A Rare Occurrence!

School started for my teens this past Thursday and they already are getting a day off!  Last Wednesday they decided to have schools closed for the Solar Eclipse today.  Do you have plans to watch it today? Are you in the pathway of seeing the full eclipse?   We aren’t where we can see it fully, but we should be able to see 80% of it.

On Saturday my creative kids were saying how when my husband got home from work that we should drive down to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach.  From there we could witness the full eclipse.  I gave my teens one of those looks of disbelief or another word would be, ” Are you crazy?”  look!  Those looks are NOT a  rare occurrence when you have teenagers!

Yes, I am a beach person, as you have seen in my posts, but… we live 12 hours from Myrtle Beach!  I assured them that  their Dad was not going to feel like driving 12 hours after he gets home from work.  As always, they had a solution for that.  We could just fly there, because “Mom, flying really is not that expensive!”  Sometimes you just have to shake your head,  which I did as I told them that sorry, we weren’t flying there either.  “Oh but it could be so fun!”  was the response I heard.  Yes, I know, how could we say “No”, right?  Actually it was pretty easy too!  Not to mention that I am confident that the hotels in the area are booked solid.  I am sure if I would have said that I probably would have heard, “That’s fine, we can sleep on the beach!”   Teenagers always have the answers, don’t they!

As I was thinking about the Solar Eclipse and how rare of an occurrence it is, other rare things came to my mind.   I thought of the rare pink dolphin that was in the news recently.  I thought of the rarity of me winning at cards against my husband,  yes the pink dolphin is more rare.  The rarity of me being the tallest person in a room, and yes the Solar Eclipse is more rare than that!

What things would you consider rare?  Do you have something in your possession that is rare?  I found a old roll of film in the back of a drawer the other day.  The days of having your film developed are long gone.  I still have a Polaroid camera.  I can’t get film for it anymore, but it had been a special gift, so that memory lingers.  I have china dishes from my precious  grandma in my china closet.

I have a book that my youngest and I came across recently, from my cedar chest.  It is a small book, easy for a toddler to grasp.  A cute book about bunnies.  The book isn’t rare in itself, but it does have a bite taken out of the corner of it.  Yes, my youngest was teething at the time and yes I had teething rings, but my children preferred anything but teething rings!  This would be the same child that just came to me asking to buy several books, apparently the “taste” of books stuck with them!

Have you ever tried a rare kind of food?  When I turned 40 I tried Soushi for the first time.  It will be a rare occurrence if I try it again!  To all you Soushi lovers out there,  eat up,  you don’t need to leave any for me!

I just asked my husband what is something that he would consider rare.  He told me that I was rare.  I am not sure about asking him to elaborate on that!  I think I will take it as a “Aww” moment and refer back to that Dr.Seuss quote.  “There is noone more youer than you!”

Enjoy today in whatever you do.  If you are planning to watch the Eclipse, please do it safely!! It might be a rare, historical occurrence,  but its not worth ruining your eyesight over!  Your eyes are RARE!  You only get 1 pair of them!

For fun, here is song that comes to mind when thinking of the Eclipse.  A song I loved in High School.