The Problem with Girls!

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Denver was lost in thought. He was so confused, as he looked straight ahead. After awhile he turned to his trusty dog Puddles  and poured out his little heart.

“I don’t understand girls, Puddles! They just so plumb crazy! Susie acted like she liked me, she even gave me a note. In the note she asked me if I liked her and wanted me to either check the “yes” box or the “no” one. Well I thought and I thought, and I checked both boxes, for sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t!

Sometimes she is real sweet and shares her cookies with me at lunch, that’s when I like her.

Sometimes she can be so loud! One time my frog jumped out of my pocket and onto her head. She screamed so loud, my frog jumped off her head and hopped away! I didn’t like her then!

Other times she let me be the first one to hold her little puppy. The whole class looked at me with envy and I just grinned and grinned. I liked her real fine that time!

Then there was the time that she and her friend Cindy Lou were whispering and giggling by the tree. They kept looking at me and giggling some more. My face was blushing red. Why did girls giggle so much and why were they looking at me! Billy noticed my red face when he came walking by and saw they laughing and looking at me and  he laughed at me too. I sure didn’t like her that time!

So Puddles, don’t you see, I was just being honest when I checked both boxes. I handed her the paper and watched her go read it by the tree.  Then I saw her coming marching over to me with her hands on her hips.  She wanted to know what I meant when I checked “No”.  Well golly gee, I told her I meant “No”, why else would I have checked it?

Apparently that was the wrong answer for she got all red in the face and called me a name, while stomping away. Didn’t she see that I had checked “Yes” too?

Oh Puddles,  I really don’t get girls at all! They just so darn confusing!

25 thoughts on “The Problem with Girls!

  1. There’s a good, honest answer. Susie don’t ‘ppreciate a good ol’ downhome honest an’ forthright boy. A lyin’ boy would have only checked “yes” and turned on all his charm, only to disappoint her later.
    Truth is, ah don’t allus like my wife. Like th’ time she cleaned th’ dog’s butt on my bathtowel. Or th’ time she gave me a AAA card for mah birfday, but dint achually pay th’ goldanged membership fee.
    But then there’s all them-there times she’s cooked mah suppers, an’ fetched th’ mail, an’ run off varmints that was a gettin’ in th’ trash. Ah love her at those times.

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  2. Perhaps a comma between dog and Puddles or I might intentionally get the wrong idea.

    For a moment there you had a glimmer of understanding of the male mentality. We know that we are supposed to be honest, and have trouble figuring out when we aren’t supposed to be honest. And what the hell are girls always giggling about. I’m a dad with two girls and I haven’t figured that one out.

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