Sometimes its right in front of you…..

Some of you  may remember the post I recently posted about how we miss what is right in front of us sometimes? I wrote about  my class of 2 year olds  and how when we play the color game they never see the colors that are so big and obvious. Well I have a chuckle for you all before you go to bed.

We were cleaning today and I found a copy of the passport photos we had taken last Spring. The originals are of course safely locked up in our firesafe box in our passports. I laid my photo on our bed with some other things and forgot about it. Later tonight after my hubby finished snow blowing our driveway he came inside tired and ready to watch a show on TV. We watched Dr.Quinn, Medicine Woman. Anyone remember that? Well the show ended and he asked if I was ready for bed, I turned to him to pat his chest and that is when I started laughing. He had my passport photo taped over his heart! I just shook my head asking when he did that. He said right before the  show. I thought, No way! For yes, my eyes were on the show, but I still had looked at him several times. I laughed again as I thought of how Yup, sometimes we really don’t see what is right in front of us! He told me that he put it there cause I guard his heart 🙂  And all the ladies are going  AWWWWW……right? 🙂

Sweet dreams my friends!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes its right in front of you…..

    • My husband got me the whole DVD set of the Dr. Quinn series for Christmas. He found it unexpectedly and knew I would love it. AS we watched her perform surgery on Brian in one episode I turned to my hubby and said, “Yup, I definitely could never have been a Dr.!” LOL!


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