Moving Forward

I had several positive responses to my post on Friday. Friday’s Super Short Stories. My “stories” are usually inspired by something light or serious that has happened to me. The light ones may very often be due to a joke that has been played, or verbal wit that is exchanged daily.

This past Friday, there were more serious ones which held  a deeper meaning. They were about letting go of bitterness, forgiving others and stepping out into the sunshine.

As I have shared in some posts, these past 2 years have been 2 years that I never want to  repeat. We were involved in a court case, a betrayal of trust, betrayal of a close family friend,  and the wounds cut deep. We were fighting because we love our children, and we will always stand up for them, no matter the cost!

In April you may remember me mentioning the trial and how we escaped to the beach for the week-end afterwards.  We all needed it after 2 very emotional, tension filled days.

This past Friday the sentence was handed down. We walked out of the courthouse for the last time. Legally our 2 year journey was finished, the chapter brought to a close. The doors shut behind us as we walked out into sunshine. It struck me how it was overcast and sprinkling when we walked into the courtroom that day, but when we walked out, the sun was doing its best to shine from behind the clouds!

I smiled as I thought how the sun symbolized a new beginning.  Letting go of the dark clouds of bitterness and embracing the sunshine of starting a new chapter. Embracing the sunshine of the many joys out there  waiting to be found. We have to let go of the  “If only’s”, the “What If’s”,  and the unending “Why’s.” We have to let go, in order to free our hands to hold the fruits of forgiveness.  Letting go so that we can feel the radiating warmth of love and joy in our hearts.

It’s a process of letting go. It can’t be done in a day! We have been slowly letting go during the past 2 years, and we will continue to. Letting go of heartache, doesn’t mean that we will forget, the scars will remain. The scars remain, but we don’t need to make them the main thing! We don’t need to let them control our thoughts and actions. We can take the things we have learned from this and use them as stepping stones to build a bright future.

When we stumble, as we will,  and when our vision is blurred by the “If Only’s”, “What Ifs”, and “Whys”, that is when we will need our vision brought back into focus again.  We will need ones  who can gently get us back on track! Get us back on track to living a life that holds so many undiscovered adventures! A life that has “nuggets of gold”  waiting to be found!

Moving the Rock

There was a small boy trying to move a large, heavy rock out of his way. He was straining as he tried to lift it, and soon the tears fell down his cheeks. His Dad was watching him and asked his son if he was using all his strength to try to lift it. The son replied, ” Yes!” His Dad gently responded with , “No, you aren’t, you didn’t ask me to help you.”

How many times have we been like that little boy? No matter the weight of the problem, we tell ourselves we can handle it, we got it.  We go about trying to handle it all on our own, while we stumble under the weight of it. Why is it so hard sometimes to lean on another for help? That’s what friends and family are for. We help each other out. While there are many of us who would help a friend at the drop of the hat, we aren’t as quick to be the ones to admit that we need help. To admit that we are tired and can’t do this on our own.

I know I wrote about this subject  before on my blog, but reading that story just brought it back to my mind. It also took me back in time. Took me back to a time of where I vividly recall telling my Mom that I was done!

Without going into a lot of detail,  let me just say that 2010 was a very hard year! It started out hard on January 1st and just kept going. It was the Fall of that year and the firemen had just left our house. Only one room was damaged, but that wasn’t the point. When my Mom hugged me, with tears in my eyes I told her that  I was tired and done!  I meant it. I was worn. I had dealt with a serious medical issue with my oldest daughter that year and this was the 2nd time that the firemen had been at our house that year.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our family wouldn’t have made it through that time without the love and help of our  family and friends!

It doesn’t matter how strong we think we are, no one is made to go through trials alone. It is not a sign of weakness to say, ” I can’t do this, I need help! !” It is actually a sign of strength I believe to admit when we need a helping hand. It also provides others the chance to be a blessing to us!

I will admit that it can be hard for me be on the other side. I would much rather be the one who spreads encouragement.  Be the one who is making others smile.

Life has thrown some wild curve balls at me though. In those times I have had to admit that I can’t do this on my own. I have had to admit that more than once. This past year was another example of when I needed others to lean on. My heart is still full of gratitude for those who were there and who continue to be there.

If you find yourself struggling to move a heavy rock on your own, please reach out! Don’t rob someone of the blessing that they can be by helping you.  Let that friend be your wings, while yours feel too broken to fly. Let them hold you while you cry, and let them guide you with their gentle words of encouragement. Let them be there for you. Most likely down the road sometime, you will have your turn at being their wings for them. That is what true friendship is all about!