A Sunday Scramble

This is a little bit of everything for today’s post, with thanks to Pinterest for the pictures.

I saw this  first picture and thought how it might get a good discussion going on how as a society we are more quick to want meds and surgery to fix something that a simple lifestyle change might go a long way in fixing. Do you agree with the picture?


This second picture stood out to me, for we have seen the movie Balto lots of times. Our kids loved it and it is a good story. It is animated, but its based on a true story. Have you seen it? 

Gunnar Kaasen and his team of 13 dogs, led by the Siberian husky, Balto, completed the last leg of a 1925 trip to deliver 300,000 units of diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska.


This 3rd picture is just a picture that made me go “Awh!” and every day we need a “Awh!” moment. 🙂 



For the Love of Animals

I have been around dogs since I been little. A love of animals was instilled in my heart, especially for dogs.

Having a soft heart for dogs is the reason behind this post today. Today my heart is with  a dog named Ray. He is the star of Colin’s blog. Over the years through Colin’s tales of him and his pictures, many have fallen in love with Ray. Those big brown eyes of his just melt your heart and you are under his spell!

Sadly Ray is having some health issues right now and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove a malignant tumor.

A poem that Colin had written came to my mind today as I was thinking about Ray.  The poem is from his “Just Thinking”  book. A collection of  heart felt poetry about different situations in life, that you can easily find yourself identifying with. Being that Ray takes up such a large part of Colin’s heart, its no wonder that Colin included in his book some poetry dedicated to him.

Enjoy the following poem where you can get to know Ray a little, and his history if you aren’t already acquainted with the “Handsome star!”

Go on a walk with your pet, or give them a hug, or belly rub, or whatever they prefer. Cats may not want to go on a walk with you. Pets play a very special role in our lives, and I am so grateful that God made animals of all kinds!

As you are enjoying your pet or just feeling thankful for animals in general, send your thoughts and prayers Ray’s way for his surgery tomorrow please. There are are lot more trails for him to walk, scents to sniff, water to splash in and TimBit treats for him to eat!


                                                                  “A Stray Named Ray”

They were found on a farm

Not too far away,

But… where was their home?

Two dogs, frightened, hungry,

So very tired and,

Surviving somehow on their own.


The rescue van arrived,

And the crew discussed

How best to capture this pair.

Traps were determined

To be the most humane,

But… so many questions were there.


Why were these two dogs

Having to scavenge for food?

Why were they out on their own?

The treats in the traps,

Put an end to all that,

And they were captured, scared… and alone.


They had no collars; no tags;

No microchips were found.

They were just two dogs without names.

Their faces were expressionless,

And their fur in poor condition.

Were they siblings? Perhaps their mother was the same?


Once back at the shelter

They were caged together,

But then a fight ensued.

Trainers intervened,

And gave them separate cages,

But then had to decide what to do.


One (they later named Ray) was not unfriendly,

Although cautious and rather aloof.

He seemed to know he was no longer alone.

He was given a bath and a bowl of food

And, with some loving care (they thought),

He could possibly adapt to a home.


He was a sorry sight,

And no doubt a once proud dog.

Clearly a German Shepherd cross,

Just managing to survive,

By eating scraps to stay alive.

To explain him, they were quite at a loss.


They tried to find his owners.

They checked the Missing Pets files,

But there only seemed one option.

He now belonged to the shelter

And… as he was neither reported lost, nor stolen,

He would be trained for adoption.


Four months later he was ready.

His adoption photo was published,

And all were looking for a sign.

He needed a family,

To love… and be loved by.

This will, hopefully, be his time.


Eventually a couple arrived

Who clearly were drawn to him,

And regular walks were arranged.

It was soon to be seen

That his life, as it had been,

Was quickly going to change.


His day of adoption came.

The staff all said their farewells.

Smiles, and tears, were all around,

For the life of a stray;

Of a dog they named Ray;

A life almost lost… had been found.


                          I couldn’t resist also sharing the first stanza from another  poem about Ray.

