The Eggstra Special Eggs

“Do you have all the eggs ready?” asked Jinx. It was time for the annual North Pole Easter Egg Hunt and this year Jinx and Jangle were in charge of it.

“Just finishing up!” said Jangle.  “Only 3 more to go.”

Jinx and Jangle were admiring their handwork while putting all the eggs in 2 big baskets. They were pretty impressed with their artistic work on the eggs.

“Guess its time for us to start hiding them now. Oh wait a minute where is Snowball? Remember we gave him some eggs for he said he would help. He was in charge of the special eggs.” said Jangle.

The special eggs were the ones that could be traded in for fun rewards. Rewards like a day off work, a extra long ride somewhere on the back of Dinosaris, and a special meal made by Santa’s own personal Chef. Chef Salvo. Everyone loved his food, especially Santa!

“That’s right, ” said Jinx, “But you know Snowball, he is probably napping again.”

They decided they would go over to his house and wake him. Grabbing their basket of eggs they left.

They walked just a little ways when Jinx said, ” Hey look! Here comes Dinosaris with Snowball on his back.”

They were flying low and landed right in front of Jinx and Jangle.

“Thanks for the ride.” Snowball said, as he climbed off Dinosaris.

“Hi guys, here are the eggs,  they all have the special gold star stickers on them!”

“Great! Lets get started hiding them!”

It took them quite awhile, for finding hiding places for 100 eggs could be rather hard.

At last they finished and they informed Santa that they were ready for the Easter Egg Hunt to begin!

Soon elves were scrambling everywhere and chattering away as they hunted for the eggs. Jinx, Jangle and Snowball were enjoying watching along with Santa.

“I found a special egg! I found one!” shouted Flake.

“Here Jinx, give it to Santa for me please, as I go try to find some more.” Flake tossed it to Jinx, and Jinx tried his best to catch it, but he missed and it cracked as it hit the ice.

“OOPS!”  said Jinx. Santa just chuckled and assured Jinx that he would make sure Flake got a special reward.

“We could throw some more eggs your way Jinx and perhaps you could make scrambled eggs!” laughed Jangle and Snowball.

The hunt took extra long this year, for the eggs had been hidden really well. The elves were asking clues, but the clues that Jinx, Jangle and Snowball came up with mostly just caused the elves to be confused as Jinx, Jangle and Snowball just laughed.

At last it was over and everyone was happy with what they had found.

“Thank you guys for your hard work,” Santa said to Jinx, Jangle and Snowball. You did a great job! If you are hungry, Chef Salvo has his own special poached eggs waiting for you”

They wouldn’t turn down Chef Salvo’s food. They all eagerly walked towards the kitchen. To their surprise he had more than just eggs for them, he also had small special chocolate cakes for each of them.

“Wow! This is great!”

They were finishing up when Santa said “Hey guys, when you are finished you may want to look at the bottom of your plates.”

Cleaning up the crumbs, for you couldn’t let them go to waste, they turned over their plates to look.

“A gold star! We got gold stars! What do they mean Santa? Are we getting another reward besides this yummy food that we just had?”

“Yes!” said Santa, and he smiled, and then to their surprise just walked away.

The 3 elves looked at each other curiously. What did Santa mean?  What was their reward? They looked at Chef Salvo.

“Do you know what Santa has up his sleeve? ” they asked.

Chef Salvo winked,” OH that Santa can be tricky, but yes I do know, and you all will find out in time. ” he said,  chuckling as he walked away.





The Mysterious Night

December is here! Its the busiest month of the year for 2 of our favorite elves. Do you think Jinx and Jangle are staying out of trouble? We will soon find out in the story below.  If you haven’t heard of Jinx and Jangle before, they are 2 of Santa’s elves who have run into several mishaps but Santa keeps them on, for they really are nice guys. If you haven’t read any of their adventures before here is a link to one of them.   for more of their adventures, just type Jinx and Jangle into the search bar and ENJOY!

The Mysterious Night

Snowflake and Candy Cane were sitting in Santa’s office with their heads in their hands as they were deep in thought. 

At last Candy Cane spoke up, “I may have a solution to our problem Santa.”

A spark gleamed in Santa’s eyes as he raised his head. ” Wonderful! What is it?” , he asked.

“Well don’t get too excited yet, not sure how wonderful you will think it is.” replied Candy Cane.

“We need 2 elves for this mission, right?  And right now we are so busy that it is hard to find any elves to spare, but there are a certain 2 elves that do come to my mind.” said Candy Cane.

Snowflake spoke up, ” Are you talking about who I think you are talking about?”

“Yes.”, Candy Cane said quietly, as Snowflake burst out laughing.

“I think you been working too hard Candy Cane, for your brain is…”

Santa cut in, “Now, now, Snowflake, don’t dismiss the idea right away. Candy Cane are you suggesting I send Jinx and Jangle on this mission?”

“Yes Santa, I think they could handle it without too much mishap!”

Snowflake chuckled again as he shook his head. ” This could turn out to be very interesting! Go ahead Santa, let them do it. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Santa looked at Snowflake and took a deep breath as he said, “I would rather not answer that question, but I think I will let them go, I really have no one else to spare. I will go talk to them now. ”

Early the next morning Jinx and Jangle were getting the sleigh ready for their trip. They were so excited to have been chosen for this mission.

