34 thoughts on “Where Oh Where am I?

      • Don’t forget to listen to the repetitive “clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack clickety-clack” wheel sounds:

        Excerpt from The Train –

        To Brampton, Brantford or old Moosenee
        Timing is critical for you and for me
        Meetings with bankers, lawyers and such
        Or just meeting friends and staying in touch
        I again must slow down. A station is near
        And there I will stop β€˜til my passengers clear
        Their journey is done. They look out my windows
        Dream of their plans, get up and continue
        They open the doors and step down to the ground
        Where is their someone? They all look around
        And then their eyes meet, they wave from afar
        Run up and hug, before leaving by car
        But I will stay here… for that is my task
        And I love it… in case you were going to ask
        Taking people to places, and riding the rails
        I am living a life of adventures and tales!

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    • The food is grrrreat!! I was upset tonight because I was just too full for dessert and their dessert is so yummy. Dark chocolate torte! Had the best salmon! My husband and kids love the banana nut muffins and the blueberry ones.

      Cool about your trip to the mountains πŸ™‚ You are right at how it invigorates you.
      Soaking it in!

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    • The food is delish!! Best salmon we ever had and the dark chocolate tart melts in your mouth!

      Cool that you got to go on vacation too! You are so right about it being invigorating!

      Soaking in the moments! πŸ’—

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