Power of Words

Words can mean so much and I am not talking about the big, elaborate ones. I am referring to simple words .. words from the heart. They really are powerful and we all walk around with that power in our grasp every second of the day. Who will be touched by your words today?

Writing words for a story is fun, to see the story come more and more alive right in front of you. Working on “The Odessa Chronicles” was quite the adventure, as Colin and I saw the personalities of the characters emerge.  We didn’t expect them to grab hold of our hearts the way they did, stirring our hearts with emotion.  The power of words is strong.

My Mom shared words with me this past weekend that stirred my heart and I wanted to pass it on. A friend of hers that she hadn’t seen in a while stopped her in the grocery store. Her face was shining and she was all excited. She proceeded to tell my Mom about how much she loved “The Odessa Chronicles” , how fun the characters are and how she so wants Colin and I to write a sequel. That she has enjoyed the book so much that she read it the whole way through twice now!

Those words didn’t take long for her to say, but oh the the power that was in them. They made my heart soar! We have said that “The Odessa Chronicles” is for children of all ages, and she has proved the truth behind that.

When I shared about the “little giant” in my blog post yesterday, I was talking about one of our youngest fans of “The Odessa Chronicles.” He may be little, but his words have  touched the hearts of Colin and I over and over again! Jaxon is his favorite character and he has excitedly told us about his love for our book many times. His sincerity comes through and he is just so sweet as he has thanked us for writing. Words have power.

Now we have heard from one of our oldest fans. She may be 80 years old, but my Mom said how her eyes just danced when sharing about her love for the book.

“For children of all ages”, it definitely is! You are never too old to let your imagination go and to take a visit to Moonbeam Farm!

Don’t take my word for it, take it from the the lady with the dancing eyes!


Sunday Smiles at the Lake


We took a hike around the lake today. The lake brought to mind a story from “The Odessa Chronicles.”  A story that brought a smile. Dewey, the cat, gives in to his curiosity and falls for a trick, when he is with his friends at the lake.

When have you fallen for something? What’s a big joke that was pulled over on you or that you pulled on someone else?  What would it take to lure you into a trap? With Dewey, its just about anything, for his curiosity gets the best of him! Jaxon, the jackalope. is a little more smart about being cautious, though he may follow a trail of crispy vegetables to a trap. Odessa is a wise barn owl, as she will let you know repeatedly, but even the wisest ones can still be tricked. The man-servant may be sly, but if you are clever enough, you just may be able to pull one over on him.

You never can be too sure about what may happen with our Moonbeam gang! If you would like to know more about Dewey’s adventure at the lake, just click on the book cover in the right hand margin.  The perfect book to enjoy while sitting by the lake on a beautiful Fall day!

Warning: You will need a healthy dose of craziness in you before reading, and you need to love to laugh! A desire to become childlike again, as you take a visit to Moonbeam Farm. If you are not sure how crazy you are,  just find your birthday month on the “scientific” chart below. Can’t say I totally agree with this chart, but … I am sure there are some people that may. If you don’t rate too high on the craziness scale, don’t worry, you obviously need this book then. It will help raise your score, which will help you relax, taking a break from the stresses of life!

What do you think of the chart? Did it get you right? 🙂





Spreading Smiles!

Happy Saturday! I am happy to share some  smiles with all of you today. I have a picture that I was given permission to share on here.

Meet Benjamin. One of “The Odessa Chronicles” youngest fans, and oh so very sweet! He has  been such a delight to know.  He has made Colin and I smile so many times with his enthusiasm for our book, “The Odessa Chronicles”,  and he happily shares the stories with his friends  too!


His favorite character is Jaxon. Jaxon was thrilled to hear that! Dewey, heard it and just went back to sleep. Odessa rolled her eyes.  They all have had their turn though of being in the spotlight as  someone’s favorite. When I share stories either at schools or libraries, all 3 get mentioned as being someone’s favorite. I am glad to say that the man-servant does get mentioned as well by the children. They enjoy how cunning he can be at times, and his big heart. For who would take care of Jaxon, Odessa and Dewey they say, if it wasn’t for him! Especially Dewey! Poor cat would be lost without someone to wait on him hand and foot!

