Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning!  The air is a little more brisk this morning, there is a chill in the air.  The chill does help you wake up quicker when you walk out into it and it makes you more grateful for the shelter of your warm house!  What are you grateful for today?  I am grateful for the changing seasons.  Yes, I may complain when it gets too cold, but I do like the newness that each season brings.  I just hope that we can actually enjoy Fall temps.  That we can  have a break from summer ones, was 80 degrees past this weekend, but not go directly to winter temps!

i am also grateful that its Tuesday and that I get to share quotes with you!  One day that I know what I am going to post and am not just staring at a blank screen.  ENJOY!  There is one more thing!  You know how they say you save the best for last!  It is my Dad’s birthday today!!  So very grateful for my dear Dad and the wonderful influence he has had in my life!  A Dad that I know I can depend on , one who always has my back.  He rejoices with me in my happiness and his heart breaks when mine does.  It hasn’t always been easy being my Dad, but it does have its perks too! 🙂  Happy Birthday Dad, I Love You!

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Terrific Tuesday’s Thoughts! Loving #1, I was a “Daddy’s Girl” and #8, because it is good advice. Happy Birthday to your Dad, cherish every moment you share. Thank-you for another thought provoking post for an otherwise tedious Tuesday!

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    • I just got back from visiting my Dad, I do cherish the moments! 🙂
      Yes, Number 8 is a good reminder! Sorry about your tedious Tuesday, glad I could brighten it up at least some!! Hope tomorrow is a better day! A Wonderful Wednesday!


  2. Thanks Carolyn. I’m extremely grateful and proud that you are my daughter. You are correct in saying that being a Dad hasn’t always been easy but I think the “hard” parts made me a better Dad. And the joy of living has always overwhelmed the “hard” parts of life.

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