Friday’s Super Short Stories!


Power outage at home … No worries about power outages in the woods… My hubby is waving HI to you all! 


When your son goes to his grandparents to work on online classes … I text … “Work finished?” His reply … ” No, they fed me and we are chatting” … Thankful for the grandchild/grandparent relationship!

Empty beach chairs waiting to be filled … seagulls waiting to be fed … sand ready to be felt … beach trip on the calendar.

My “Happy Place!”

This may not be my view anymore, but I had a wonderful time!
In case you can’t tell, I love seagulls. My friend just shakes her head at me as I entice them to surround me and feed them. I have never yet been “blessed” by any of their droppings, like my friend keeps saying will happen. I tell her they like me! After I was done feeding them this one little guy stayed by me. I told him, “Sorry, no more food.” He flew away. I turned to Sherry and said, “See, he understands me.” Her quick reply, “Well, I am glad that someone does!” Yes, she is one of my closest and dearest, smart aleck friends! LOL! My apologies to the beach photographer who asked to take our picture! Though you are welcome for the laugh, at my expense. If there is one thing that is guaranteed whenever Sherry and I get together, its LAUGHTER! Let me add though, that time at the beach also gives us time to have heart felt talks, which is always cherished. We laugh hard and talk hard!
The skies weren’t full of sunshine! But the ocean is magical with or without sunshine! When it rained we just grabbed our rain ponchos, and a cup of hot coffee, and we kept walking along the ocean. May you keep “dancing” in this coming week, no matter what the weather may bring!