Ripples of Joy

I went to the chiropractor today and he was happily surprised at how easy my neck and shoulders adjusted this time. Sometimes they can be very tight. He said vacations are good for me! 🙂

How can they not be, especially this one, where gold nuggets were found!

Hope you all aren’t tired of pictures yet, for I have more.May seeing a glimpse of the beauty help bring some smiles to your heart.

20190623_211303.jpg Watching the sunset from way UP HIGH in the city of Vancouver. I was feeling very tall!


Walking along the seawall was great. Breathing in the sea air, and just taking our time, enjoying the moment. Any guesses on how many miles it is to walk around the whole thing?



I had to include another picture of this wonderful hideway place, and remember how I mentioned about sitting on the rocks and just gazing into the clear water in my other post? Here is a pic of my wonderful husband doing just that. 🙂



This little guy came by while my daughter and I were sitting by the fountain outside our hotel.


Did I mention that I love the water? Like the ripples of the water, there were many ripples of joy and happiness that were spread on this trip.


This is Washington State from out the train window as we headed home. We may be home now, but stay tuned, you haven’t heard the last about our vacation! 🙂



Emerald Green Beauty

20190624_144716.jpgphoto from Lynn’s Canyon Park, Vancouver

The water was so crystal clear,  just the sight of the water had me mesmerized.  We hiked a little ways to get to this spot, but it was very worth it. Sat down on some nearby rocks and let my thoughts flow as I gazed into the water.

This place was like a hidden gem among the tall trees of the park. Every place has its secrets, right?

Life is journey of finding gold nuggets amidst the dirt, sand and pebbles of life and I felt that this spot was a gold nugget place to sit at and be refreshed.

I have learned that as we travel through life’s journey of twists and turns that sometimes we can find gold nuggets in the most unexpected ways that leave a lasting mark on your heart.

When we started our vacation I was leaving clues in my post as to where we might be traveling to.  There were guesses made and the correct place was named, but perhaps that wasn’t the last of the clues.

Perhaps there are still some hidden clues amidst my posts about what we did on vacation. Perhaps there is still some mysterious gold nuggets to be revealed. Perhaps in time, all will be made crystal clear!


The Bridge of Love


Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC

The picture is real, the following story though is not. 🙂 I just decided who needs pics from Pinterest to inspire stories when I have a whole slew of vacation photos!

The Bridge of Love

Jeremy stood on the bridge watching the setting sun. Memories tumbled through his mind. It was like his favorite movie playing, allowing him to hit pause and rewind whenever his favorite memories made an appearance.

Time had passed so quickly, but it was full of moments which had left their mark on his heart.

He put his hand in his pocket making sure the special box was still in there.

This was a beautiful spot he thought, as he watched the water flow, with thoughts of her flowing through his mind. Her voice rang in his head as clear as a bell. He was deaf to the sounds of traffic whizzing by. All he could remember was that moment when he had first laid his eyes on her and they were lost in time as they began to talk.

He remembered the look of her dimples when she smiled, and the gleam in her emerald green eyes when she smiled. A smile that had captured his heart in a thousand ways.

Jeremy rubbed his hand against the box once more. The hand that was now getting sweaty as his heart started pounding a little louder in anticipation of what was to come.

He ran his fingers through his hair, did he look alright? He smoothed down his shirt, perhaps he should have chosen a different tie.

He drew the box out of his pocket and opened it. It was still there, tucked securely in the velvet lining and shining bright. He wasn’t dreaming, this was all becoming real!

Jeremy drew in a deep breath, snapped the box shut, tucking it back in his pocket securely, as he started walking down the bridge.

He was planning to pick her up by 8. He was ready. Ready for their love to make a bridge, leading to many grand adventures!


In case you are wondering, my legs can attest to the fact that this is a very long bridge! Viewing the sunset from the bridge though was very pretty!