A Time To Dance

via Daily Prompt: Tender

Is there anything more tender than the feel of the soft skin of a newborn baby?


Can anything compare to the tender heart of a 2 year old? To their innocence and inner joy that they have. The way they dance without a care, no matter who may be watching!


What goes on in the heart of a child as they sit and ponder life? What is going through their minds in these tender moments?


What happens to us as we get older ? Instead of pondering the simple things of life, we get entangled in a net of complexities. We have been hurt, betrayed, and let down, and we forget our innocent childhood dreams! We forget how we were in awe of bubbles, and how we loved the feeling of the sand and water between our toes. We forget the fun  that can be found in the simplicity of chasing butterflies.

We forget how to trust and have open hearts, for our hearts have been wounded, so we build walls. We become weighed down and we forget how to dance. The music we danced to when we were young is too hard to hear anymore. It has been muffled.

But we can hear it again. It is still there! Our innocent dreams, our awe and wonder are still a part of us; they just have been squashed by so many other things.

All we need to do is let go, let go of the bitterness, of the fears and doubts. Let go of  the worries of things we can’t control. Let go and embrace!

Embrace the butterfly moments. The awe and wonder of the simple things of life again. Open our eyes and our hearts. Embrace….and our ears will hear again. The music will play once more and before you know it we will be dancing again.




11 thoughts on “A Time To Dance

    • Am smiling, sometimes we really do think alike. It was just a little bit ago that I thought of how I should have included this song at the end of my post! Nice of you to take care of that for me. 🙂
      Even if you might have made me get a little teary eyed! With as often as I listened to this song, I had never seen this video before. That baby……both girls, too precious!

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  1. Beautiful post! Thank-you for the reminder to never lose the child’s simplicity amid the complexities of the adult mind. P.S. Thank-you to Colin too – the perfect song and a favorite as well!

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