Jinx stood up and stretched, he had been checking the sleigh over,  “Everything seems to be in working order, I would say that we are ready to go. Hop in Jangle and get ready to ride!”

Their sleigh glided over the snow, they were making good speed. Jinx turned to Jangle and said. ” Pretty cool, eh! I made sure to make the rudders extra slick.”

“Smart thinking Jinx, you always make such great sense!”said Jangle as he was looking at the map. “We need to make a right turn in just a little bit, like right about nowwww,,,,Um Jinx, you missed the turn!”

“I couldn’t slow down to turn. In fact I can’t slow down at all!!!”

Wham! They ran into a snowbank. Jinx did a somersault into the snow and Jangle just tumbled out of the side of the sleigh landing face first in the snow.

Not a word was spoken as they both stood up brushing the snow off of them. They sat back down in the sleigh and that’s when Jangle turned to Jinx and said, ” What exactly did you grease the rudders with?”

Jinx didn’t reply, he just kept a straight face as once again they took off, and this time he made sure to make the turn.

After a few moments of silence, Jinx spoke up, “Do you hear something Jangle?” 

Jangle strained to listen and then he heard it.  ” Yes, it sounds like a faint whimper.”

Jinx turned the sleigh towards the sound. “Umm..Jinx, the map says that we need to go straight.”

“Yes!” replied Jinx “But, we need to find out what is making that sound.”

The sound got a little louder the closer they got. Neither of them saw anything until they were almost on top of it.

“STOP Jinx!”

Jinx slid to a stop as Jangle fell out of his seat again. They both gasped as they looked at the sight in front of them. It was a little white arctic fox lying in the snow with its leg twisted at an odd angle.

“Poor fox!” said Jinx, we have to help it.

“Do you think it will bite? ” questioned Jangle.

“I am not sure, ” said Jinx, “Why don’t you hold its head while I try to lift it up.”

Jangle wasn’t sure how he felt about that plan! They both talked very soothingly to the little fox and moved slowly. Together they slowly picked it up and laid it in the back of their sleigh. It seemed to understand that they meant well and were trying to help it.

Jinx made sure to glide not as fast on his way home, and was very careful about hitting any bumps. It was late when they arrived back, but they knew that Vince the Vet would still be awake. He burned the midnight oil.

Jinx knocked on his door and they didn’t have to wait long at all before it opened.

“HI guys! What are you doing up this late?”

“We have a little Arctic Fox that needs your help. “

Vince was intrigued,  he didn’t even grab his coat to run out to the sleigh and see the fox.  “Aww, poor little thing! I will try my best to fix him up. How did you guys find him?”

“We were on our way to pick up the special …  OH NO! Jangle we forgot!” To Vince’s surprise they gently picked up the little fox and gave him to Vince and then they jumped in the sleigh, and sped off into the darkness.

Santa and Snowflake were out late walking and jumped out of the way of the speeding sleigh just in time. When seeing that it was Jinx and Jangle,their mouths dropped open and they watched them until they were out of sight. Snowflake looked at Santa and said, “Umm…Santa, shouldn’t they be…”  Santa held up his hand, ” Don’t say a word.” and in silence they went back to walking. Santa stared straight ahead wondering if he was getting too old for this job of being in charge of crazy elves!





































Sparkling in the North Pole

It was a beautiful day at the North Pole. Everyone seemed to be feeling sparkly today. Smiles were on their faces and there was a extra bounce in their step. Jangle was whistling as he worked at repairing their sled.

The little birthday adventure that he and Jinx and their friends had gone on had been fun,  in spite of the little mishap with the sleigh. It was nothing too serious that couldn’t be fixed. Santa just shook his head when he heard the story.  Jangle chuckled to himself as he wondered what Santa’s reaction would have been if he had known about the other mishap that had happened,  Jinx’s little mishap. Oh you could always count on an adventure when Jinx was around.

One of the best things about their birthday adventure was the food. The Cinnamon Roll cake had been so delicious. It was so moist and sweet. Jangle’s tongue still tingled when he thought of it. Chef Salvo had outdone himself! Its no wonder he was Santa’s personal chef.

Jangle wasn’t sure what Jinx was getting into today. He had said that he wanted to challenge his mind with something new. It could be interesting to see what he came up with as  a way to exercise his mind.

Later today they were going to go get some physical exercise by taking a hike. Jinx may run some but Jangle preferred to walk, he wasn’t as much of a runner as Jinx was.

Jangle had finally finished fixing the sleigh. Had reattached the part and repainted it. Now it just had to dry. He stood up and started putting everything away when he heard Jinx yelling.

“Look out Jangle!”

Jangle turned to look and couldn’t believe what he saw.  Jinx was on ice skates! He had never seen Jinx ice skate before and why was he out here and not on the pond ice skating?

“I can’t stop!” yelled Jinx

Crash! He hit the sleigh and crack went the new part that Jangle had just put on.

Jinx was muttering to himself as he sat up and took his skates off.

“Well I guess skating may not be for me.  Those Olympic skaters make it look so easy! Sorry about breaking off a piece of the sleigh that you had just fixed.”

Jangle started to say that Jinx could fix it this time and then he busted out laughing when he looked at Jinx’s face. It was all red! All red from the fresh coat of paint that Jangle had just put on the sleigh.