My “Happy Place!”

This may not be my view anymore, but I had a wonderful time!
In case you can’t tell, I love seagulls. My friend just shakes her head at me as I entice them to surround me and feed them. I have never yet been “blessed” by any of their droppings, like my friend keeps saying will happen. I tell her they like me! After I was done feeding them this one little guy stayed by me. I told him, “Sorry, no more food.” He flew away. I turned to Sherry and said, “See, he understands me.” Her quick reply, “Well, I am glad that someone does!” Yes, she is one of my closest and dearest, smart aleck friends! LOL! My apologies to the beach photographer who asked to take our picture! Though you are welcome for the laugh, at my expense. If there is one thing that is guaranteed whenever Sherry and I get together, its LAUGHTER! Let me add though, that time at the beach also gives us time to have heart felt talks, which is always cherished. We laugh hard and talk hard!
The skies weren’t full of sunshine! But the ocean is magical with or without sunshine! When it rained we just grabbed our rain ponchos, and a cup of hot coffee, and we kept walking along the ocean. May you keep “dancing” in this coming week, no matter what the weather may bring!

The Clue of the Seagulls (Part 2)

If you missed Part one yesterday, just click on this link.The Clue of the Seagulls


“We got to go back to the bungalow, I want to take a closer look at something.” Frank said, as he started walking back at a quick pace.

George tried to keep up, wondering what it was that had Frank so excited. He looked back at the seagulls. With the way Frank was acting, perhaps he understood seagull speech after all. maybe the seagulls had been talking about the jewels to each other. OH, Now he must be crazy! Seagulls talking about jewels? He shook his head and started to jog to get caught up to Frank.

Frank entered the bungalow ahead of him and yelled to  George to follow him to the study upstairs. George walked up the spiral staircase into the study.  Frank was staring at the floor.

“I can’t believe how something was right in front of my face and I didn’t even take notice of it!” Frank said. He bent down to look closer at the floor.  “Do you see it George?”

“See what? I see the moon, which is very well done! I am starting to think that perhaps I should have my house redecorated with Mosaic tiles like these. The turtle downstairs,  and now a night scene up here with a shining moon. The moon really does shine too!


“Look closely George. Look how some pieces really sparkle!”

“They sure do and its all very nice, but I am still a little confused. I thought you had a clue about solving the mystery of the missing jewels.”

Frank smiled broadly. “Don’t you see it, this house is full of all the clues we need!”

“Did you take notice of the tile in the bathroom?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes, the one with the sand dollars and some real shiny blue….”


Frank saw George’s face light up as the truth hit him.

“We found them! The missing jewels. Oh  Josie will be so happy when we let her know that we found her grandmother’s jewels. She was sure that they had been stolen, but now what her grandmother wrote in her final message to Jodi, before she died, makes sense. It said to look to the moon and don’t miss what is right in front of you, there are always treasures to be found by the sea.”

“This is cause for a celebration! Supper is on me!” Frank said.

“My stomach is very glad to hear that, but I have one question. How is it that you were sitting in your chair watching the seagull in front of you. Then it walks away talking to another seagull and suddenly you spring out of your chair. What triggered your thought to go take a closer look at the tile of the moon?”

Frank’s eyes gleamed, “Well that is simple, the seagulls told me. Now where would you like to go for supper?”

“Of course! The seagulls told you, What was I thinking?”

Frank laughed as they walked to the car.


Bob and Bob (Part 2)

Here is a story to help you get your healthy dose of laughter for your day.  It is Part 2 of yesterday’s post about the seagulls “Bob and Bob”. If you missed Part 1 yesterday, here is the link.  Seagull Fun

If you have enjoyed this story, there are many more stories in “The Odessa Chronicles” book,  a collection of stories that will warm your heart and make you laugh. For more information you can click on the book cover in the right hand margin.


      Bob and Bob (Part 2)

The man-servant turned back and was now looking at the two gulls. This time, his approach was much smarter. “Bob One … step forward!” Bob One stepped forward. “Okay!” said the man-servant, “now I know who you both are, we need to talk.

Bob One looked at him. “So, you want to talk to Bob Three?”

The man-servant looked at him. “No! I want to talk to you two.”

“Yes,” said Bob One. “You want to talk to Bob Three!”

