Waffles of Love



Another morning had dawned, breakfast time had come and gone with out many words being said. He had cleaned his plate, but she still found it hard at times to finish hers.

A small tear slid down her cheek as she looked down at the waffles swimming in the syrup. Memories ran through her mind of mornings in the past.

Early morning hours of being awake with the babies, and how she would be exhausted when the alarm for Clyde would go off. He would quietly get ready for work and give her a gentle, goodbye  kiss on her forehead, as he left for work.

When she awoke and stumbled into the kitchen her tea kettle would have hot water in it and there would be a a note from John, with words of love on it, lying on the kitchen table.

Some days the babies would keep her so busy that all she could make for supper was some blueberry waffles. She would apologize to John, but he never seemed to mind and blueberry waffles became a staple in their home.

As the children grew, they fell in love with blueberry waffles and they loved helping Daddy make them to surprise Mommy in bed with them, on Saturdays.

When the children got busy with after school activities and jobs, blueberry waffles once again would make a quick and yummy supper.

The children grew and moved out and eventually the morning alarm didn’t need to be set. Routines changed, but Blueberry waffles still remained a favorite meal and many mornings Clyde would still surprise Lizzy in bed with them.

Lizzy paused at the sink as she remembered the last time he had brought them to her in bed. He had forgotten the syrup and the 2nd waffle wasn’t quite done, she didn’t say anything but her fears were being confirmed, Clyde’s memory was quickly fading away.

The changes had been subtle before, but had become more pronounced as the days went by and then seemed to go downhill fast. The Dr. had confirmed it, Alzheimer’s had taken a hold.

Lots of things he had forgotten, memories stolen from him. But there were some things that still remained. One of them was his love for blueberry waffles. He could get agitated at times, but when Lizzie would serve up blueberry waffles, it would bring a smile to his face and calm him down.

He often would thank her, even if he didn’t know her name, he would tell the children how nice the pretty lady was that served him waffles.

Lizzie choked on a sob as she remembered how sweet her name used to sound on his lips.

Her heart burst for she still loved him so much no matter what, her memories were still intact and she knew the man that others could no longer see.

“Hey pretty lady, hey lady!” She heard his voice from the other room.

“Yes dear, what do you want?” Lizzie asked.

“Is it breakfast time yet? Could I have some waffles?”

Lizzie walked over to him and sat down on the couch with him. She gently took his hand in hers and told him how he already ate breakfast, but that they could go on a stroll.

They walked out the door, and he turned to her and said, ” When we come back we will have breakfast with blueberry waffles, right?”

She smiled and said, “Yes, blueberry waffles sounds like a great idea.” and his face beamed. He squeezed her hand as he looked in her eyes. For a moment Lizzie thought she saw a speck of recognition in his eyes as he held her gaze. She squeezed his hand back and his eyes smiled. He leaned over, kissing her forehead and for a moment she laid her head on his shoulder as they stood there lost in time.


The Colors of Love

fadc9358ad1f4a1721de693746a27822 Painting done by Frank Bernard Dicksee


“You made it! I was so afraid that you wouldn’t be able to get away.”

Her words were cut short as they melted into each others arms.  They closed their eyes and let their lips find each other. She could taste the sweetness of their longing dreams in his kiss.

A dream of a world where they could be together in the open. No longer having to plot and plan secretive rendezvous.  Where he could openly declare his enduring love for her. A love that knew no bounds. A love that would continue to nurture her, his precious flower.

All would see the light of his love that shined down on her. The light that made her radiant as she bloomed with the fragrance of his true love.

A world where they wouldn’t be kept apart due to social hierarchy.  Where she could openly declare her devoted love for him, her soul mate.  Her passionate lover who she wanted to share life’s sunshine and rain with. To dance in the rain with and to celebrate the rainbow made up of the vibrant colors of their love.

Cherry Red for the taste of her lips and fire orange for the blazing fire she erupted in his heart.  The fire that would never go out no matter how long of time that they were apart.  When back together again the fire burned and worked its beautiful art.

Sapphire blue, for the jewel that she was.  A shining blue that sparkled out of her eyes even when it felt like she was dying inside. Dying for him, her sensuous lover that she forever wanted by her side.

