The Chilling Night

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Lindsey was having second thoughts about coming out here to meet Quinton. She usually wasn’t easily spooked, but tonight she had goosebumps and felt a chill running down her spine. Why did they have to meet at the graveyard? How well did she really know Quinton. She had gone out on 3 dates with him so she thought she could trust him. So far he hadn’t given her any reason not too!

Her mind was filling with thoughts of him as she tried to distract herself from the darkening sky and the cry of the blackbird. She found herself walking faster, hoping that Quinton would be there when she arrived. He better not be late, for she wasn’t standing alone in a graveyard at night! If he thought she was going to wait for him, he could think again!

Next week she was choosing where their date would be! There was that nice fancy restaurant on 5th Street that she had been wanting to check out. An Italian restaurant, her mouth was watering already thinking of the good food she could get there, topped off with tiramisu for dessert.

SNAP! Lindsey jumped! What was that? Then she looked down and saw she had stepped on a stick, breaking it in two. “WHOOO! WHOOO!” she heard an owl, oh how she wished she would have just stayed home. She could have called off the date tonight, told him that she had to paint her nails, or something like that! At least she would be home in the comfort of her home, and not out on this creepy night.

She saw the graveyard ahead. A sigh of relief went through her knowing she had made it! Quinton better plan on walking her home, for she wasn’t walking back alone. Where was he? She didn’t see any sign of him. Walking to the middle of the graveyard she caught her breath, feeling nervous, as she desperately looked around for Quinton. She felt the eyes of the blackbird watching her. Suddenly feeling a clammy hand grabbing her ankle, she let out a loud scream!

“Good job!” Good job!” Mrs. Zehr, the drama director, said. That’s enough rehearsal today, everyone is dismissed.

Lindsey washed off her make up and changed out of her clothes in the dressing room. She was ready to relax for the evening. Warmth spread throughout her body knowing who was waiting for her in the parking lot. Oh how she loved Charlie! He always planned fun dates for her, she wondered where they were going tonight.

A half hour later she was ready. She walked out of the school towards the azure blue truck where Charlie was waiting for her. She climbed into the truck and snuggled close to him giving him a kiss. “So where are you taking me tonight?” she asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

“I thought we could visit a graveyard.” Charlie said.

“That’s not a funny joke!” Lindsey said, as she punched him lightly in the arm.

“Who said I was joking?” Charlie replied, with a cool look in his eyes. Lindsey stared at him, feeling a chill go up her spine.

Taking a Detour

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post, Unsettling Questions!

Amanda kept looking and even though she made several turns, the brown Cruz was still on her tail. Her hands started sweating, as she tried to remain calm, thinking about what she should do. The Cruz looked familiar, she thought she had seen it several times at Derek’s house. Most recently was 2 days ago, when Derek had a 10 am appointment. She had never got a good look at the man, but she remembered the vehicle. Why would he be following her? 

There were railroad tracks up ahead, Amanda sped up, hoping that she would get over the tracks and a train would block her pursuer from following. She made it across and was so relieved to hear a train coming. Breathing a little easier now she kept driving but then realized that if her pursuer knew where she was headed to, it wouldn’t matter that he was delayed by a train, he would catch up to her. Amanda quickly decided that she wasn’t going to be dropping off the packages anytime soon. She didn’t turn like Suri told her too, she just kept going straight. 

Where she was headed to, she had no idea, but for now she just needed to get away. She would decide what to do with the packages later. 

Feeling calmer, Amanda turned on the radio and started singing along. Music always lifted one’s spirits! She kept driving, avoiding main roads, seeking out a back roads adventure. She found herself on a country road lined by Maple and Oak trees. Amanda was surprised how fast time flew by, she was glad she had started with a full tank of gas. Suri had long ago given up on her and stopped “recalculating.”  She was silent now. 

Looking at the packages beside her, she wondered if she dared to open them? Didn’t she have the right to know what packages she was delivering? Sure, she did, so why hadn’t she looked before? Amanda knew that as much as she had wanted to know she also didn’t want to know, she was afraid to know. Easier for her to deny that she could be delivering something illegal if she never actually knew what it was. Oh yes, she had to get away from this job, what kind of person was she turning into! 