The man-servant was starting to get a little perturbed. “Look here, Bob One. If you are Bob One, and if he is Bob Two, then there is no Bob Three, or Bob Four.”

“Yes, there is!” said Bob One. “You can talk with me, Bob One. You can talk with him, Bob Two. If you want to talk to both of us, then you need Bob Three, or Bob Twelve depending on how you see it!”

The man-servant sighed. “Bob Twelve? Odessa, please help me out here!”

“Okay, Man-Servant,” said Odessa, “but it is really simple, at least from a gull’s perspective. If you want to talk with both Bob One and Bob Two, then one plus two equals three … hence, Bob Three. If you call out, ‘Bob Three’, they will both come and hear what you want to say. With your suggestion to name them Bob One and Bob Three, you can see why they immediately created Bob Four. It’s seagull logic.”

The man-servant thought about it for a moment, and then said “Bob Three!” and both gulls immediately gave him their attention. He turned once again to Odessa. “So where did Bob Twelve come from?”

Odessa sighed. “Gulls are like humans, in that they generally leave a lot to be desired, but in fairness, some are better educated than others. The less-educated ones will see Bob One and Bob Two as equaling Bob Twelve, with the number one in front of the number two!”

The man-servant was totally bewildered and started shaking his head. “Odessa,” he said, “would you please take over here, and explain to the Bobs where we are going, and answer any questions that they may have? Also let them know that they are welcome to stay on the boat for as long as they wish.”

Odessa smiled and nodded, while the man-servant turned to look out of the windows.

Although it was quite bright outside, there were still waves breaking over the bow and rushing past the windows. He could still hear the wind, but it did sound as if it had dropped in strength a little. “Well, guys,” he said, “can one of you wake Dewey up and introduce him to the Bobs? After that, perhaps get some food going around here? It was a long night, and if you’re anything like me, then you’re all really hungry.”

Jaxon and Odessa started opening up boxes and plastic containers, and soon everybody (including Dewey) was eating. The man-servant was eating a sardine sandwich, when a little piece of sardine fell to the floor.

“It’s mine!” said Bob One, diving to the floor.

“No, it’s not! It’s mine!” said Bob Two, also diving down, and bumping Bob One out of the way. Bob Two picked up the piece of fish, but Bob One flew past and took it from his beak.

“It’s mine!” he said.

“It’s mine!”

Bob Two flew up and then dropped down onto Bob One, who looked up to see what was happening, and dropped the piece of fish. Bob Two swooped across the floor and picked it up. “It’s mine! Told you it was mine!”

The man-servant, Odessa, Dewey, and Jaxon were watching all the activity, in amazement, as they continued scrapping over one small piece of fish.

The man-servant suddenly smiled. “I understand something now.” he said. “When I am at the coast, and watch the seagulls fighting over food, which seems to be all the time, what I used to hear as raucous gull noises, are really them all saying, ‘It’s mine, ‘No, it’s mine’, ‘Well, I saw it first’, ‘No, you didn’t’, ‘It’s mine now.’”

Just then, Bob Two dropped it again … and Dewey was right beneath him. Dewey caught it and swallowed it. “Here, gulls! Come to Dewey! Dewey has a surprise for you!”

The man-servant intervened. “No, Dewey,” he said, “these two are not for you to play with. They’re riding along with us until this storm moves on.”

The waves started to settle down as the day was coming to an end, and so the man-servant increased the Argo’s speed, pushing her quickly through the water throughout the whole night and into the following day. Bob and Bob wanted to leave the Argo and continue on their way by flying, so a door was opened and farewells offered, as they both flew out and up into the sky.

The man-servant turned to Odessa. “Who would have thought that we would meet Bob and Bob? In fact, who is going to believe the story about Bob and Bob?”

“Yes.” said Odessa. “You can talk to a Barn Owl, a cat, and a Jackalope, but who is going to believe a story about two seagulls? Humans really are quite strange. Anyway, strange human, you are looking really tired, and the steering wheel is still tied up, so why don’t you get some sleep? One of us will wake you up if anything changes up here.”

“Thank you Odessa. I think I will.”




Seagull Fun

I believe that laughter each day does a much better job at keeping the Dr. away then an apple a day does!  So to help you be healthy I have the perfect book for you.  “The Odessa Chronicles”.  Humor runs throughout the book, as well as the strong theme about friendship. If you would like to know more about it, just click on the book cover in the right margin.

