A Fun Surprise!

I love to write, as is obvious, but having wonderful “followers” makes it all the more fun! I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my posts that vary between the serious and as one follower described it, “zany” posts.

I recently ended a crazy series about Anna/Tanya and love how many of you stayed with me throughout the several stories of series that doesn’t seem to end! In my last post, Farewell Anna! one of my followers, who has a great sense of humor,  added onto the story. I do have creative followers who love to add their insights into my stories, making me laugh and yes at times, ….”smack my head”… If you read the comments in my stories I am sure you have noticed that!

I was thinking of how the addition that this follower wrote needed to be shared, and then he surprised me last night with another part to his story. He wondered if I would like to use it for a post and I loved the idea! His additional conclusion to my story will be in 2 parts. I hope you enjoy Part 1 today. Laughter is something needed every day and I do believe you will get that from Jason’s story.  I am sure Jason would appreciate hearing your thoughts on his contribution to a saga, that has grown into much more than what had started out as just a simple story! Thanks Jason for sharing your creativity! For those of you not familiar with the story about Anna, it may help to know that Betsy is a cow, like no other cow, and Portia is a pig


About a year later, under the deep emerald blue seas, in a cave with an opening shaped like a heart… bubbles rose from the inky black depths and settled against the roof of the cave. Deep within the cave, there were dim lights moving through the darkness. Three divers pressed on through the meandering passages until they arrived at a large underground cavern filled with air. The three emerged from the black water and into the cave.

“Snort, the map was correct” grunted Portia, her azure green eyes glimmering with greed.

“It better be. It cost moooore gallons of milk than I can count.” said Betsy, water dripping from her cowbell.

“You ladies going to sit here clucking, or are we going to find the gold. Cluck Cluck.” said the un-named chicken.

“Won’t the farmer be suspicious?” snorted Portia.

“No, he thinks we’re sweet dumb farm animals.” said Betsy with a disdainful sneer.

“Come on! Cluck Cluck. Into the cave. Times wasting!”

With nothing but their flashlights against the overpowering darkness, our three unsuspecting treasure hunters pressed on into the cave. When suddenly a rush of wind passed Betsy ear, she dropped to the ground just as a blade shot across where her head had been a second before.

“Mooooooo!” Betsy bellowed “There are udder traps, I mean booby traps in this place.”

“Yeah, snort, you two be careful.” said Portia with a smirk on her snout.

They pressed on through the darkness. “What’s that up ahead?” clucked the chicken. There was a rush of metal and bones and the chicken was caught off guard.

After the feathers had settled, Betsy and Portia could see the poor chicken run through with the dead pirates sword. His skull appearing to be agape in laughter.

“Pirate Sanders the gray beard!” Gasped Betsy.

“I hear he was a colonel before becoming a pirate.” oinked Portia. “Snort. We must be more careful lest we end up skewered like the chicken.”

When they got to the entrance to a larger cavern, Portia came to a sudden halt. “Mooooove.” bellowed Betsy.

“No, wait!” Portia snorted “It could be another trap!”

Betsy and Portia carefully shined their lights around until they found the carefully concealed trip wire and saw the trap. “You really saved our bacon, Portia.” mooed Betsy.

They carefully stepped over the trip wire and reached the treasure chest at the center of the chamber. It was filled with gold coins that gleamed in the light of their flashlights. And on top there was a crown. Betsy read the inscription in the inside.

“What does it say? Oink, What does it say?” snorted Portia, because pigs can’t read.

“It says ‘King Jack’” said Betsy with a chuckle “I wondered what became of him.”

Betsy and Portia began hauling the treasure chest back through the cave to the water’s edge. As they neared the waters edge Betsy turned just in time to see Portia rushing her and slammed her against the cave wall. “The gold is all mine!” snorted Portia.

“Not so fast.” Betsy bellowed as she became a whirlwind of hooves and horns. Hooves, and horns, and a cowbell rained punishment down on Portia. Portia fell against the cave floor and Betsy pounced on her to end it once and for all.

But at the last second Portia darted to the side and put those years of karate practice into effect. She landed a pork chop to Betsy’s head and a ham hock to her rump. Betsy was being pummeled and tenderized by Portia’s knuckles. But Betsy still had fight left in her and t-boned Portia driving the wind out of her.

The two competitors tusselled on the floor, in an udderly ridiculous struggle to see who would hog all of the gold for herself. Their were snorts, and moooos, and the continuous ringing of a cowbell….

Late that evening after the sun had set and the sky was deep magentas and indigo, something emerged from the surf on the shore of Tanya’s island. Four hooves hit the wet sand dragging an old treasure chest, off to find an abandoned row boat. The faint honking of a goose was heard high in the sky.

