Sunsets and Sunflowers


Thanks to Jason, at  for letting me use one of his pictures again, to help inspire a story.


She stood on the bridge with a full heart, as the wind blew through her long, amber hair. In 3 months there would be people all around, but for now, it was only her, watching the sunset.

Jenna smiled, as she let herself dream of what it would be like 3 months  from now. The field would look vastly different. Sunflowers would be blooming! Jenna was  delighted that the farmer had agreed to let her get married in his Sunflower Field! He had planted it, making an opening right in the center for Jenna, Cole and the wedding party to stand. Her heart fluttered at the thought that so very soon she would become Cole’s wife! How long she had dreamed and waited for this day to come!

Excitement stirred inside her. She felt so blessed to be able to have the wedding of her dreams out in the country like this. Ever since she had been a little girl she had loved sunflowers and now her sunflower wedding was happening.

Jenna practiced walking across the bridge, pretending to hold her bouquet and humming the music that she and Cole had chosen. She closed her eyes, breathing in the sweetness of the moment, feeling the perfect peace that surrounded her. Things would soon start to get more hectic, but for now she was savoring the magic of the night.  When the sky was as colorful as the emotions playing through her heart.

With one last look at the sun setting in the sky, she turned around to head back home.

After Jenna turned around something far out in the field moved. Something had been watching Jenna, with its big, deep brown eyes.  It stared after her for a little while longer and then went back to contently chewing on the grass. All was quiet, as the sky continued to grow darker, and night came over the sunflower field.