Her skin felt so smooth as his hands gently rubbed it, awakening all her senses. His little flower was unfolding her petals as she caressed his face with her gentle touch and stared into his sea green eyes. For awhile time stood still as they were lost in the waves of their love.

Footsteps were heard pounding up the stairs.

“Larissa, Larissa! I need to talk to you!”

Quickly they untangled themselves from each others warm bodies and gave one last kiss as he climbed out the window and was soon gone from her sight.

Her lips still tingled with the sweetness of their last kiss.  She closed her eyes and hoped.   She hoped that it wouldn’t be too long.  Not too long until once again they could share a luscious kiss, get lost in time and never again have to say goodbye.


Love’s Sweet Nectar



He looked at her with questioning eyes.  “What do you need a bigger suitcase for, you won’t be gone that long.”

Her voice was barely audible as she kept her eyes downcast, not looking at him. ” I need it to put you in!”

He smiled down at her as he put his hand under her chin and lifted his face towards him. Her bottom lip trembled as he told her that she would need a much bigger suitcase for him!

“Oh what am I going to do! What if she doesn’t make it, I couldn’t bear it…How will…” and she started to cry.

He held her in his arms and told her that she was going to brighten her sister’s days in a thousand ways.  He said how they both will gain a strength that they didn’t know they had. Strength that will stay with them as they share precious time together.

Now though was the time to dry her tears for they had a wonderful day to spend together before the time came for her to leave.

The day went much too fast for them, but it was a day of wonderful memories.  They had a picnic surrounded by wildflowers and flew a kite in the sky.  They walked by the lake hand in hand sharing their thoughts and laughing over their private jokes that they have had for years.  When their legs got tired they sat on a bench and he wrapped his arm around her pulling her close as she snuggled in against his warm chest.

She didn’t trust herself to speak and didn’t want to break the stillness of the moment. She snapped a photograph in her mind of the moment so that it would be there for her to pull out when her heart needed it.

Her mind went back in time to  the very first time that he had pulled her against his chest; where she felt the tenderness of his loving embrace.  Oh how many years had passed since then!  Many years may have passed but the tenderness of his embrace only grew more sweeter.

Raindrops started to fall on her face and he took her hand and gently helped her to stand. He twirled her around and listened to the sound of her laughter that was like listening to musical chimes in his mind.

Their eyes met and they didn’t even feel the rain which was falling harder now.  The flames of their sweet love had spun a warmth around them, wrapping them in their own love cocoon. As their lips met they kissed, the taste was sweet like nectar and just like the bee, he didn’t want to leave his beautiful flower.

They walked towards home, he knew she needed to pack, that the time to leave was drawing closer, no matter how much they tried to stop it.

She was packed and it was time to go.  They drove in silence as she held his hand tight, remembering how many times she had squeezed it with emotion throughout their lives. She always could depend on his firm grip giving her strength.

“All aboard!” They heard the Engineer’s call but weren’t wanting to move.  He gave her one more last kiss and she turned away with a lump n her throat,  but sunshine in her heart. She knew he would be waiting for her with arms outstretched when she came home. They would once again share in the sweet nectar of their love, that no time or distance could ever diminish.







The Forgotten Umbrella… Part 2

I really wasn’t sure if there was going to be a Part 2, but I knew you all were very curious.  With some inspiration given from a friend I was able to write Part 2.  Once again, my pen took on a mind of its own.  The things it gets me into!  If you missed Part 1, here is the link for it.  The Forgotten Umbrella .

Whoosh!  The wind picked him up and carried him away.  He landed with a thud in a bush.  At least it was a soft bush.  Why had Peter forgotten him?  He had dropped him so suddenly.  His head was still throbbing a little from the fall.   One minute he was doing his best to protect Peter from the heavy rain that was falling and the next he was just dropped and left in the street.  What a nice “Thank You” that was.

He had been with Peter for quite a long time.  From the very beginning of his relationship with Tiffany.   They had  met at a bus stop one morning.  Tiffany was getting all wet so Peter had invited her to come share his umbrella.  That was all it had taken for love to blossom!

