Chess to the Rescue … Beauty in Black Teeth … When a President Cares about Santa and more Rare facts!


I wonder if there was a strange taste to it.


I am sure he never expected that being a Chess master would save his life some day!


One can never plant too many trees.


A cover of David Bowie’s song “Space Oddities” was also recorded on it.


I had to laugh at this but also felt sorry for poor Jeremy. I did look up more info on it and you will all be glad to know that before his death in 2017 he did find a mate.


Too sweet!

The “Southern Belle” and the Tree

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“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…”

I think that I shall never write a poem … Samantha groaned! Why did her teacher decide that they all needed to write poems about trees

She gazed up at the tree and thought how she would much rather be in it than writing about it.

A Southern Belle I’ll never be, just let me climb a tree.

Hoop skirts, and tea parties are not for me. Let me run barefoot in the grass and catch a slimy frog. Let the worms slide through my fingers.

Let me roll down a grassy hill in a pair of jeans … designed with grass stains, for a Southern belle I will never be!

Sighing Samantha rolled a mud pie between her hands, as her pen and notebook laid by the tree.

“I think that i shall never see…”  The words kept going through her head. Throwing the mud pie to the side, she screamed into the sky, “I’ll never write a poem about a tree! Writing is just not me.”

Let me wade in the creek with the water covering my feet. There were crawldaddy’s to catch and water to splash. Tire swings to swing from, as one jumps into the creek with glee! Who wanted to waste time trying to write a poem about a tree?

She smiled slyly, looking at the tree. Pulling herself up onto the first branch was as easy as could be. Stretching to the second branch she managed to do as well. The third branch was a little higher, but the gleam in her eye shone bright as she stretched to reach.

RIP!! Her dress tore, but she only had a little more to go and she stretched again.

A Southern belle I’ll never be, for I’ll never be as happy as I am when climbing a tree!


Celebrating Nature

I was sitting out on our porch swing this afternoon taking a moment to read and enjoy the sunny weather. I looked up from my book and was struck by the brilliant blueness of the sky. We live in such a beautiful world and being that this is Earth Day, I thought would snap some pictures to share. We should always care about taking care  of the earth, for this is the only one we are going to get!



20190422_181159.jpg This is a Eastern Redbud tree, AKA a miracle bush for when we first got it, it did not look good at all. I faithfully watered it every day and I am pretty certain that there were drivers passing by wondering why I was watering something that looked very small and pitiful. But now every Spring I love looking out into our yard and seeing the lovely blooms.

20190422_180923.jpg This is our Gold Rush Red Wood tree just starting to bud once again. The leaves are so very soft.


Surprise! This is on our back porch Yes, there may be times I like to keep my readers in suspense. 🙂 Just what do you think we have in this thing at times??