Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Show your special someone that you love them on the other 364 days of the year too, or the flowers you give on Valentine’s Day may as well be weeds! 

When your husband sends you a message from work asking if you found his surprise, and you have no where left to look! 

Music is a way for your heart to speak. What is a favorite love song of yours? 

Sharing 2 songs today, “Because you loved me..” by Celine Dion and “IF”. The first song is not just for the love of your life! For me I think of my family and dear friends and my husband and children when I hear this song. They all have shown me love in many different ways that lift me up and keep me going and for that I am so grateful!  Now the other song “If” is a more specific love song. It was one of many songs that Brad put on a cassette tape ( remember those) for me when we were dating. The old love songs still warm my heart, much more than “Here’s my number, call me, maybe…” by Justin Beiber. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful day, celebrating the love of those around you, which is something to be grateful for every day!