Even When You Can’t See…


Sometimes life can feel dark.  A moment happens that brings you down and you just can’t seem to shake the mood.  That happened to me today.  All it took was for a song to go through my mind and I remembered why that song used to be special.  I remembered the special friendship that is now fractured and it brought pain.  I want to fix things, but its beyond my ability, not in my control.  I have to learn to let go.  I don’t need to lose hope that someday things might be better, though I know they will never be the same.  I had to remind myself not to despair for the colors are still there even when at the moment I can’t see.


Gradually the fog started lifting in my head.  I began to see the colors and was able to smile as I sent some emails and received some texts.  The colors brightened as I felt the long hug of my daughter.  I  reveled in the light of the joy at watching my teens get along and feeling their love for each other.   I felt the warmth of the sunshine as I stepped outside with my dogs and my heart began to have a golden glow.


I saw the colors that were not visible to me this morning.  I felt the love of my family and friends and I knew.  I knew that even when the colors may be hidden due to the darkness, they are still there.   As a friend told me, even when you can’t see the sun because of the clouds, it still is shining behind them.   My heart is shining with colors once again. 


19 thoughts on “Even When You Can’t See…

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  2. we all have these days. we must allow ourselves to grieve these losses, and also recognize when we need to let go of some people for our own mental health and well-being. We can then focus on the good. Glad your light came back! Hugs!

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  3. Jodi’s wisdom is excellent advice for leaving the darkness behind and finding your light. I’ll just add these words that I read somewhere some time ago: Accept what is, Let go of what was, Have faith in what can be. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and the lovely pictures.

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  4. This is just so beautiful Joy. I understand that somethings so small can trigger memories which sometimes arent too pretty, but truly thats what friends are there for. To help clear the clouds so you can feel the rays of the sun once again

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