Benjamin’s Grandma, who is a wonderfully sweet lady, says that Jaxon is always with Benjamin! She sent Colin and I this picture and his smile melted our hearts. This is why we wrote the book, to spread smiles!


And if you are new to my blog and wondering what ” The Odessa chronicles” is about, here is an excerpt of a story from Colin’s blog, that he shared a few months ago. I hope it brings a smile to your heart. If it piques your interest, click on the picture of the cover of the book in the right hand margin.  The link will provide you with more information.

Our friends live on Moonbeam Farm. Joshua, who is known better as the “man-servant”, retired to the farm, not knowing what guests would be there to meet him. Odessa, (the Barn Owl), Dewey, ( the Cat), and Jaxon (the Jackalope). They all have very distinct personalities and become the best of friends having all kinds of crazy adventures.

In this excerpt, there has been a woman visiting the farm, and they all have grown to like her very much.  Her name is Florence, and she has a special connection to Moonbeam Farm, for it used to belong to her Grandparents. Being that everyone likes her they have made the decision to give her the ability that will allow her to communicate with all of them. All they have to do is ask her if she would like that and then Jaxon will work his magic.


The next time that Florence visited, the man-servant called everybody over. “Florence,” he said, “the four of us here had a discussion about you, and we would like to tell you what we decided.”

“Oh dear,” said Florence, “I hope it is going to be good news, because I have a question for you guys.”

The man-servant became thoughtful. “Okay, Florence, as a matter of courtesy, why don’t you ask your question first?”

She was obviously thinking about the best way to present her question. The man-servant, Dewey, Jaxon, and Odessa were all looking at her and waiting. Suddenly, she said, “Well … I’ve really enjoyed coming here, and we all seem to be getting along really well, and so … I was wondering if …”

There was total silence.

Odessa looked at the man-servant. “What’s your problem? Can’t you see that she is having difficulties? Encourage her! She is one of your species … in case you had not noticed.”

The man-servant turned to Florence. “Please continue. We have thoroughly enjoyed your visits. What’s on your mind?”

Florence looked around the room for a few moments, and then looked at Dewey, Jaxon, Odessa, and finally the man-servant. “Could I live here? You’re not using my old bedroom for anything, and I would love to use it again. I wouldn’t be here too much, because my work takes me away for weeks at a time, but it would be lovely to stay with you all when I am back in the area, and I could help out with the costs of running this farm.”

The man-servant looked at her. “It’s a nice idea, Florence, and we would all love to have you live here, but there is a major problem. We will be leaving Moonbeam Farm before the end of this year.”

Florence was saddened by the news. “Why would you want to leave here?” she asked.

“We don’t have a choice, as far as I can tell,” said the man-servant. “The farm is being purchased by the town, and then demolished in preparation for a road that is planned to come through here.”

“Joshua,” she said, “that does surprise me, but I think that I may be able to assist with resolving that problem. Would you like me to get involved?”

Odessa, Dewey, and Jaxon had all moved in a little closer, and waited for the man-servant’s response. He didn’t say anything. Odessa jumped up onto the man-servant’s shoulder and shouted into his right ear, “Why aren’t you answering? Here you have a female human who obviously knows what she is talking about … and you sit there pondering something or other! Tell her, ‘Yes! Please get involved!’”

Florence had watched Odessa’s performance. “My word, Joshua,” she said, “Odessa certainly gave you a good talking to!”

The man-servant looked at Florence. “Yes, she certainly did. She wanted to know why I didn’t say ‘yes please’ to your offer.”

Florence looked at the man-servant. “Well … why didn’t you?”

*the rest of the story and many more can be found in “The Odessa’s Chronicles”, and yes this isn’t the first time or the last time where Odessa gets baffled by something the man-servant does say, or as in this case what he doesn’t say! It can be hard work figuring him out! 🙂 *








Feeling Blessed!

