The Shining Sapphire Friend

It happened long ago, one summer night at Farmer Jack’s farm, is where it has been told that it all began.

Farmer Jack had made his routine rounds, bidding his animals goodnight. Every night he would say some special words to each one,  giving  them a tender pat, for he loved them very much.

After he left and entered the farmhouse for the night, the barn was mostly silent. There was the sound of the mice scurrying and the loud sound of Clarence the bull snoring.  Petunia the pig would every now and then join in with some music of her own which made Holly the horse roll her eyes. The other animals tried their best to get some rest.

Out in the field it was another story. Cathy the cow was having trouble sleeping. Her mind was wandering. She had tried to count cows in her head but kept getting confused, for the pesky sheep kept interrupting. She would see them in her mind, trying to jump over the fence.

Cathy wondered what life was like beyond Farmer Jack’s field. She had an adventurous spirit inside her and tonight her curiosity was strong.  Dare she put her curiosity into action and try to jump the fence?  It would just be for tonight, she would be back, but oh, how she longed to see what all she may find beyond the field.

With a gleam in her eye she decided to give it a try and before she thought twice, over the fence she did leap.

She had done it, she was free! Happiness soared through her as she roamed the peaceful countryside, using the moon as her guide.

It shined a light on her path and it made her smile, feeling like it was shining just for her. At times she would gaze up high into the blue sky to look directly at it. Wait a minute, what did she just see? Did the sapphire moon just wink at her?

Cathy ambled on down the country road hearing the calls of some lonesome doves. She came to a spot where she stopped for a bit as she munched on some clover. After awhile she ambled away to see what else there was to find.

With her stomach feeling content with her snack, she continued on.  As she ambled on she began to get sleepy and thoughts went through her head. Perhaps she should turn around and go back to Farmer Jack’s. Perhaps this had been enough adventuring for one night, and  she looked up once again at the beautiful, sapphire moon.

It winked at her again,  this time she had no doubt as to what she had seen and suddenly she was wide awake!

An idea began to form in her mind as she kept her gaze transfixed on the moon. Could she do it ? Was it possible? Had it ever been done before, or would she be the first? Could she possibly jump up so very high and say “HI” to the moon in the sky?

Oh how it shined, beckoning her to come, she had to give it a try!

Gathering up all her strength she ran a little down the road and then jumped as high as she could, but she failed to reach the moon. Once again she took another daring leap, but once again she missed. It was no use, the moon was just too high. Cathy sighed as she kept staring at the moon wishing  that she could meet it in the sky.

Wait! What was happening? The moon was sinking down lower. Was it coming down to greet her? May she now be able to reach it!

Gathering up her strength for one last try she got a running start and took a giant leap!  A thrill shot through her, she had done it! She made it up to the moon and oh, her smile was ever so wide.

Time stopped as she and the moon played. The moon would sink and she would jump and then it would wink as they met each other in the sky.  On and on they went, until Cathy’s energy was spent and her moon friend had to bid her goodbye.

He winked once more before he left and Cathy’s heart was full. Heading home she  knew that no night would ever compare to this one. No night could beat the night that she had made friends with the moon.







36 thoughts on “The Shining Sapphire Friend

  1. As she sprang back over the fence into Farmer Jack’s farm, a cat was heard in the distance, playing a fiddle. Then a hyena laughed. And odd as it may seem, a dish was spotted running down a country lane, with a spoon leading the way.

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  2. I read this story late yesterday and did not post a comment because I wanted to share it with Benjamin today. He loved it, and of course recognized the Mother Goose connection. He asked if this was Part 1 and I was at a loss understanding why he asked, until he said : “What about the cat and the fiddle and the dish and the spoon?” I was laughing so hard that he became quite perturbed with me and said : “Gem, don’t laugh, this is serious! Ask Miss JoyRoses!” So seriously, is there a Part 2? Total aside, well actually maybe not totally, depending on your perspective…tomorrow, Feb.26th is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day. As you have recently posted this tale, I will not challenge you to post another. Thank-you x 2!!

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  3. i so enjoy when you take a familiar tale and make it your own. the story of strong friendships always run through your writing, there is always a moral at the end of each story. this my dear is one of the best ways of teaching, a gentle stirring of the heart. this is a most wonderful read aloud story. love it

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