Somewhere between Here and There!

The rolling hills of … ???

Ahhh! Are they buffalo grazing?

This city was pretty to see lit up at night!

This was a long, beautiful river to see on our travels. There was a classic tale of a boy who rowed down the famous …….! Do you think you know the name?

We will pass through 3 different time zones to reach our destination. So right now I have no clue of the time.

Perhaps those clues helped or they could have made you even more confused as to where we are going. Either way I hope you at least enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Somewhere between Here and There!

    • Yes the ride is great! You would love it! The rocking of the train rocks me to sleep at night. Though last night I kept waking up because we had more stops through the night and my brain would be like hey, why aren’t we moving.LOL!
      Everyone is friendly and you get your meals served to you and your bed made as you just sit back and enjoy the scenery.
      But it can be hard to keep your balance at times when walking, fortunately I haven’t fallen in anyone’s lap yet!

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  1. Hmmmm … the scenery looks like Texas or Oklahoma, but the reference of the boy and the river sounds like the Mississippi River which does not go through either of those states. And, if you are going through three time zones, then you are going east to west. So no, I’m utterly clueless! Beautiful pic, though! Have fun!!!

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  2. The city looks like St. Louis, which would put the buffalo herd in southern Illinois, unless you took the photo in Missouri or Kansas and switched up the posting order. 🙂 I have to confess, your vacation is making me envious!

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