The Reunion – Sunday’s Flash Fiction


She turned her head as she heard the screen door squeak open. Out came her beautiful daughter. She may have just rolled out of bed with her robe still on, but she still was so beautiful to her! She was holding 2 cups of Hot Cocoa in her hand as he moved toward her Mom on the porch swing.

“Ahh, thank you dear, come sit with me and look at this beautiful sky.”

They rocked on the porch swing in silence for awhile, sipping at the hot cocoa and just enjoying the stillness of the early morning hour.

“Mom, did you ever wonder?” Her mom had a feeling of what she meant, but waited for her to finish.

“Did you ever wonder if I would come home?”

As she enfolded her daughter’s hand in hers, she said, “I never wondered IF, I only wondered WHEN.”

Tears streamed down her dear daughter’s face as she squeezed her Mom’s hand. With a catch in her throat she said to her Mom, “Thank you for never giving up on me!”

With contentment in their hearts they finished watching the sun rise. It was a new day. A new beginning!

12 thoughts on “The Reunion – Sunday’s Flash Fiction

  1. This one made me happy. Hopefully mine will never leave, but I have a feeling they will, at least for a while (most kids do…I certainly did). WHEN they come home, though, it will be awesome. πŸ™‚


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