Up ahead she saw a farm. Awh, that was such a cute white lamb that she saw behind the fence. A smile crossed her face again, she loved animals. She drove a little farther and felt the stirrings of hunger, it had been quite awhile since breakfast. Hopefully she would see a place that she could stop at to get herself some food. After driving a few more miles, she entered a town and was glad to see a little coffee shop on the corner.  Not noticing any other restaurants around, she hoped that they had some food to serve with the coffee. 

Cara was cleaning off a table when Amanda walked in. “Hi! Welcome!  Find a seat wherever you would like and I will be right with you.” Cara said. 

Amanda looked around the shop, she liked it. The place had a warm, cozy feeling to it, with its bright yellow walls. There also were vases with beautiful flowers as centerpieces on the tables. Stunning pictures of nature were displayed on the walls in golden frames. 

“I love the pictures you have.” Amanda said to Cara when she came to take her order. 

“They are all original photos taken by Mason Picklefoot, the owner of this shop.” 

“Wow! He has a great gift.”  Amanda replied and Cara agreed. 

“Thank you very much.” said Mason, who had overheard, as he passed by the table. He stopped to talk to Amanda. “There was another photo that I wanted to hang on the wall, but…” he looked at Cara with a grin, “She didn’t think the customers would want to see a picture of a cow.” 

Cara was biting her tongue. She knew exactly what picture he was talking about. The one of her dressed up as a grandma, sitting on Clarabelle’s back, right before Clarabelle decided to run through the middle of town! She was a fan of his photography, but not of that photo! 

“Oh, I love cows! In fact I passed a farm on the way here, that had the cutest little lamb, and a cow behind the fence.” 

“Awh! You saw Creampuff.” said Amanda, “She is precious.” 

“And the cow’s name would be Clarabelle.” added Mason. “That’s who the picture was of.” 

“Well I think Clarabelle deserves to have her picture hanging.” Amanda said, she heard Mason laughing when he walked away. Cara just shook her head. 

“Would you like to try our new delicious Banana Mocha coffee?” Cara asked, trying to get the subject off of Clarabelle! 

“Sounds great, and I will take your chicken salad sandwich with that please.” 

“Coming right up!” 

Cara headed back towards the kitchen. Mason was there with a smirk still on his face. She grabbed a rag  that was lying on the counter and threw it at him. “That’s to help you wipe your smirk off!” Cara said, making a face, but having to laugh. 

Amanda was thinking that after she ate she may just wander around this town a bit. Clear her head some more as she thought about what she was going to do. Would she go back to Derek’s? Should she open the packages? 

The coffee was so sweet and the chicken salad tasted great. The grapes and pecans added to it, made it extra good. After leaving Cara a nice tip, she said goodbye to her and Mason and walked outside. Cara had told her that she needed to check out the flower shop, so that was where she was going to head to first. Then she had mentioned Mr.Tippner’s bike shop. He rented bikes for those who wanted to go on some bike paths that they had. Ran right by the creek. Cara had said it was a lovely route. It had been a long time since Amanda had rode a bike, but the thought appealed to her. 

Oh No! She gasped! What was the brown Cruze doing parked across the street. It couldn’t be the same one that had been following her, could it? 

Unsettling Questions!

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Amanda hoped that she was making the instructions specific enough for Belinda to understand. More importantly she hoped that she had chosen the right person for this job. Derek had been very clear about the kind of person he needed and he said he trusted Amanda to find the right one. Amanda wished that she had as much faith in herself as Derek did.

Derek was so particular, that Amanda didn’t know why he didn’t want to choose the person himself. Why did he put so much trust in Amanda to find the right woman for the job? She also was curious as to all the duties that he wanted Amanda to make a list of for Belinda. There were things listed that were not your typical duties for a housekeeper/cook.

Amanda had been Derek’s personal secretary for a year now and she was used to his idiosyncrasies, but lately he had been acting extra strange.

He was a business man, and a very wealthy one! Amanda didn’t know many details about his business. She only knew what he felt was important to tell her, dates and times of appointments to remind him about. She ran errands for him as well, picking up packages and delivering them. Amanda often wondered what was in the little boxes, but she knew better than to ask.

In the beginning this job bothered her, for she had so many unanswered questions about what Derek really did for a living. She had almost quit a couple times, but when her paychecks would come, she would convince herself that it was okay, she didn’t need to know. They were the biggest paychecks she had ever received! One day she was living from paycheck to paycheck and the next day she gets hired by Derek, and her money troubles vanished into thin air!

