Maintaining her Sanity! (Part 4)

Good Morning! This is a continuing short story saga. If you missed Part 2 or Part 3 here are the links to them.What Day is it? (Part 2) and Increasing Curiosity! (Part 3)

Elyssa woke up with a stir of excitement going through her. Today marked only 2 days left until her mystery would be solved. Finally she was getting near the end. She had managed to not lose her sanity over this month long stretch, surely she could handle 2 more days of waiting.

With that thought she began making some fluffy banana pancakes. She had some extra time this morning before leaving for work, so figured she would indulge. Putting  on her favorite CD she hummed a happy tune as she made the pancakes. Music was something that  Elyssa loved to listen to! It helped her for the times that she was feeling blue, and it spoke to her when she was happy as well. She had quite the variety of CD’s to fit her moods.

Ahhh! The pancakes had turned out quite well, quite well indeed. Now if this good start could be a good sign to how her day would go,  that would be great. She was thinking about the things she planned to do for the day, as she gave Taffy a good belly rub. Taffy showed her appreciation with a gentle lick to Elyssa’s hand.

About a half hour later she was pulling into the parking lot. She saw that her usual parking space was taken. Guess it was good that she was a little early today she thought, and she drove around the lot once more.  She ended up trying to fit into a narrow space and “OH NO!” she heard an all  too familiar sound. Apparently the space was too narrow as she scraped against the other car. She held her breath as she checked the other car for damage. She let it out again as she saw that it was fine, only her car got a small dent. Not that a dent stood out too much on her vehicle. She couldn’t help it that things were jumping out at her all the time!

Elyssa poured herself a hot cup of tea and walked back into her office. Today would be a pretty quiet day as Valerie and Rob were both gone for the day. Rob was sick, which wasn’t good with his Tropical Paradise vacation coming up and Valerie was taking care of some business out of town.

She went to her filing cabinet to pull out a file, and as she opened the drawer she noticed a post it note on the drawer. It read, “2 days!” She took another look and here all her drawers had little notes on them!!  Who had done all this? Rob was sick and had left the office before her yesterday and so had Valerie. Were there more people involved in this scheme then what she had thought?  Who ever did these notes was a little more creative this time. Instead of all the notes saying 2 days left, they had little sayings. Some rhymed some didn’t. “2 days left, any clues to what it might be yet?” ” Only 2 days left until all is revealed, well maybe not quite all…. until something is revealed… something that may be a clue to a bigger something!”

After reading that Elyssa flung a file across the room. The papers went flying just as her boss opened the door. He took one look at the papers scattered across the floor and at Elyssa’s face and said, ” I think I am going to go bring you 2 cups of coffee. Something tells me you may need them.”  He gave a teasing smile as he closed the door and Elyssa’s head hit the desk once more.