Where are your peaceful spots? What brings peace to your soul?

36fa9f1201cb190d5a6f24dbe689d08d painting done by Monet, (Pinterest)

I was browsing through paintings on Pinterest and this one stood out to me. It gave me a sense of peace. I thought about sitting on the riverbank and looking for frogs jumping on lily pads.

Then I  went from dreaming about frogs sunbathing on lily pads to taking a stroll through this beautiful garden. It is called Monet’s garden path. Can you breathe in the scent of the beautiful flowers and just imagine yourself on a warm summer’s day walking down this path of flowers?

325fb63c9fceda4251984c99e6509bb2 Monet’s Garden Path (Pinterest)

Now take a walk through the woods, listen to the silence of the trees. In the silence we can sometimes hear so much!

56406737fa72ed3b266c018b4aefa505  painting done by Ivan Shishkin (Pinterest)

I can’t take a peaceful “walk” without going to the ocean and letting the waves speak!

adb21319847a68a341e7eff290e5e097 painting done by Dmitry Spiros (Pinterest)

I believe I need to look up more of his paintings, this one really caught my eye!

I hope you enjoyed sitting back, perhaps with a cool drink, and letting serenity wrap around you as you took a peaceful “walk”. We all need those peaceful breaks sometimes!


Fly Little Girl Fly!


Fly Little Girl Fly, Fly high, for now you are free!

No longer held down by pain, you can soar forevermore!

Swing your legs that you once couldn’t move.

Legs that once felt so heavy and had you pinned down, now feel as light as a feather when you swing them around.

Fly High Little Girl, Fly above the trees, you are now free!

When you are tired of flying, catch a cloud as it passes by and take a ride.

Then you can rise again, flying with the beautiful birds in the crystal blue sky.

Fly Little Girl Fly, Fly high in the sky!

Run Little Girl Run, Run in the green meadow that never ends with the magical flowers that are forever in bloom!

Let your legs carry you through the grass that feels as soft as a baby’s breath.

Let the grass tickle your feet as you giggle with glee, Sweet Little Girl, you have been set free!

Run Little Girl Run, until you want to take a rest, nestling down into the baby’s breath.

Lay on your back as you look at the clouds. Rest for awhile letting your heart smile!

Smile Little Girl Smile!

Fly Angel Girl Fly!




Fun-Loving Friends

Happy Wednesday!! Last Friday I shared a beautiful picture of Odessa that Jodi,  a sweet blogger  friend painted. Well Dewey didn’t think that Odessa should get all the attention, after all Dewey believes that  he is a special cat.   He actually is awake in the picture!  He must be getting hungry. I believe his beautiful green eyes are saying, “See how sweet and innocent I am, Please feed me!” dewey-the-cat-moonbeam-farm-in-watercolor-8x10-140lb-saunders-hot-press

Jaxon his laid backed pal,  enjoyed seeing the pictures of his friends. He is modest and didn’t feel that he needed his picture done, but he also realized that a lot of people may not know what a Jackalope looks like. He has a big heart, so he thought that perhaps he could help out by letting others see a picture of him. You will never find a sweeter Jackalope than Jaxon!


Thank you again Jodi for your lovely pictures of our friends who live on Moon Beam Farm. If you haven’t met the gang from Moon Beam Farm yet, don’t waste another minute! They are eager to meet you and entertain you with all their fun adventures. It has been an exciting adventure for Colin and I as we put our book together! Follow this link to a post on Colin’s blog that tells you more about the coming book.  This gang is something else, you never quite know what they are going to do!

Here is another  link that gives you a glimpse at an adventure that Dewey had. Dewey’s Flight! You just never know what all can happen at a wonderful place named  Moon Beam Farm!

Speaking of Moon Beam Farm, have any of you ever wondered how……. No, don’t think I am going to ask that right now! 🙂 I think I am feeling sleepy like Dewey, was awake too early.  Must be nice to be like Dewey and just sleep whenever he wants to. Sleeps until the Man-Servant fixes him his gourmet breakfast. Maybe my breakfast will magically appear this morning! Then again, I have 2 sleeping teenagers. No, don’t think it is going to happen. I don’t live at Moon Beam Farm!