Just for Fun

The Lularoe craze is in the air! You don’t know what Lularoe is? It is a clothing line that is truly buttery soft!! Your body thanks you greatly when you put their leggings, skirts, shirts or dresses on! Unfortunately I haven’t had too much luck with their dresses or shirts. I got a XXS dress and it was still too big, same with the shirts. My sister just bought me a different shirt to try. I am really hoping it fits! At least I have had great luck with their leggings!

Some of you may remember that several months back I posted a picture of a pair of leggings that I got and you all offered your “expert” opinion about them. 🙂 I will admit that some of their legging patterns can get pretty crazy, but not all!  I am going to post another picture of a pair I recently bought  and see if I get the same results! Feel free to be honest, its not going to stop me from wearing them. 🙂

I am leaving for a Lularoe party very soon, and my hubby is scared. Just kidding! (maybe) We will see if I come back with another picture to post for you.

So where do you stand in the Lularoe craze? Love them or Nay to them? You have a closet full of all their different types of clothing or none at all,  and you prefer to keep it that way?