I found the perfect job! It doesn’t pay in money, but the rewards are even greater. I get paid in smiles, hugs and fun comments and questions.

This month I have visited 2 Elementary schools, sharing stories from “The Odessa Chronicles”.  The book of stories for all ages that Colin and I wrote together. A book that shares the crazy adventures of 4 best friends who happen to be a Barn Owl, a Tabby Cat, a magical Jackalope and a man-servant.

This past Monday I spent all day at the one school and my heart was full when I came home. It is hard to put into words the joy I feel at seeing a sparkle in a child’s eye and knowing that their sparkle and smile are because of stories that I helped to write! I usually have enough time with each class to share 3 stories from the book and in between take their comments and questions. I thought it would be fun to share some of their comments and questions with you, my wonderful followers. I do believe they will bring a smile to your face, just like mine.

I had just finished reading the story called “The Hole”, which revolves around a mysterious hole that Dewey the cat found.  I asked the children what they thought made the hole and hands went up immediately.  “A hedgehog”, “A porcupine”, “A shovel!”
“I think it was a lizard”, “Maybe a deer?” “A squirrel”, “I think it was a tiger!” At times I do find it a little hard to stay composed as I listen to their answers and think of a response.

I like to watch the faces of the children as I read the stories. I can see their eyes grow wide as Dewey the cat is flying in the air and I see them laugh,  giving their classmate a nudge when one of the characters in the story has a joke played on them. It’s  also fun to see them pick up on some clues of what may be coming later in the story.

The “Roof Top Incident” story has been a popular one.  In the story the man-servant gets stuck up on the roof. How does he get down? Once again guesses are called out. The most popular one being that he went down the chimney.  Or perhaps he jumped to the tree next to the farmhouse and then climbed down the tree. Maybe Odessa the Barn Owl, picks him up and flies him down to the ground.

Their questions can be just as entertaining.

“Which character is your favorite?”
“What was your inspiration for writing the book?”
“Did you and Colin write stories that you scrapped and didn’t use?”
“How long did it take you guys to write the book?”
“Did you write all the stories on paper?”
“Are there any stories where the one character goes on an adventure all by themselves?”
“Why do the characters have the names that they have?”
“Where does Colin live?” followed by “Wow! That’s really really far away!” when I told them Canada!
“Who made the really pretty picture of Odessa on the cover?”

Will this book have one of those cool medals on its cover, you know the medals that really great books receive?”

 “Does your book have any errors in it, for I found an error before in a book I read, the character’s name was misspelled.

Have I mentioned that sometimes I don’t know how to reply to their questions?

“Where is the man-servant, you need one, for he takes care of everyone.”  This was in response to the stuffed Odessa, Jaxon and Dewey that I bring along with me. My sister surprised me with them and they have been  wonderful to have. The children love seeing them and taking turns to hold them.  Unfortunately it has not been real easy to find a stuffed man-servant, but now after this little girl pointed out how I need one, I am on the search for one once again!

Their comments make me laugh and they melt my heart.

One little boy came up to me at the end saying, “I really didn’t want you to stop reading, I was so caught up in the story.”  A little girl,  whose smile I can still see gave me a hug as she told me how much she loved the stories that I read, that they were so funny and that she really, really hopes her Mommy buys her the book.

I think of the little boy who came up to me as I was talking to someone else.  He  just threw  his arms around my waist giving me a hug, not saying a word but wearing a big smile.

When I finished reading to one class a girl came up to me and gave me a note. She had written me a thank you note as I was reading! It was so sweet.

I have also been delighted by the comments of the teachers and the librarians that listen to me as well, while I read to the children. One admitted that she didn’t expect to enjoy the stories as much as she did, but that she was caught up in them too. Another one compared them to Winnie-The-Pooh and friends! That comment  really warmed my heart for as a lot of you readers know, I love Winnie-the-Pooh!