She was driving a metallic blue Lexus. The car of her dreams and eating at fancy restaurants. Shopped at stores that had always been too expensive for her to shop at before. Going on exotic vacations, to St. Thomas and Jamaica. Derek paid for everything on the vacations, he needed her with him, he said. All she had to do was run some daily errands for him on vacation and the rest of the time she got to relax! In so many ways she was living the dream.

Living the dream during the day, but at night when it was dark and she was alone with her thoughts, she was afraid. Afraid of what she had got herself into. Amanda may not be the smartest woman, but she wasn’t dumb either, she knew that Derek had to be into something illegal, to be making the kind of money he was making.

Her stomach was churning now , what was she doing? How did she know that she wasn’t getting Belinda into trouble by hiring her? It was one thing for Amanda to be caught in a web that she didn’t feel like she could get out of, but why draw another innocent woman into it?

Amanda didn’t know what to do, she really had no choice. She had already told Derek about Belinda. She was supposed to start tomorrow. Belinda was all excited to be working in such a nice mansion and she told Amanda how much she needed the money.

Taking a deep breath Amanda finished the list. Belinda would be okay, she didn’t know about the packages that Amanda delivered for Derek. She was just going to be cleaning and cooking. Amanda partially wished that she could trade jobs with Belinda, though Derek would take one bite of her cooking and probably fire her on the spot. Cooking wasn’t one of her talents.

Looking at the time Amanda knew she had to leave soon. Derek had 3 packages he wanted delivered today and these 3 places she had never been to before. Usually she went to the same places, but he met 3 different men last week, and she figured these 3 packages were going to them. She never talked to anyone when she delivered the packages, in fact she never saw anyone. She would just drop them off at the location that Derek sent her too and put them in the red container. Amanda shook her head, how could she had ever thought that doing this was okay, like it was perfectly normal to drop off packages in remote areas.

Grabbing her keys, she made a decision, she had to find another job. Her Mama didn’t raise no fool! She may not be able to dine on fancy food anymore and own so many clothes, but she needed peace of mind! Amanda smiled, yes, she would do this! No more guilt about her job! Driving down the road she felt better. That feeling started changing though, as she watched in her rearview mirror. Was she being followed?

On The Road Again

This post is a continuation of Monday’s story, Looking for Adventure!  

Tanya looked both ways before crossing the road, and making  her way towards the woods. She thought back to another woods, that was far away. The woods that she hid out in for awhile. She remembered the man in the woods who had owned the annoying, talking chicken. The chicken man had appeared to be a kind man, it was really a shame that she had to kill him, but she had to get his gold somehow. She started whistling as she entered the woods. 

“Do you hear that? Someone is whistling.” Ethan said to Jade. 

“Maybe its someone that can help us.” Jade said. 

They both stared straight ahead waiting for the person to come into view. Jade screamed and Ethan stood there in wide eyed disbelief! It was HER! 

Tanya couldn’t believe her eyes, she stopped whistling and her pulse began to race. 

Ethan drew in a deep breath and then lashed out at Tanya, demanding his money and keys. He was stunned as Tanya said nothing, but her eyes looked wild with fright. Was she actually afraid of him? She grabbed his wad of cash out of her jeans pocket and threw it at him, along with his keys. Then she turned around and ran so fast, it was as if something was chasing her! 

Jade and Ethan were in shock, but so happy! 

“She looked so scared! Definitely not the tough girl that she had appeared to be when she robbed us.” said Jade. 

“I know, that was so strange, but hey, we got my keys, lets go find my truck! ” 

They started to walk out of the woods, when they heard a voice behind them. 

“Glad you got your money and keys back. I could tell that girl was trouble and I thought I would give her a scare. I guess I succeeded!” and he let out a deep chuckle. 

Now it was Jade and Ethan whose eyes were big with fright, when they turned around. They were staring into the face of a huge black bear! 

“Oh don’t worry, I am harmless. I won’t hurt you. I didn’t want to roar for I knew then you all would be scared as well. I just stood up on my back legs and made a very menacing face at that lady. My name is Bobo, nice to meet you.” 

Jade and Ethan were speechless.  A talking bear? Maybe they were dehydrated and starting to get delusional. Before they could get their thoughts together they saw a hippo come walking towards them with 2 turtles on her back. Could this day get any more crazier!

“HI Bobo! You did great! We watched the whole thing. That was hilarious to see her run!” Henrietta said. 

