Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Brr! This morning was the coldest it has been yet. Summer is definitely gone! Yesterday I was craving a kind of cake that my Mom used to make a lot when we were growing up. It was a moist chocolate cake with homemade caramel icing. The best icing that I have had!

What food do you remember from your childhood that you loved ?

May those memories bring you smiles. Enjoy the quotes today, and I hope  that they leave a good taste in your heart!

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts today? Is something weighing heavily on your mind, or do you feel carefree at the moment? Watching the clock, and rushing about, or feeling at peace? Whatever your mood may be, I hope that you can enjoy a few moments of sitting back and relaxing by pondering on some of these quotes. And may today be exactly as Pooh Bear describes it!



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy October! Where September went, I am not too sure, but its gone! I think I must have blinked!  Its supposed to reach 87 degrees today, I do believe the poor trees are mighty confused, I know I am. A friend had shared a meme yesterday that said, “I feel like we are at a surprise party for Fall, he’s late and we are running out of appetizers!”


May happiness FALL all around you today! I hope that you enjoy the quotes today and that there may be some that stand out to you in a special way.  This is one of my favorite posts to do and I am glad that no one has got bored from it yet. There just always are new quotes to be found, though I will admit that I am sure I have probably repeated many quotes since I first began, over 1000 quotes ago! 🙂


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  3. quote Thanks to Di for this quote https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2019/10/01/321-quote-me-topic-confusion/
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! This time last week I was sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand ….  and ….  Ahh! The memories. Allow me to post one more picture of my friends please. They were literally swarming around me, as I had just fed one.  Let me tell you they know how to spread news quickly!


May you soar through this week with happiness! Enjoy the quotes!


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  2. a19f279be553a26f7b985cd19214051470592309_2508157569222411_4865257254040895488_n Who can relate?
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  9. 7ab2a64d59d1a4a33f560d372ab99be4 Go splash in the puddles and run in the rain!
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a nice weekend, and a relaxing Labor Day! The tables turned this year as it was our children who had to work on Labor Day. They wanted to now why everything wasn’t shut down for Labor Day. When you work in retail or the restaurant business, unless its Christmas, you don’t close! I would add Thanksgiving to that as well, but more and more places are staying open on Thanksgiving now which…well don’t get me started! Lets go to a more enjoyable topic, like Quotes! 🙂 Enjoy!


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  10. 09170eaafb7d8a60247c9130fd141dde Always room for a little romance, right! ❤


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I made a “scientific” discovery yesterday. Housecleaning is dangerous! While I was mopping I banged the corner of my head on the corner of the door. Yes, I do think I saw stars for a slight moment. Then a little later I picked up something while vacuuming and here it was a tiny piece of glass which cut my finger. After that I gave up housework and read a book, much safer!

Enjoy these quotes, I promise you that reading has been proven by me, to be safe!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

What has you smiling today? I hope your week started off on a good note and will continue that way! I was in Walmart yesterday and there were 2 little girls in front of me in the line at the register. The cashier asked if they were excited about school and they responded by jumping up and down. Their Mom replied that she sure was ready for school to start. I smiled and thought how I wanted to tell her not to blink, for soon her little children would be grown!

Enjoy the quotes and don’t blink! 🙂



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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! We are back from the cornfields of Indiana. Had a very nice time with family. We went miniature golfing on our last day there. Hadn’t done that in a long time and it was fun, my feet were able to stay firmly on the ground while I almost scored some holes in one! I did score holes in 2!

Enjoy the quotes today and may it be a special day, even if you don’t get the ball in the hole on the first shot!

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  9. It is back to school time, so I thought there may be some parent that can relate to this or look back and remember this feeling. Yes, I already choked up when reading this ,even though my son doesn’t leave til next year!11224628_10155912465970564_1103277944436206752_n
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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Is this really the last week of July? Where did the summer go? In less than a month my youngest will be starting their Senior year of High School!  The last, first day of school pictures coming up. Thinking that they will not wanting me to come to college next Fall to take a first day of college photo. 🙂 As my friend Jodi, often says, “Cherish the Moments!”

Cherish the moments of this day and have a great one!

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  2. ae818e1b44798bfb05315944c05cb287 Yes! my kids did this! Can anyone else relate?
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