Friday’s Super Short Stories!

One day you are little … impatient for time to go faster … next day you are wondering how December got here so fast!

“Goodnight John Boy … Goodnight Elizabeth.” Show may be old but the warmth it brings doesn’t fade!

Long ago read Laura Wilder’s books … watched John Boy writing and thought … someday I will write too!

What do you do?

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail”

“I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality”

                                                                      “I Have a Dream” by ABBA

Sometimes even though one has heard a song so many times, there will be a time when the lyrics speak something different to them. That happened to me with the above song. 

I love ABBA’s music and also the great “Mama Mia” movie! I have always liked this song, but the other day the words that I posted grabbed me in a different way.  They made me think of my writing. 

I love to write, or I simply wouldn’t do it. Writing makes me happy and its also a stress release for me at times. When Colin and I were writing “The Odessa Chronicles”, life was turning me upside down! I greatly enjoyed escaping to Moonbeam Farm with my dear fictional, (SSH! Don’t tell them that they aren’t real!) friends. If you would like more information on a book that will help you escape the real world for awhile, you can click on the book cover in the right hand margin.

Writing helped me through reality. “if you see the wonder of a fairytale, you can take the future, even if you fail.” 

I am so thankful that I writing can help me when times get tough and it brings me joy in all the happy times as well. 

What brings you joy? What helps you get through reality, when reality is harsh? I hope there is something that helps you find release, for I feel its so important! We all deal with stress, especially with this past year. Please don’t let it get the best of you, and don’t let it build up. Take time each day to just breathe! 

Here is a video clip of the ABBA song. Its the clip taken from the movie. “Mama Mia!”  I love just watching the sparkling ocean water. 




The Secret Recipe

5fef5a863a164459f4e13cf19432abd9                                       credit to Pinterest for this and the following pictures

The birds were singing in the trees.  A lovely spot to sit and write. Tabitha was so glad that she had this little hideaway in the woods. A place where she was only surrounded by the sounds of nature and could shut the rest of the world out.  A little, white bunny had been curiously looking at her a few moments ago,  but he didn’t stay for long, before he scurried away to his hole in the ground.


What would she write today? Would it be a daring adventure or a simple story of two people in love and lost in time? Perhaps a mystery will abound, or maybe a comical story about a pair of clowns. Perhaps elves would even appear.  A sentimental story she may choose to write, or maybe not a story at all, but a  thought provoking piece that would stir people’s thoughts.

She glanced up to pour herself another cup of tea and saw a bushy tailed squirrel scampering up a tree.


She thought of some of the past stories she had written and a smile crept onto her face. Tabitha thought about some of her characters and how perhaps their names had been cleverly disguised.

That is part of the mystery and fun in writing, she thought. The writer never knows what may inspire them. Real people and real events that can be woven into a story with some dashes of  creativity , and perhaps several large scoops of imagination. Mix in a generous portion of humor and depending on the story, sometimes an overflowing cup of heartfelt emotions. With all those ingredients a most unique recipe can be baked.  One that at times may have a few missing ingredients or accidentally get some ingredients confused. A recipe that may not be perfect, but that can still be enjoyed by all for the unique, flavorful taste it brings.

One that hopefully leaves a sweet taste behind, never a sour one.

One that is meant for all to partake of and enjoy. For when enjoyed by others, it adds a delectable flavor.

Pouring herself another cup of tea, Tabitha now knew what to write. She smiled with a sigh of contentment and stared into the eyes of the deer, that was peeking out from around the tree.



Name the Challenge!

I am sitting here listening to the peaceful sound of the rain falling. No mind boggling thoughts going through my mind at the moment. Just one of those moments where you sit back and go. “AHH!”


Don’t we all need moments like this!

So while I am relaxing, I have a question for you. What would you like to see a post about? Is there a quote you would like me to write a post around, or perhaps a question? A thought provoking one or an entertaining one. You name it, just about anything goes!

If it wasn’t for you, my valuable readers, I wouldn’t have near the fun I do at writing posts, so I figured i would give all of you a chance to make a suggestion. Since after all you are the ones reading my posts, so what would you like to see?

I do realize I could be asking for quite the challenge, but I think I am up to it. Throw out whatever comes to your mind. If nothing comes to your mind now, you can come back to comment later, there is no expiration date.

So put on your thinking caps and start thinking while I make myself a cup of tea and go “Ahh!” 🙂

My Challenge to You!

I was talking to my niece today and I thought of something.  I know i have alluded to this subject in other posts, but I feel its worth mentioning again.  I asked my niece what she had been up to today and she said she was writing a letter!  Yes, my jaw may have dropped, for today that seems like such a lost art. I told her how wonderful that was, and how its rare to hear of today and she agreed.

I remember the joy of running to the mailbox when I was younger waiting for a letter from a pen pal that I had. Then I remember the eagerness of waiting for letters from friends when we had to move. They were special. Just like the letters from my siblings when they went to college and I was still at home.  Letters from my parents meant so much when I lived far away from them.

There is just something special about a letter that you can hold as you read it and fold it and then open it and read it over again and then tuck it in your cedar chest perhaps.

My husband and I gave the post office lots of business when we were dating. We lived over 500 miles apart, and with no computer, no cell phone to text, the only option was to write a letter. Yes, we talked on the phone as well, but those long distance bills soon got pretty high! I still remember the phone bill coming and my Dad basically turning it over to me, for my calls to a certain guy in the state of Indiana made up pretty much of the bill. Oh yes, the days of being tangled in a phone cord. That doesn’t happen today either, as many phones now are cordless or people have no land lines at all!

Looking forward to the mail coming when we were dating was a daily occurrence! Cards and letters flew. Sometimes I would get creative with the letters and write in a circles so you had to keep turning the letter in order to read it. I probably wouldn’t have the patience to do that now.  I think there was a letter written on toilet paper before as well, though you have to be really careful that you don’t poke holes in it as you write. I remember writing backwards as well, but not for the whole letter for that took time to do. Can’t write as quickly when you are concentrating on spelling the word backwards.

No matter what, one thing remained the same about all the letters and cards I sent or received, they were special! Special because of who they were for or special because of who they were from.

My challenge to you, that I pass down from my niece is to write a letter or send a card to someone this coming week. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you don’t have to write backwards! It doesn’t have to be long, what counts is that you took the time to let someone know that you were thinking about them.  What matters, is that I bet the person who gets your letter/card will be smiling for the rest of that day. Smiling because it is a rare expression of friendship in today’s world. Let’s do our part to bring it back this week! Who can you surprise with smiles in their mailbox, not their inbox. 🙂