Friday’s Super Short Stories!


Sharing sunny moments with special sisters! 


Two Turtles Tanning …. One about to take the plunge.

Mexican food … Peach daiquries … Sister’s lunch … Fresh, warm pastries … Banana split popcorn….Conversations from the heart … Perfect Sisters Day!

Now You Know!

Thought you may want to be enlightened once more by some facts that I am guessing you didn’t know! Thanks to Pinterest, here are a few more for you. Something to smile about as you finish what was hopefully a good weekend! 


I am impressed!

What a wonderful gift that the whole world was able to benefit from! A powerful book! I could handle a Christmas gift like that, who knows what best seller I could come up.

AWH!! Too sweet, right! 🙂

I almost didn’t share this, but knew there would be some that would like this valuable info.

Hmmm… for my 50th birthday I stretched out on the couch and ate cake, ice cream and had a Latte! Just as impressive, right? I truly can’t imagine running even one marathon, I can’t even run a mile!