For Those Who Hurt …

Last week a post started forming in my mind, but I didn’t write it. It was sad story about a little boy.  The words were forming in my head, but I couldn’t write it, for I have been trying to keep people smiling through this pandemic. Today the story came again, so I thought about it more and decided to post about the subject, but in a different way.

Many of us have had our routines totally turned upside down, we are working from home, or we are not working at all. We are scared about the economy and how this pandemic will affect it. Our kids are home, and we may suddenly find ourselves being their school teacher. We may have Seniors who we realize may not have the privilege of walking across the stage to get their hard earned diploma. For us sentimental Mamas that can be a little hard to swallow.

The thing though that has been heavy on my heart, and in my prayers, is the lives of young children. Lives that for these children may have went from being bad to being horrible, in a blink of an eye, due to the quarantine.

Many children are now facing being in an abusive home 24/7. What about the abusive parent who now finds themselves without a job, who do you think may take the brunt of their anger?  Yes, these children have been suffering before the quarantine, but at least they had school to go to as an escape. They had a safe place to go 5 days a week. They saw a teacher that may have given them the only hugs that they ever received. A teacher that made them feel special and important. Friends that kept them going. A lunch lady that served them hot food with a smile. Simple things, but things that made a huge difference in the lives of these children!

We may miss seeing our friends and family. I know I do, but at least I am quarantined with those I love. I am quarantined at a place where I feel safe. Be thankful! Be thankful for what we can so easily take for granted. Be thankful, and please say a prayer for those who aren’t as fortunate, for those whose stomachs are in knots as they possibly hide in a corner of their room. For not just the children, but for adults who may be cowering in fear as well. It is a sad reality, let them not be forgotten.

The Magic of Stone Soup

Children’s stories aren’t just for children! The book that Colin and I wrote, “The Odessa Chronicles”, can be enjoyed by all ages!  If you are running out of books to read while staying inside, our book is just a click away. You can click on the book cover in the right hand margin for more information.

I have never stopped enjoying children’s stories, for they have truths in them that we as adults can still identify with. The story “Stone Soup” popped into my head today and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be appropriate to share right now.

We all have heard of the ones who are stockpiling and even fighting some others in grocery stores for certain products. Shelves are bare! Sadly greed is showing itself in this time of uncertainty. But as this short story shows, sharing is so much better! if you have never heard this story or have forgotten it, pour yourself a drink and sit back for just a little more than 5 minutes and enjoy! I do believe it will bring a smile.