“You…you… talk too?” questioned Ethan, shaking his head in confusion. 

“Yes, she talks, and so do we! Do you humans really think that you are the only ones capable of speaking?” Myrtle asked. 

“Welll…..” Ethan and Jade didn’t know what to say, they just started laughing. What an adventure this trip to Vegas was turning out to be! 

“Thank you so much Bobo for your help! We very much appreciate it!”

Jade was looking at Henrietta for awhile and then said, “You are one very unique hippo, your neck is so long!” 

“That’s not the only unique thing about me, I can sing too! Do you want to hear me?” 

“I gotta go!” and Bobo. 

“Wait! Take us with you.” cried Myrtle and Tulag as they climbed up on his back. 

Jade and Ethan watched , feeling perplexed. Bobo was running away, as Henrietta opened her mouth and started to sing. 

It didn’t take long for Jade and Ethan to figure out why Bobo and the turtles made a quick retreat. They grimaced as Henrietta continued. They didn’t want to be rude and run away from her too, so they stood there listening. 

When she finally stopped, they breathed a sigh of relief. 

“I never knew a hippo could sing, you are indeed a special hippo!” said Jade and Henrietta beamed with joy. 

Jade and Ethan couldn’t help but feel drawn to Henrietta’s cheerful attitude. They all  kept talking as she shared her story with them about escaping from the zoo and meeting Myrtle and Tulag. 

“Its been great meeting you Henrietta, but we should probably go now. We need to find my truck.” said Ethan

They said their goodbyes and Ethan and Jade couldn’t stop talking about everything as they walked out of the woods. 

Henrietta smiled. What a nice couple they seemed to be and she was so glad that Bobo scared away that mean lady. Now she was going to head back towards the river, she was sure to find her friends there and she was ready for a cool swim. 

When Jade and Ethan got out to the road they saw an ambulance, a police car and a tractor trailer driver looking very frazzled! As they got closer they heard the tractor trailer driver talking to the police. 

“I didn’t see her! It was like she came out of nowhere! I couldn’t slow down in time, she was smack dab in front of me!” 

Jade and Ethan looked at each other. “Do you think…?” asked Jade. They looked at the stretcher with the sheet over the body. and didn’t say a word. 

They climbed into Ethan’s truck and he turned the key. it started right up. He put his arm around Jade. “Now to find that special chapel!” With love in her eyes, Jade kissed him as they drove down the road and out of sight. 

Untangling the Web

The following story is a continuation from last week’s post. Here is the link if you missed reading it. Spinning the Web

Lisette had been working for Miss. Jill for a month now and she had no doubt that something strange was going on. Miss. Jill obviously was doing something very secretive, and Lisette was afraid that it was illegal. Why else would Miss. Libby have been so against Lisette working there? 

Customers would come in specifically asking for Miss. Jill and she would take them into the back room while Lisette ran the store herself. Sometimes they were just in the back room for a short amount of time, but other times it got rather long. 

Lisette felt brave a couple times and when Miss. Jill would go to lunch she tried to slip into the back room, but it was always locked. If only someday she would forget to lock it before going to lunch! 

The only thing that Miss. Jill said about the back room was that there would be times she would have to go back there for certain special customers. She told her how she would need Lisette to be in charge of the store when she was back there. When Lisette started to ask some questions, Jill just went onto another subject, like she had never heard her. Miss. Libby was the same way when Lisette tried to bring it up at breakfast one day. 

Lisette sighed, feeling frustrated! Did she really want to work for someone who could be involved in something illegal? Not to mention the fact that she was lodging with someone who was also possibly involved in illegal activity! What would her Mama say if she knew of this? Oh it would cause her gray hairs for sure! 

One day after work Lisette stopped by the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. She could use a sweet Salted Caramel Latte and a powdery cream filled donut to go with it. That would lift her spirits. Today had been extra busy at work. Not with paying customers, but Miss. Jill’s special customers! She was in the back room for a large part of the day! 

The bell dinged as she walked into the Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter were involved in what appeared to be a serious game of checkers. They looked up and smiled and said they would be right with her, if she didn’t mind waiting. 

“I am just about ready to beat this old guy”, said Mr. Fluff. 

“Who are you calling old?” 

“Who do you think? Checkmate!” Mr. Fluff smiled big as he successfully took all of Mr. Nutter’s remaining checkers off the board. 

