.The Wedding Mishap

I woke up feeling terrible! It felt like Puff had been breathing fire on me all night. I was hot and achy. this couldn’t be. This was the day my dear friend was getting married. I was her bridesmaid!! Nothing was going to stop me from going to the wedding tho, so off I went.

I felt a little dizzy as I stood up front. but kept telling myself that I was gonna make it. She had the groomsmen stand with the bridesmaids arm in arm, I hung on to the guy pretty tightly. Made it about half way through til I knew I was in trouble. I tried to tug loose from the groomsman and he pulled me tighter, thinking I was getting dizzy. I had to whisper in his ear that he had to LET GO! He did and I ran across the stage and out the door! NO, it wasn’t the Runaway Bride, it was the Runaway Bridesmaid who didn’t want to make a even bigger scene. Made it to the bathroom just in time! The reception was lovely with plenty of good food all around, and I sat eating crackers and drinking tea. At least Puff was having fun, there was cupcakes for him 🙂 Plus he got to be the star for he was the couple’s getaway “vehicle”. Up, Up and Away he took them into the lovely sky. Giving them a great start to the beginning of their Adventure of Marriage!

4.Stuck in Canada

Our family was  bound for Canada, we  couldn’t wait! Going to go see Niagara Falls! I always loved Waterfalls! Love the sound of running water, whether in a gentle running stream or a raging Waterfall! Puff of course wanted to go to, we weren’t sure how that would go over since we had to go through Customs to be let into Canada, but we couldn’t say no. It  was no problem at all to our relief. They never even noticed his tail sticking out of the blanket. We had a wonderful time, more memories to tuck away into our hearts.

The way back didn’t go quite as smoothly.  As we tried to enter back into the U.S.A there was a guy with a scowl on his face and holding a gun. He asked for I.D. and well Puff had no I.D. I mean really when have you seen a dragon carry around a picture I.D. of themselves?? Obviously this guy had seen Puff’s tail sticking out. We assured the guy that Puff wasn’t driving. The guy had no humor!  We had to pull over into a little parking lot at the Police Headquarters. It wasn’t looking good for Puff, the U.S. didn’t want a dragon in their country. We tried to convince them that Puff was NOT your normal Fire breathing dragon, that he was harmless. We asked if they had ever seen the movie, How to Train your Dragon, they hadn’t. Once again they  really didn’t have much of a sense of humor, they were all business. We knew there was only one thing we could do, with a ROAR that made them all  jump,we climbed on Puff’s back. He  picked up our car with his tail and we soared over the line into the U.S.A.

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