Today I  would like to share with you another story from the book. One that Colin shared on his blog last month. The story takes place on a boat, “The Argo, that our 4 friends are traveling in. A storm arises and the man-servant is doing his best to get them safely through the storm when suddenly 2 seagulls crash into the windows. Being the caring man that he is, the man-servant rescues them from outside bringing them into the boat. If you never had a conversation with seagulls before, well you are about to learn how their logic works!


Bob and Bob (Part 1)

The man-servant had put the seagulls on the dashboard, in front of the steering wheel, so that he could talk to them while steering the Argo. They were both standing there staring at him now. “Well, guys,” started the man-servant, “welcome to the Argo. I am known as the man-servant, and the Barn Owl next to me is Odessa. You can see Dewey, the cat, half-asleep on the chair over there, and this odd creature on my left is Jaxon, a Jackalope. Who are you?”

The seagulls continued to stare. Odessa decided to help out. “I realize that you and I have little in common, in fact we have nothing in common, but we can all understand each other here, so it would really help if we knew your names. How about it?”

One seagull looked directly at Odessa. “I’m Bob!”

The man-servant looked at the gull. “Bob?” he said. “Your name is Bob?”

Odessa turned to the man-servant. “You know … sometimes you really are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. What part of ‘I’m Bob’ did you not understand?”

“I’m sorry,” said the man-servant, “but Bob is not a seagull kind of name. I mean, have you ever heard of a seagull named Bob before?”

Odessa looked at him with unblinking eyes. “Had you ever heard of a Barn Owl named Odessa before you met me?”

Odessa turned to the other gull. “And what is your name?”

The other gull looked her straight in the eyes and said, “My name is Bob!”

Jaxon was trying to control a desire to burst out laughing when the man-servant turned to him. “What’s so funny, Jaxon?”

Jaxon looked at the man-servant and totally disintegrated into uncontrollable laughter. “Your face was priceless when you realized that they were both named Bob.”

“Jaxon,” said the man-servant, “we are in the middle of a bad storm and need to keep things organized in here. How are we going to communicate properly with these two having the same name? I think that we should call them Bob One and Bob Two. That should work.”

One of the gulls hopped onto the edge of the steering wheel and faced the man-servant. “Which one of us is Bob One, and which one is Bob Two, and how do we address Bob Three?”

The man-servant was looking puzzled. “Is there another Bob coming to join us?” he asked, really hoping that the answer would be no.

“No!” said the gull. “That could really get complicated then, couldn’t it?”

The man-servant thought for a moment, and then turning to Odessa, said, “Am I not understanding something here? Does this dialogue make sense to you?”

Odessa smiled. “Man-Servant,” she said, “you have to accept that these are two seagulls. They don’t think like any other creature I know.”

Jaxon then added. “Man-Servant, seagulls are an oddity of the seas and oceans. They think in very simple terms.”

“Okay! Thank you, guys.” He then turned to the gull on the steering wheel. “Would you like to be Bob One or Bob Two?”

The gull, without any hesitation, said, “Bob One!”

The other gull jumped up onto the steering wheel. “I want to be Bob One!” he said.

“Well, you can’t, because I was asked first!” interjected the first gull.

“Perhaps we could name you Bob Three?” said the man-servant.

The first gull was shaking his head in despair. “Why would you want Bob One, Bob Two, Bob Three and Bob Four? You really do like confusion don’t you.”

The man-servant was scratching his head. “How did Bob Four get into the conversation?”

Bob One looked at the man-servant. “You really have some difficulty with simple logic, don’t you? If you want to talk to me, which Bob do you call?”

“Bob Two?” asked the man-servant, very confused now.

“Very close. Good try … but wrong. I am Bob One.”

“But you both kind of look the same to me,” said the man-servant. “In fact, you all look the same to me.”

Bob One looked down at his feet, and then at the man-servant. “Would it surprise you to know that you humans all look the same to us?”

The man-servant turned to Odessa and Jaxon. “Can one of you help me out here? I am really having trouble talking with Bob One and Bob Two.”

Odessa grinned. “Stay with it, Man-Servant. It will be a good learning experience for you.”

***  *****  ***

…. to be continued tomorrow!