Mr. Nutter muttered under his breath and Lisette laughed. Poor guy, he never seemed to win. 

“What can I get you? My treat today in honor of another winning game!” Mr. Fluff said. 

“Oh, well in that case I will have 2 powdery cream filled donuts please and a Salted Caramel Latte. Thank you! ” replied Lisette. 

It didn’t take long at all until Lisette’s taste buds were savoring the taste of the creamy donuts. While she was sitting there eating, Mr. Nutter asked her how she liked working for Miss. Jill. 

“Its going fine, she is a very nice lady.” said Lisette. 

“Yes, yes that she is”, replied Mr. Nutter, “Do you ever notice anything strange going…” 

Mr. Fluff interrupted him. “Don’t bother the girl with questions.” he said, but Mr. Nutter ignored him and repeated the question. 

“Do you ever notice anything strange going on at the store?” 

Lisette bit her lip, should she confide in them her suspicions? How did she know if she could trust them? Maybe they were involved too. 

“Ummm…No, not really.” she replied. 

“Not really?” Mr. Fluffer asked, as he raised his eyebrows. 

“Welll…” and before Lisette could stop, she was pouring out the story to them and her suspicions. 

Mr. Nutter walked over to the door and turned the sign to close and said. “We should talk.”  Lisette’s stomach turned. What was he going to say, was she in trouble now? 

Lisette could hardly sleep that night. Her mind was swimming with what Mr. Nutter and Mr. Fluff had told her. She had to see for herself. Tomorrow she was going to find a way into the back room. Seeing was believing! She fell into a fitful sleep. 

Lisette’s stomach was full of butterflies. She had barely eaten breakfast. She was so nervous about this afternoon and the truth that she may find in the back room. Time seemed to pass so slowly. Finally Miss. Jill left the store for her lunch break, now was her chance. Lisette went outside and around to the back of the store. She found the door and squeezed her eyes shut as she tried the knob. Yes! It was unlocked! She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought of the back entrance before. 

She entered and she gasped. It was just like Mr. Fluff and Mr. Nutter had described. It looked like a quilt shop. There were quilts stacked on the table and some looking like they were still being sewn. Lisette’s hands were shaking as she took her scissors and started to cut into one of the quilts that had been neatly folded and stacked. It was true! She found the secret pouch between the folds of the quilt and the contents of the pouch. She held the pouch in her hands in disbelief! They were smuggling drugs! 

“LISETTE!” Lisette froze hearing her name. She looked up and saw Miss. Jill standing in the doorway. Lisette turned as pale as a ghost. 

“Oh Lisette what have you done!”

Lisette had no words, she didn’t even think she could scream if she needed too, she couldn’t move! 

“You have to believe me, this wasn’t my idea! Miss. Libby conned me into it, and once I knew what she was doing, I couldn’t get out. I want to stop, I do, but….but…she’s made threats, I just can’t!”  Miss. Jill put her face in her hands as she started to cry. Lisette started to feel sorry for her, but at the same time she knew she had to get out of there. What if  Miss. Libby dropped by and found her there. She ran out the back door and with her adrenaline pumping she kept running! 

Once again she found herself at the peaceful meadow, by the creek. Oh what was she to do. How could she face Miss. Libby now that she knew the truth. Miss. Libby would see the truth written all over her face, she would know that Lisette knew, and then what would she do?? Would she threaten her, like she did to Miss. Jill? She wanted to run far away, she couldn’t go back to town, she just couldn’t. 

Lisette felt eyes on her and she was afraid to turn around. Someone was behind her, she could feel it. Her nerves were so tight, she almost screamed when turning around. Relief ran through her when she saw that it was only Betsy. Betsy with the deep dark, brown eyes, that bore into her. Like she knew all her secrets. Betsy with the enchanted cow bell hanging around her neck. The enchanted… Suddenly Lisette knew what she had to do, she yanked on the cow bell with all her might, ringing it 3x, praying that it would work!  

POOF! Purple and pink smoke filled the air and she was knocked off her feet. The smoke cleared and Lisette got up on her feet. She was definitely not in the meadow anymore, but where was she? “MOO!” Lisette jumped, she was not alone! 