He had felt extra proud of himself that day.  Not only was he shielding 2 people from the rain that fell, but he had also helped to ignite the flame of love!  He still remembers how it felt being twirled around when Peter walked home later that day. He enjoyed spinning around, he could tell Peter was happy and that made him happy.

In fact he seemed to recall that Peter missed his bus that day,  he stayed under the umbrella with Tiffany.  Come to think of it he doesn’t remember Tiffany getting on the bus either.  He remembers them walking to a coffee shop where he laid under the table as they chatted away.

Oh what a special day that had turned out to be.  The rain had stopped falling and the sun had come out in all its bright array.  They had went to the park after the coffee shop and he had been laid on the park bench as Peter pushed Tiffany on the swing. Every now and then she would tilt her head back as she looked up into Peter’s green eyes and he would bend down and …..well that’s when this umbrella knew to hide his eyes.  He would at times steal a glance though and smile.  All was right with his world.

They had many outings to the park after that.  He always accompanied them rain or shine.  For he had more uses then just protecting  them from the rain.  They would sit on the park bench with their heads together and he would be fully open.   Then they would tilt him at just the right angle as they…….. Oh he believes that he definitely became brighter red at those times.

One day went into the next and time just seemed to fly.  He remembers going to the store and Tiffany picking out a matching umbrella so that they would both have one for when they were apart.  He remembers sometimes they would take both of them when they went to the park or out on their nightly stroll.  He had enjoyed having a friend along and getting to know her. They both did their be there for Tiffany and Peter in any way that they could.

Tiffany and Peter learned that having 2 umbrellas could come in handy on their outings.  Having 2 umbrellas fully opened and just tilted the right way provided even more privacy as they…..  He remembers how he and his friend would smile at each other as they protected Tiffany and Peter from prying eyes.

The memory came flooding back of the  first time that he felt  his friend rub up against him when they both were fully open, but that’s another story.   He could still feel the tingling sensation that went through him.  Oh  he can feel himself turning redder.

Back to Peter, where did he go in such a hurry?  Why did he forget his longtime friend?

They were standing in the rain when coming out of the mall and Tiffany was kicking herself for forgetting her umbrella.  She wondered if there was any chance that it still was in the street.  Quickly  Vada and her walked to where she had left it.   A little lift came to her heart when she saw that indeed the umbrella was still there.  She quickly dashed into the street to get it.  It wasn’t just any umbrella, it had been with her for a long time.  It held many  special memories.

On the way back home Tiffany dropped Vada off at a friend’s house.  She needed some time to think.  If Peter was here, why hadn’t he told her that he was back when she talked to him this morning?

She pulled into the driveway and was shocked to see Peter’s umbrella sticking out of the rose bush!  Her pulse quickened, was Peter home?  She grabbed the umbrella and ran into the house.  The quietness that welcomed her was deafening.  She sighed as she put both umbrellas out on the porch to dry off some, now that the sun was shining.  She opened them fully and placed  them side by side.

The doorbell rang shortly after she was home.  It was Peter!  He explained everything.  He had planned on surprising her earlier today.  He thought he had his business deal all wrapped up.  The night before he had a received a phone call that there might be a problem with his deal and he had spent all night worrying about it.  That morning he had received another phone call confirming the serious oversight that he had missed.  So he spent all day trying to fix it.  He was very tired but still so glad to be home.  Seeing Tiffany  made his heart flutter, she still was the girl of his dreams!

Tiffany poured them some drinks and they went out to sit on their  porch swing.  That is when Peter noticed his umbrella.  ” How did you find my umbrella, I was so mad at myself for forgetting it!”  Tiffany then shared her story about forgetting her umbrella as well.  She had no idea how his had ended up in their Rose Bush.

Peter smiled as he looked at the umbrellas side by side.  “Do you ever wonder at the stories our umbrellas could tell if they could talk?  We have so many memories shared with them, don’t we? ”   Tiffany’s face glowed as she looked at Peter.  ” You are so right! Wouldn’t that be so magical if they could speak.  But what do you say about us making some magic of our own?”  With that that their lips gently touched and Peter took her hand as they walked inside their home.

The sun beamed down as the color of the umbrellas became even brighter and a very sharp eye may have noticed them move together just a little more closer.