                                                            “A Man, a Dog, and the Sky”

                                                                 Laying on the grass

                                                              On a summer afternoon,

                                                   And watching clouds caress the blue sky.

                                                Listening to the birds, as they sing their songs,

                                                       But I’m thinking of  …. just you and I.





















Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Complicated : Rolling your eyes at someone’s wit, while at the same time fighting the urge not to laugh!

Hypnotized : When you look into your pet’s deep eyes, their spell of love has been cast. 

Birthdays: Happy Birthday Sherry, my dear friend, thanks for keeping my sanity as intact as possible over the past  years! Hammer proof birthday brownies are in the oven just for you. 🙂


The First Meeting

I grew up with dogs, have had one ever since I was born. My first dog was a white toy poodle named Peppy and then there was Buffy and Beauty and the list goes on. I  haven’t known life without a dog and I feel blessed by that. The joy they have given me over the years is priceless! I really can’t imagine life without one.

I have nothing against cats, but I just never really considered myself a cat person, for I had always been around dogs.

There is one cat though that has stolen my heart! He is nothing like my dogs who are so eager to please and they look at me with adoring eyes.

No, this cat is more on the demanding side and will be very quick to let you know if things aren’t up to his standards!

Dewey is his name and he is your very typical, though very special, cat. He lives at Moonbeam Farm with his friends Odessa, the Barn Owl and Jaxon, the Jackalope. He is very good friends with the man-servant as well.  The man-servant is someone who is so quick to meet Dewey’s needs, and his desires, Dewey’s wish is his command!  At least that is how it all started. Over time the man-servant gained some slyness of his own and Dewey has to be a little more careful about trying to pull one over on him. It isn’t always   quite as easy as it was in the very beginning.

What was it like in the very beginning when the man-servant first met Dewey?  Colin, from  https://meandray.com/2018/08/20/crescent-moon-2/ shared the following excerpt from our newly released  book on his blog a few weeks ago. I thought I would share it today. Hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a “Dewey” at your house?


Joshua purchased Moonbeam Farm for his retirement, so that he could live his life in peaceful rural surroundings, but he did not know that he was not alone at Moonbeam Farm until …

*** ***** ***

One night, he woke up rather earlier than usual and heard a sound from downstairs. He quietly got out of bed and put on his slippers. By the light of the moon, he slowly went down and into his living room, where he quickly turned on the light. He saw that not only was there only one cushion on the sofa, but he also saw a cat near the fireplace, with another cushion in its mouth!

He thought it looked friendly, so he bent down and said, “Who are you then?”

The cat turned its head to face Joshua, and said, “I am Dewey. Who are you?”

Joshua was in shock, as he had not been expecting the cat to talk. “Ummmm … well, I am Joshua Jeremiah Jonathan Jacob Jackson Pebblestone, and I live here.”

“So do I,” said Dewey, “but I was here before you!”

“Well,” said Joshua, “perhaps we can find a way of living together? I wouldn’t mind some company, and I can do a better job of looking after this place than you can.”

Dewey looked at him very seriously for a moment. “Can I keep these cushions?” he asked.

“Of course, you can,” said Joshua. “I’ll get a couple more for the sofa. Is there anything else that you would like?”

“Well,” said Dewey, “I like to sleep on your cushions, but a little blanket or two would be really nice for those cool nights.”

Joshua was really enjoying the conversation, although he really believed that it was all a dream, so agreed readily. “Of course Dewey. You help yourself to anything that you need.”

Dewey started purring and flicking his tail, and then said, “Anything that I need? Really?”

“Yes, of course,” said Joshua “Anything.”

Dewey considered for a moment, and then said, “Would you give me my breakfast every morning, and my dinner every evening? Will you keep my home nice and clean? Will you always let me in if the windows and doors are closed? Will you give me treats every so often? Will you take care of all my needs?”

Joshua was laughing now and said, “Dewey, it will be my great pleasure to share my home with you, and do all those things for you.”

Dewey looked up at him, still purring, his tail flicking even more happily now. “I have only one more request. Only one, and it is really simple.”

