In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “S/he Said.” So for this post we were encouraged to ask our friends what was on their minds and write something around that. I did it, they responded, and here you go. Names are changed to protect privacy 🙂

Elizabeth was going nuts! How on earth was everything gong to get done this week, dance recitals, sport practices and 1 child was feeling sick. Oh Calgon take me away was her thought!

Violet was sitting on her porch swing resting and enjoying the beautiful Spring evening. She saw the bungee cord laying in the yard and was contemplating if she really was doing the right thing. Was she crazy for agreeing to go with her friend Larissa tomorrow to go bungee jumping?? Had she lost her mind? But hey life was for adventure, right!

What on earth, why is the neighbor’s goat in her yard again! It is a nice goat, and usually doesn’t bother anything, but it sure likes to wander around. Wait a minute that’s not grass that it is chewing on. OH NO, that is her bungee cord!! She jumped off her swing and ran into the yard just in time to see the last little bit of the cord disappear into its mouth. How oh how was she going to explain this one to her dear neighbor??? But  maybe its a sign. Maybe she should be reconsidering going on that bungee jump. Who says that you can’t learn things from a old goat? “Hey, who are you calling a old goat?” Larry asked her as he walked out onto the porch. Oops, she didn’t realize she had been talking out loud! Violet laughed and took Larry’s hand as she said, “I am calling the goat a old goat and you will never believe what I am about to tell you, but first we need to make a visit to our neighbor!”

So was that exactly how things happened,wellll…..writers can embellish right 🙂 BUT the question is did the goat really eat the bungee cord???

5 thoughts on “Really????

  1. Bungee jumping is not on my bucket list either! My back and neck and shoulders get out of whack too easily, but who knows maybe bungee jumping would knock them back into shape! LOL!


  2. Glad you all enjoyed it and yes the part that is not true about this tale is the fact that no one was planning on bungee jumping! LOL! Especially since for real the goat did eat the bungee cord 🙂 I texted 3 friends and 2 of them said how they were resting and I was like, Gee, that doesn’t give me much to write about. Then my dear sis-in-law responded with. how crazy busy she is cause of her daughter’s dance recital coming up and practices and her son practicing and playing games and “our goat just ate a bungee cord!!” I had to crack up tho I knew she wasn’t laughing at the time! I did thank her for the idea for me to write about and she was glad that something good could come of it 🙂


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