I am going to a preschool tomorrow and am waiting for 3 other schools to get back to me. I don’t know how many other schools and public libraries will let me come, but its an adventure that I am very much enjoying!

There is a Pooh Bear quote that I feel pretty much sums up how Colin and I felt when writing the “The Odessa Chronicles”.  We had no idea of what kind of responses we would receive, of where things might lead. We only knew one thing, that we were having fun!


If you would like to know more about “The Odessa Chronicles” and why it is creating excitement, feel free to click on the book cover in the right margin.




Friday’s Super Short Stories with a Bonus!

Sometimes things don’t go as planned … sometimes they work out better!

Birthdays are a Blessing and should be celebrated no matter how old you get … just be careful with the candles!

Gifts aren’t necessary but its the thought behind them that makes them special!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would add a bonus story for today. It’s a longer story but I thought it would be extra appropriate today.

The following excerpt is from a story in “The Odessa Chronicles” that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is called “The Birthday Surprise” 

Aren’t birthdays special! In this story it was the man-servant’s birthday and Odessa, Dewey and Jaxon wanted to make it special for him, for that’s what friends do for each other right.  They wanted to send him on a vacation and after thinking about how they could manage that Odessa came up with an idea! Enjoy a peek into the story.

The Birthday Surprise

Odessa was jumping up and down. “It’s easy!” she said. “I’ve been flying over the nearby towns, and just recently, they’ve been releasing lots of balloons for some reason.”

Dewey looked at her in disbelief. “What do balloons have to do with the man-servant going on vacation?”

Odessa was still jumping up and down. “Look, Dewey, you’re a cat, so you don’t understand things like air currents, thermals, air travel, gravity, and all that stuff, but I do. We need to get a lot of those balloons, and we’ll soon have the man-servant on his way! Simple! What could possibly go wrong?”

The towns were too far away for Dewey and Jaxon, so they cleared a space in the barn near the roof, as Odessa instructed, and waited. It wasn’t long before they heard the familiar whoosh-whoosh and Odessa arrived with two balloons. Dewey and Jaxon watched in amazement as Odessa let go of them, and they rose gracefully up into the roof of the barn. By the end of that day, all three of them looked in awe at all the balloons that were up in the roof.

Dewey suddenly turned to Odessa. “That’s all very pretty, but how are they going to help us?”

Odessa gave a little grunt of frustration “I wish you were a Barn Owl. Talking to you would be so much easier. Look at those balloons. Don’t they give you any ideas? Have you no imagination?”

Jaxon then started hopping around excitedly. “I know!” he said. “I know! I know how it’s going to work!”

Odessa looked at him. “Good for you, Jaxon. Now, would you mind explaining it to this cat?”

Jaxon looked straight at Dewey. “Now concentrate, Dewey. Odessa brought all those balloons from the town, right?” Dewey nodded. “They don’t belong to us, right? Like, Odessa stole them, right?” Dewey nodded. “Well then, once we tell the man-servant what happened, he will want to take them all back to that town to return them. He can then have a vacation. Brilliant!”

The barn went very quiet as Dewey tried to make sense of what he had just heard. Meanwhile, Odessa had walked away, shaking her head and muttering something about being surrounded by idiots.

A few moments later, Odessa walked back to them. “Listen up you two! You may have no clue about much of anything, but you do have to understand what we are going to do here. This is my plan. We take all those strings hanging down from the balloons and tie them together. Then we all pull hard to bring the balloons down here, where we tie them to something really heavy … say that old tractor in the corner. Then we invite the man-servant over. We give him the balloon strings, cut the ties to the tractor, and then voila! Man-Servant will be able to fly with the balloons, and go wherever he wants to go. He’ll have a lovely adventure-filled vacation!”

Dewey had a big smile on his face, but Jaxon was looking serious. “I have one small question.”

“Okay.” said Odessa. “What part of my plan are you not understanding, Jaxon?”