“Not a problem,” said Joshua, still laughing and really enjoying the moment. “Go ahead and ask. What is it now?”

“Well,” said Dewey, “I am going to have difficulties calling you ‘Joshua Jeremiah Jonathan Jacob Jackson Pebblestone’. I need something simpler, and as you are now going to be doing so much for me, how about I simply call you ‘Man-Servant’?”

Joshua laughed even more. He had never had a dream quite like this before. “Of course, Dewey. You can call me Man-Servant.”

Joshua was now feeling really tired and decided to go back to bed. Dewey went over to his cushions and curled up into a little ball.

The next morning, Joshua went downstairs and saw a cat curled up on his sofa’s cushions, which were again on the floor near the fireplace. He made himself a cup of tea, and then remembering his dream, walked over to the cat and said jokingly, “So, Dewey, I guess you are going to live here with me then.”

Dewey stretched his legs, flexed his front claws, looked directly at Joshua, and said, “Of course I am. We agreed that last night. Don’t you remember?”

Joshua dropped his cup of tea; his mouth fell open, and he slowly sank to the floor in disbelief. He sat there and looked at Dewey. Dewey, however, got up and walked over to him.

“Now look here, Man-Servant. I have to go outside for a brief visit, and when I come back, I would really like a bowl filled with some breakfast.” He then headed for the door, but before leaving the room, he turned around. “By the way, I hope you’re going to clean up that tea you spilled. Remember … we both live here now!”


*** “The Odessa Chronicles” is available directly from the Friesen Press online bookstore, Amazon and all other online book retailers.





Weaving their Charm

It is a lovely morning here. The sun is shining in the clear blue sky and the air is cool. Perfect for a bike ride! So why didn’t the bike ride happen? The blame lies solely on a 8 pound ball of fur!

I had sat down to read for only a few minutes, intending to go for a bike ride. Lily our Yorkie, had other plans. She snuggled into my lap, I started petting her and  began feeling very comfy on the couch.

Pets have a mesmerizing spell that they can put on us, don’t they? I petted her and let my mind wander to other things,  as I enjoyed the peacefulness of the morning. If I stopped for a moment, she was quick to lift her head and turn and look at me with those puppy dog eyes! Oh those eyes, you can’t help but be drawn in.

My husband had the “Puppy dog eyes” look mastered when we were dating.  He has used it successfully over the years, BUT….I have also grown better over the years. Grown better at being able to smile as I look at him and say “Sorry, not going to work this time!”

Lily doesn’t just give the look, she also lifts her little paw and puts it on my hand. She is giving a gentle nudge to remind me of what my hand is supposed to be doing! For yes, she is the Queen of the house. Our Sheltie, Lassie, who is a great deal bigger than her, even bows to her.

Our Sheltie may bow to Lily, but she can also work her charm on us. She “talks” to us when she wants your attention. A mixture of high pitch grunts. You know how little children have a knack of needing to talk to you when you are on the phone. Well I believe Lassie has watched my kids over the years and she learned from them. She can be sitting quietly when it is only me and her in the room. I will pick up the phone and start talking and the next thing I know she is at my side wanting me to pet her. If I don’t she will protest and no not a quiet protest.  I have had the person on the other end ask me if I have a little child, to which I reply, “Yes, a little Sheltie child!”

When my husband and I are on the couch, Lassie has 2 different approaches in ways to get our attention. For my husband she will come to the couch and stand right beside him as she waits for him to stroke her back. She will “talk” if necessary. Then when she gets tired of standing she will come and lay at my feet so that I can rub her with my feet. If I stop she will lift her head, giving me that look and “talk” until I start again. Once I have resumed stroking her again to her satisfaction, she will contently lie back down.

Don’t underestimate the power of something based on size. The saying ” Small but mighty.” is true.  You also have ” Great things come in SMALL packages!” and I could go on, but…. I have 2 dogs to walk.

Have a Wonderful day as you enjoy what ever the day brings. Perhaps you are bowing to  your dog or cat’s wishes as well right now. They really are special. They may be small but they  can take up a large part of  our hearts, which I am so grateful for.