The Chilling Night

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Chills ran down her spine! What was that noise? Brett wasn’t due home until next week. She was alone, at least she had thought she was alone.

Oh, wby hadn’t Brett installed that burglar alarm before he left. She had kept reminding him to get one. Alot of good that had done. He left for his business trip and the burgler alarm papers laid on the table.

Yvonne was kicking herself, she had left her cell phone downstairs. No way to call 911 without going down and she had no clue of who was down there. CRASH! Yvonne’s heart jumped, as her body became paralyzed with fear.

The sounds from downstairs kept her heart pounding. She had locked her door but she knew it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to break it down.

This had to be the most scared she had ever been in her life. She was visibly shaking. Whoever was down there must be making a mess, from the sounds of it! Oh how she prayed that they would soon leave and not come upstairs!

Brett paid the taxi driver, grabbed his suitcase and walked up to his front door. Yvonne would be so surprised about him coming home early. His heart beat with excitement at the thought of holding her in his arms again, making up for lost time. Time to celebrate, he had been given a promotion. Unlocking the door he entered the house.

Brett gasped, he couldn’t breathe. The house was in shambles! Where was Yvonne? Terror gripped him, Yvonne had to be alrjght, she had too. He stood still listening, but didn’t hear or see anything. Was the intruder upstairs?

He entered the next room and saw the shattered glass and the blood. His heart fell at the sight of the blood, it was alot. Tears sprang to his eyes. How could this have happened?

Then something caught his eye and he felt he could breathe again. There had been no intruder. He did feel bad though for the poor deer that had jumped through their large picture window.

Running up the stairs he yelled for Yvonne. Their bedroom door opened.

“Brett! Oh Brett! I was so scared.” She threw her arms around him, never wanting to let go. He embraced her, perfectly content to hold her forever.

55 thoughts on “The Chilling Night

  1. He then sighed, “I’m so glad you’re okay, deer.”
    She responded, “Thank you, deer, but what caused all the noise downstairs?”
    Brett answered, “It was a deer, deer, and the damage it caused will cost a lot of bucks to repair.”
    To which, Yvonne mourned, “I’m not sure I have that kind of doe, deer.”
    But Brett replied, “I’ll sell something deer to me, to raise the doe to pay the deer damage to all the deer things downstairs that cost so many bucks.”
    At this, they kissed, and it seemed their romance was no longer stuck in a rut.

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  2. A man shouldn’t come home early from a business trip and surprise his wife. That is usually when he gets a surprise of his own and the night could end in tragedy as he spends the night at the police station after beating his wife’s lover half to death on the front lawn.
    Best to stay on schedule with these things and avoid these problems or at least call ahead a few hours if you come home early so he can avoid unwanted complications.

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