“Well,” said Jaxon, “when we give him the balloons, and cut the ties on the tractor, the man-servant will fly upwards with the balloons, right?”

“Exactly!” said Odessa. “Now, if only Dewey could grasp that!”

But Jaxon hadn’t finished. “Odessa,” he said, “when the man-servant flies upwards, he’s going to hit the roof of this barn. How does he get himself out through the open door?”

Odessa look stunned for a moment. “Ah … mmm … well … I see you spotted my deliberate mistake, Jaxon. Congratulations! Of course, we need to get the balloons outside the barn before we give them to the man-servant.”

Jaxon was still not happy with Odessa’s plan. “Odessa,” he said again, “won’t the balloons fly away in whatever direction the wind is blowing?”

Odessa looked at him. “Well … yes, of course.”

“Well then,” continued Jaxon, “how will he know where he is going for his vacation, and how will he get back here?”

“Well,” said Odessa, “that’s a minor detail, which I shall have to work on. Give me a few minutes, but in the meantime, let’s get all those balloons tied to the old tractor.”

Are you curious?  What do you think may happen? Would love to hear your thoughts about the story.  If you would like to know what happens in this story and in many others just click on the image of “The Odessa Chronicles” in the column on the right.




The Surprising Story

I would like to share some smiles for you to start your week off right.

As we were writing, “The Odessa Chronicles”, Colin came up with one of his creative ideas. He suggested that we visit Moonbeam Farm! Sounded like a great adventure to me. Little did I know what a surprising adventure it would turn out to be!

Here is an excerpt from the story that Colin shared on his blog last week. There is a lot more to this story, so if your curiosity is peaked, just click on the cover of “The Odessa Chronicles” in the right column. You will be able to purchase a copy of the book and enjoy your own visit to Moonbeam Farm, where friendship and laughter abound!

The Surprise Visitors

The man-servant, Odessa, Jaxon, and Dewey were all in the farmhouse late one evening, chatting and generally relaxing, when there was a knock on the door. They all looked at each other. Odessa turned to the man-servant. “Are you expecting a visitor?”

“No,” said the man-servant. “Are you?”

Odessa rolled her eyes. “My visitors are unlikely to be knocking at the door. Come on, Man-Servant, you do have the ability to rationalize, so please use it, and I will save you some embarrassment by assuring you that neither Dewey nor Jaxon have friends who would knock on the door either. That has to be a human on the other side of our door.”

The man-servant was smiling at Odessa, as he got up from his chair and walked over to the door. He opened it, and the other three heard him say, “Well … this is a surprise. What are you guys doing here?”

A male voice with an English accent said, “Hi, Joshua! We thought that we could come to visit you guys, and see Moonbeam Farm for ourselves.”

“Well, you had better come inside and meet the others.” said the man-servant.

When the visitors had made themselves comfortable on the sofa, the man-servant turned to the others. “Well, guys … allow me to introduce two people who know us a lot better than we know them. Meet Carolyn and Colin.”

Dewey stared at the visitors. “You’re the two who write our stories … right?”

“Yes!” said Carolyn.

Jaxon moved closer to the sofa. “So, you knew that you were coming here long before we heard the knock on the door?”

Colin looked at him. “Well yes, Jaxon, this visit was planned some time ago.”

Odessa was just looking at them both, but did not say anything.

“Don’t you have any questions, Odessa?” asked the man-servant.

Odessa stared for a brief moment, but then spoke up. “Given that you guys created Moonbeam Farm, so you know what it is like, why are you here now? And … if you guys really write our stories, and given that you are here now … who is writing THIS story?”

Dewey suddenly jumped up. “How rude of us! We have not offered them a drink.” He turned to Colin and Carolyn. “Would you guys like a drink? Do you both drink tea?” Colin and Carolyn both told Dewey that a tea would be lovely. He turned to the man-servant. “You heard them. Two cups of tea! Chop! Chop!”