(to be continued)

The Ugly Ducklings and The Three Little Pigs (with a twist)

a3e16f1b29375a11691ee692c40df22cphoto by Kevin Day from  Pinterest.

“Make way! Make way!”  cried the bold swan.  Charlie had no thread of shyness in him. He was loud but very friendly. “Make way! Make way, for my new friends.”

All the swans turned their heads to see what all the fuss was about. They got out of the way, for when Charlie spoke everyone knew to listen.  If they didn’t listen the first time they were sure to not make the mistake again,  after experiencing Charlie’s not so gentle bite.

They all gasped though when they looked at Charlie’s new friends.

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They had to be some of the ugliest ducks they had ever seen! What was Charlie thinking?

They watched as Charlie swam around with his new friends. He seemed like he was having a fun time. Later in the day some other swans did swim over to them to introduce themselves and soon they were having fun with Charlie and his new friends too.

The other swans still watched from a distance, they weren’t sure of these odd looking birds.  They were curious though.  Gradually other swans, one by one,  swam over to join the group. Slowly the one group began to diminish in size and the other group sure looked like they were having more fun.

Everyone cheered, when at long last Ebenezer came swimming over to join everyone else and introduced himself to the new ducks.  Ebenezer was about as grumpy as Charlie was friendly, but don’t be fooled, underneath his rough exterior, there was a soft heart.  You just had to be brave enough to see through the walls that he tried to put up.  By nightfall all of the swans had met Charlie’s new friends and had warmly accepted them.

As time passed the swans had forgotten that they  had ever thought of the other ducks as odd or ugly. They had a much better name for them now. The name “friends”,  and they swam together happily ever after.

The Three Little Pigs

On one cold day a bad storm was raging,  and the 3 little pigs were so happy to be all together in  their nice cozy home by the fireplace. They were all playing cards when they heard a knock on the door. The youngest brother Ollie  went to open the door. Upon opening it and seeing who it was he quickly shut it! His brothers looked up from the table, ” Why did you shut the door? Was no one there? Why are you looking so pale?”

Ollie was shaking all over as the knocking was heard again.

“It was the wolf! Remember the one who we heard was going to come and blow our straw house down!”

The color quickly drained from his brothers faces when they heard the news. After a little bit the knocking stopped as they remained frozen to the floor.

“Perhaps he left now, Ollie try peeking out the door.”  the oldest brother said.

Oliver opened the door just a crack and to his surprise the wolf was sitting on the ground crying!

Ollie opened it further, for he had a tender heart, he didn’t like to see anyone cry.

“Why are you crying oh wolf, shouldn’t we be the ones crying? Aren’t you here to blow our house down?”

The wolf looked up at Ollie and wiped as his eyes. “No…No….I…I …just am very cold and wet and l-l-lonely.”

Ollie’s  heart felt a  strong tug and the next thing he knew he heard himself inviting Mr.Wolf into their house to warm himself by the fire.

Ollie’s brothers thought that it had finally happened. That crazy Ollie had totally lost his mind!  The oldest brother, the most logical one,  Sigmund, went into the kitchen to quickly write his living will and testament.

Jasper stayed with Ollie, not saying much but keeping a very close eye on the door in case he needed to make a very quick exit.  He wasn’t too afraid, for he knew he had 9 lives, oh wait, he was confused again. That was cats not pigs!  Jasper shook his head,  he got confused so easily at times. Now he was beginning to feel more scared.

After some awkward silence Ollie asked the wolf a question.

“How good are you at playing cards, Mr.Wolf?”

The wolf smiled showing all his teeth and Ollie and Jasper immediately shrunk back in fear.

“I’m sorry!” the wolf replied, “didn’t mean to frighten you! I promise that you can trust me. You were so kind to let me in out of the cold and rain.  You took a chance and I won’t let you down. ”

Ollie and Jasper smiled as their hearts began to slow down and a sense of peace came over them. They all had a seat at the table, letting Mr. Wolf be the closest to the fire to dry his wet fur, as they began to teach him how to play Old Maid.

Sigmund finally ventured out of the kitchen later to join them in the game and soon all of them were laughing into the night as they played cards and told tales.

After that day Mr.Wolf spread the word around  to the other wolves about the 3 little pigs that had given him shelter in the storm and that they were not to be hurt! Woe to any wolf that tried! The 3 little pigs lived happily ever after knowing that no wolves would ever be a threat to them again.

Oh, and every Friday night Mr.Wolf would show up to play cards. Ollie,  being the youngest, needed more sleep and usually fell asleep before the others would finish playing.

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