Friday’s Super Short Stories!

It’s Friday the 13th and a Full Moon tonight …. Superstitious? You may want to stay in bed! ( Any superstitions you remember hearing as a child? )

While at the beach enjoying the sunrise  … turned my head and realized I had company! What was it? Take a guess and I will post a picture of it later. A clue, it walked on 4 feet, but no, it wasn’t a dog or cat! 

Be like the sun! It always rises, breaking through the darkest night. 



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

If your mirror breaks today Watch Out, for then you may not be able to see the black cat behind you!

A black cat crossing your path on Friday the 13th can only mean one thing….it has somewhere to go, just like you.

Knocking on wood is supposed to be good, just don’t be knocking on a wooden ladder while walking under it!

Do something daring today! Go to a hotel and get a room for the night on the 13th floor!

slide2120  🙂 Yes, I know I shared this once this week already, but I thought it fit for today. Pooh doesn’t care about what the date is! I think eating honey may be brain food, for Pooh can be very smart. 🙂