While the man-servant was making a pot of tea, Odessa was waiting for some answers to her questions. It was Colin who responded. “Well, Odessa, let me try to explain this. We may have created Moonbeam Farm, but we have never visited it before. We’ve never seen it, so here we are.”

Then Carolyn added, “Yes, and as for who is writing this story? Well … we are.”

Odessa was looking a little perturbed. “How can you be writing stories about us, and yet be here?”

“That’s really not difficult,” said Carolyn, “because we quickly got used to being here and there at the same time.”

Odessa rolled her eyes. “You’re sounding just like the man-servant … generally confusing and incomprehensible.”

As Carolyn and Colin were drinking their tea, Odessa kept glancing around at Carolyn, and suddenly said, “Would you please stand up, Carolyn?”

Carolyn put her tea down and stood up facing Odessa. “Now what?” she asked.

Odessa was pacing backwards and forwards in front of her, and watching her. “Jaxon! Dewey! Come over here and look at Carolyn, and tell me if you notice anything unusual.”

Dewey looked at her. “Well, she is a little bit bigger than you, Odessa.”

Jaxon had been studying her also. “She’s smaller than other humans we have met.”

“That’s the whole thing, isn’t it!” Odessa said. “Are you fully grown, Carolyn?”

Carolyn laughed. “I can assure you, Odessa, that I am fully grown.”

Odessa was deep in thought for a moment. “I heard a saying once, that good things come in small packages. Is that true?”

Carolyn smiled. “Well I think so but then, I guess I am rather biased. Of course humans, like cats and dogs and other creatures, come in all different shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t it be really boring if we were all the same?”

“You are right.” Odessa then turned to Colin. “When did you and Carolyn meet each other?”

Colin laughed. “Not too long ago. We met in Greenwoods at a car rental place.”

Dewey was now sitting next to Odessa and staring at Colin. “When did you start writing our stories then?”

“Oh,” said Colin, “that was a long time ago now.”

Dewey and Odessa stared at each other for a moment, and then Odessa stepped closer to Colin. “There is something wrong with all this. If you have been writing our stories for a long time, and as you two only met each other earlier today, don’t you see a bit of a problem?”

Carolyn decided to try and explain the situation. “Well Odessa, you have to understand that we didn’t have to meet in order to write your stories. We both had lots of ideas and so the stories just happened. Does that help?”

Odessa was struggling to understand that. “Tell me how stories just happen for two people who do not know each other.”

“Well Odessa,” said Colin, “while Carolyn and I had never met before today, we were in regular communication regarding story ideas for you guys. Once the stories started to be written, they then took on a life of their own. I should also mention that even at the time of this story being written, we had not met each other.”

Odessa looked rather stunned at this. “Wait a minute.” she said. “Are you telling me that you meeting Carolyn at Greenwoods is only a part of this story, and you have never really met each other?”

Carolyn decided to intervene. “Listen carefully Odessa. Colin and I only met each other in this story. In our other world, which is a world in which you guys only exist in writing, we have yet to meet each other.”

***  *****  ***



Special Moments

Writing “The Odessa Chronicles” with Colin has been an adventure from the very beginning and it continues to be! The book may be finished, but now the job of promoting it is upon us. I have been enjoying doing story time readings at local libraries with children. Their smiles melt my heart.

I had a 9 year old girl come up to me wanting to know how we came up with the characters in the book. That is one question that can always be interesting to answer.  She then went on to tell me how  she writes and that she hopes to be an author someday. I was glad to be able to give her a hug and a word of encouragement  about following her dream.

There was an older lady who pulled me aside after story time, to share some words with me. Her smile was so warm as she took my hand and said how the stories intrigued her. She went on to say that she  wanted to offer her encouragement to Colin and me to not stop writing. How could we not be touched by those words?

These kind of encounters are what its all about. About putting smiles on the faces of others and adding some joy to their hearts. Its a reward all of its own to be able to do that!

