My First Crush

As Sunday’s post said I started a series of posts where my readers will give me an idea for a post and I will make a story around what they give me and post it on Wednesday and Thursdays. Sunday’s was around the words Virtual FB pokes, Compost piles and Classical Music. My friend sure didn’t make it easy for me to start off! But I pulled it off, check out Sunday’s story if you haven’t yet. Now today my friend gave me the topic, Your First Crush. My friends are definitely taking my words, “Anything Goes” literally! Enjoy the story and feel free to leave your suggestion for a post after it!

Young Love

OH how long ago it seems, but yet do we ever forget the memories we made of our first crushes. Of when we thought we knew what love was. Remember the notes passed in class, words scrawled on paper, “Do you like me, check yes or no in the boxes below.” Or would we get our friends to go ask for us as we anxiously waited for the answer to make us walk on clouds or to send us plunging into a hole. OH the innocence of young love.

My first crush was when I was very little, and not just in stature. For I am still little, but I am a lot older now than 5 πŸ™‚ Yes I got nipped with the love bug at that young age,Β  and we had a great time together of growing up. We lived close to each other, and he had a sister my sister’s age, so we hung out a lot. Of course they didn’t always want us being with them which was fine. I would go play Matchbox cars with him or legos. Funny, but I don’t remember him ever playing dolls with me! πŸ™‚ We would share secrets and talk about our sisters.Β  We spent a lot of time playing in his creek, tubing down the creek on a summers day was a delight and jumping from the rope swing once I got brave enough πŸ™‚ I remember making a wedding list with my best friend when I was the ripe age of 10 and of course I put his name down to be my groom, I mean hey he was my best guy friend so why not. I just assumed it would always be me and him. I mean we had shared our first kiss when we were the tender age of 8, so he had to be my groom, right? Well that thing called High school came and all of a sudden we noticed there were a lot more fish in the sea! We still thought of each other as great friends, but….

I am glad to say that to this day some 30 years later we are still great friends. We don’t see each other much, but we have those childhood memories that will never go away. We are both married now and our spouses know about our innocentΒ  shared kiss, for that is how he introduced me!! Yeah, I may have been a little red!

I could also tell about the guy that worked at Mister Donuts, the guy at the mall or the guy at the restaurant, BUT…..this topic was just about my First Crush, so my lips are sealed πŸ™‚

Yes young love can hold great memories that make you smile, laugh and your heart warm, BUT I wouldn’t trade the REAL LOVE I have now for any of that! REAL LOVE that I have shared for almost 20 years now! The love that has stood the test of time and still is ignited, the roots go deep into the soil; tho the branches may sway and sometimes blow really hard, they never break! TRUE LOVE PREVAILS OVER ALL!

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