Spinning the Web

Miss. Libby was sitting in her bright sunflower yellow kitchen, deep in thought. Lisette had left to do some shopping, so she was all alone. She still couldn’t get over the fact that Lisette had gone and applied for a job at Miss. Jill’s Dress Shop. The fact that Jill had actually hired her was an even bigger surprise!  How could she have hired her? Wasn’t she afraid that Lisette would find out and if Lisette found out, who knew what would happen. What would she do with the information?  Libby shook her head, taking another drink of her Vanilla Chai tea. Perhaps she needed something a little stronger. Her stomach was in knots. 

Things had been going so smoothly. She had the perfect set up with Miss. Jill, and now some stranger from out of town, just appears and risks ruining everything. All the hard work that Miss. Libby had put into the lucrative side business. She needed this business, as her Inn wasn’t doing very well presently. She set her cup down hard making some of of the tea splash out onto the white tablecloth. Something had to be done, and she was going to do it. She was going to make a phone call to Jill and give her a piece of her mind. 

Miss. Jill was pacing the floor with the phone in her hand. “Yes, I know but…”  “She is a nice la…”  Jill rolled her eyes, she could barely get a word in. “Just calm down and listen!” she finally said in a little sterner of voice, finally Libby got quiet. 

“I am not firing her, the girl didn’t even start yet! I think this could be a very good thing. I could really use the extra help in the store, especially when the special customers come.  Lisette can stay out front with the other customers, as I take the special customers to the back room. 

Jill sighed, as Libby ranted again, but by the time they ended the conversation, Libby did seem a little more warmed up to the idea. She would come around, thought Jill, at least she hoped she did. Dealing with an irritable Libby was not pleasant.

There were times Jill wished that she had never got involved with this side business in the first place. All she had wanted to do was own her own Dress and Fabric store, and then she met Miss. Libby. Before she knew it, she was caught up in a tangled web of secrets, and she kept getting deeper entwined. 

Miss. Libby hung up the phone feeling a little better. Perhaps Jill did know what she was doing. Lisette did seem pretty innocent and naïve, so she might be the right one to help out at the store. It would free up Jill. Maybe business could increase if Jill had more time. Libby saw dollar signs in her head and her smile grew bigger. This really may be a good thing, a very good thing, she thought.  She was thinking of what all she could do with the extra money, as she headed upstairs with her silver Persian cat following right behind her. 

Lisette was dumbfounded. She had come back to the Inn, because she forgot her wallet and she had overheard Miss. Libby on the phone. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but when she heard her name spoken, she couldn’t move from her spot in the hallway. 

Miss. Libby wanted Miss. Jill to fire her!? Why? Did she have that strong of dislike for Miss. Jill? She listened some more and things just weren’t adding up. Miss. Libby said that Lisette couldn’t find out about their other business dealings. That they all would be in jeopardy then. What other business? 

Lisette’s mind was swirling. Something wasn’t right and suddenly she was uncertain about working for Miss. Jill. Maybe she should rethink this whole idea of staying in this town. What was she getting into? She needed to take a walk to clear her brain about the troublesome conversation she had heard. 

She didn’t really have a destination in mind she just left the Inn and kept walking, pondering things over. 

When she finally decided to pay attention to her surroundings, she figured out where she was. She was near the creek where she had met the little Annie before.  She had walked out of town. Perhaps sitting by the creek was just what she needed to relax and think straight. 

Walking a little ways more she saw the babbling creek and it didn’t look like anyone was around. Lisette relished the idea of sitting alone for a bit. She slipped off her shoes and dangled her feet in the water. The cool water felt good, she hadn’t meant to walk so far and her feet were a little sore. She found a pebble in the grass and skipped it across the water. She was beginning to relax, when she heard a “MOOOOO!” right behind her! 

Jumping up, she almost lost her balance!  She caught herself and turned around to see Betsy, the cow staring at her, with her deep brown eyes. 

Lisette tried to catch her breath and calm down when she noticed something hanging around Betsy’s neck. It was the enchanted cowbell! Oh Lisette was really tempted to grab it off her neck and shake it for all it was worth! It just had to work again. She went to grab it, but something stopped her from touching it. Never had she been so intimidated by a cow’s eyes before. 

Betsy continued to stare at her and then just as quickly as she had appeared she turned her back on Lisette and walked back towards the barn. Lisette stared after her. Oh how she wanted that bell, but … She sighed. No, she wasn’t going to give up, she would go to work for Miss. Jill and see what she could find out. Perhaps all those Nancy Drew books that she had read as a child would finally pay off! 

(to be continued….next week)