Surprises happen at these story times too. A couple weeks ago a lady came up to talk to me. She mentioned that she absolutely loves Barn Owls! She then asked if I lived on a farm and I said “No”, she asked if I had ever seen Barn Owls and I said “No”. I also had to tell her that I didn’t own a cat. Do you see the pattern to these answers? For some reason she did not ask me whether I owned a Jackalope.

I was getting a little worried though about what her next question may be, for I didn’t want to have to say “No” again.  I didn’t have to worry, because what she said next was not a question. Instead she told me something that made my eyes light up. She told me how they have an old rustic barn on their property and there is a family of Barn Owls that live in it! How exciting!

What are the odds that I would meet someone that has a family of Barn Owls?  She talked about how her family enjoys listening  to them chatter to each other at night.  I was listening to her and wanting to be in the barn with  the owls. I may not have been real fascinated with owls before I wrote this book, but Odessa sure had a way of changing that!

Stay tuned, for I may have a post to share about a possible upcoming visit to the barn. You just never know what may happen, what magic Jaxon might weave,  when you share stories about the gang from Moonbeam Farm!



A High Flying Adventure!

Dewey is your typical cat as in the fact that he likes to do his own thing, no matter what you may say. He will listen to you when you tell him his food is ready, but he may not always listen when you try to caution him about some things!

“The Odessa Chronicles” is filled with stories of the crazy adventures that Dewey and his friends get involved in.  Today I would like to share an excerpt from “The Odessa Chronicles”,  that Colin had shared on his blog last month. It is about a high flying adventure that Dewey goes on.  When you have a Jackalope that can work magic, you never know what surprises may be in store! Enjoy!


Background: Jaxon had worked some magic which had enabled Dewey to fly, but how long would the magic last?. Dewey, being a typical cat, did not listen to any of the instructions from Jaxon and the man-servant, and flew away and out  of sight. Odessa was asleep in the barn on her roof beam when the man-servant woke her up …

** ***** **

When the man-servant and Jaxon realized that Dewey could soon be crashing into the ground, they decided to wake up Odessa. They both went into the barn and stood beneath her roof beam. “Odessa!” called the man-servant. “Odessa! Wake up!”

Odessa opened one eye and looked down at him. “What on earth is your problem?” she said. “I have been out all night, and this is my sleep time. Have you no respect for others?”

Jaxon then explained the magic that had enabled Dewey to fly. Odessa looked at him in disbelief. “You actually thought it would be a good idea to give a cat wings? What were you thinking? I guess that was the problem, as you were obviously not thinking!” Odessa then looked at the man-servant. “I guess you agreed to this insanity?”

The man-servant was feeling a little embarrassed. “Yes,” he said. “I thought it would be kind of interesting to see how Dewey got on with flying.”

Odessa paced up and down her roof beam, muttering something under her breath about being surrounded by idiots. She suddenly stopped and looked down at both of them. “Incredible!” she said. “We have a Jackalope with too much magic available to him, and a human who does not think things through too well! Incredible!”

The man-servant looked back up at Odessa. “We need your help, Odessa.”

“Yes, I can well imagine that you do, being as I am the only one here who can also fly! Don’t tell me … Dewey flew off and you have no idea where he is. Am I right?”

“You are quite right, Odessa,” said the man-servant.

“Of course, I am!” said Odessa. “I am a Barn Owl! You are a human, and Dewey’s a cat! Who needs to know anything else? Giving him the ability to fly was doomed from the moment you guys dreamed up the idea!”

The man-servant and Jaxon both apologized for waking up Odessa, and she slowly settled down. “I suppose you want me to find him, right?”

“Yes, please,” said the man-servant. “He took off over the fields in the general direction of the Big Water.”

Odessa suddenly looked very serious. “You guys do understand that if he tries to fly over the Big Water, he is not likely to be coming back. He is not designed for very efficient flying, and I doubt if he would get even halfway across. Anyway, I shall fly as high as I can, which should give me the best chance of seeing him. I cannot see it being that difficult to spot a flying cat.

** ***** **

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