Friday’s Super Short Stories!


When you leave your worries behind …. and embrace the moment! 



You can’t eat only 1 potato chip and you can’t eat only 1 Oreo!

Thinking about songs from the past … and this one popped in my mind … Remember driving down the road with friends… headed to the beach… with this playing on the radio … brings back carefree feelings! What old songs come to your mind?

Inside Santa’s Workshop


“All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus,,,!” sang Alabaster as he was putting finishing touches on a toy. Tink looked at Alabaster, “You do realize this is the 3rd time in a row that you are singing that song, right?” Snowball gave Tink a wink and pushed a button on his toy of a chipmunk that was hula hooping.  The Chipmunk Christmas song of Alvin wanting a hula hoop drowned out Alabaster’s singing, much to his dismay!

Tink smiled and went back to was working on putting together a counting toy for kids. He was very happy in helping kids learn how to count. Working with numbers was his favorite thing to do. That was why he loved being Santa’s accountant, but today they needed all the elves to work on the toys! It was Christmas Eve and they were racing against the clock! 

Jinx had finished making the toy xylophone and was having fun playing it. After all he had to make sure that it worked. Jangle had a pair of headphones on that he was testing. Everyone was busy, and Chef Salvo was keeping the coffee flowing for them! He also had plenty of Eggnog available, for you had to have Eggnog at Christmas. Snowball  wasn’t a coffee drinker, but he was guzzling down the Eggnog. 

“Watch out that the reindeer don’t run over you with all that Eggnog that you are drinking. Remember what happened to Grandma!” Jinx said to him, and soon Alabaster was singing “Grandma got run over by a reindeer!” 

Snowball rolled his eyes, as he took another gulp and continued working on the next toy. They were making progress the list was getting scratched off and the toys for Santa’s sleigh were piling up higher and higher. They were all excited for the party they would have after all the toys were ready! Santa always gave them one gift on Christmas Eve. 

The cups of coffee and Eggnog kept coming and the music kept playing, accompanied by certain elves belting out their own Christmas tunes at times. Snowball started singing “White Christmas”, and Jinx looked at him saying, “Have you looked outside recently? You do remember we are at the North Pole, right, not Hawaii!” When Jinx said Hawaii, Alabaster started singing, “Mele Kalikimaka”. and they all started dreaming of being somewhere warm!

Finally each elf was working on their very last toy and they were all excited. The end was very near and then ,,, “What happened to all the gift wrap!” yelled Jangle.  His question was met by stunned silence as they all looked at the empty cardboard tubes of wrapping paper lying all around. What were they going to do now? 

“I have an idea!” said Snowball. “I will be right back.”  and before anyone could say anything, he was out the door. The elves looked at each other wondering what he was up too. While waiting for him they kept busy with bonking each other on the head, for what else did you do with cardboard tubes? 

Soon Snowball burst in the door carrying a big bag in his hand. What was in his bag? He walked to the center of the room and started pulling out rolls and rolls of colored toilet paper and throwing them to the other elves. There was enough to layer the gifts well. 

He walked over to his table with his friends and they all stared at him in surprise. “Where did you find so much toilet paper?” asked Jinx. “Oh, I always stock up on toilet paper, you never can have too much, right?” His friends just shook their heads, as they laughed. Alabaster grabbed a cardboard tube and bonked him on the head saying, “I deem you the Toilet Paper King!” 

It didn’t take long at all for them to finish up and a cheer arose as Jangle put the last gift on the pile, accidentally causing the stack to come crashing down. They all helped to restack the pile and then anxiously awaited Santa’s arrival for the party to begin. Santa soon would be walking in the door with his “HO! HO! HO!” and sack of gifts for his hardworking elves. When the song, “Santa Clause is coming to town” started. they all turned and looked toward the door. “My favorite song!” said Tink, as he danced to the music. 

Santa handed out the gifts and all the elves were delighted with a flitterygibbet toy of their own and then each of them got one more. Tink got a Sudoku book, Jangle got new sound cancelling headphones, so that he can rock away to his “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” music, Jinx got a new CD to add to his music collection, Alabaster got a book full of puns! The others wondered what Santa was thinking, for Alabaster didn’t need any help! Snowball got a new History book that he was eager to read. they also all had a small lump of coal hidden in their gifts. They wondered who else might have had a hand in wrapping their gifts! 

The party was fun, but it couldn’t last too long as they needed to get the toys loaded on Santa’s sleigh. Jinx, Jangle, Tink and the others started to head out of the party at the same time. Alabaster and Snowball were walking right behind Tink, when suddenly a reindeer came running towards them! They all jumped out of the way, well except for Snowball who hadn’t been looking. The reindeer knocked him down and ran right over him. 

He was dazed lying in the snow, feeling a little loopy, but the reindeer had lightly treaded on him so he wasn’t hurt too bad. Jinx said, “I tried to warn you about what happened to Grandma…when drinking too much Eggnog.”  The others started laughing as Alabaster once more burst into song. 

Later that night after Santa’s sleigh was loaded and all the elves had gathered to send him off into the sky, Candy Cane stayed outside looking at the stars in the sky, enjoying the magic of the Silent Night. 







Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Its not how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, but how many bites does it take until this large KISS from my husband is gone?

Don’t lose the child’s wonder of Christmas … keep the magic in your heart, and you won’t grow old!

Always liked “The Little Drummer Boy” song and then I met a Drummer Boy and married him!

Friday’s Super Short Stories!


LA from posted a fun post of a list of songs that describe her moods throughout the day. What song/songs describe your feelings today? Mine would be lullabies. Read the next story, you will understand. 

When you think back of where you were 19 years ago today. How can my “baby” be 19 years old!

This quote isn’t original with me, but I have always liked it and it fits for parenting, and watching your children grow up. “The days are long, but the years are short!” 

What do you do?

I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail”

“I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality”

                                                                      “I Have a Dream” by ABBA

Sometimes even though one has heard a song so many times, there will be a time when the lyrics speak something different to them. That happened to me with the above song. 

I love ABBA’s music and also the great “Mama Mia” movie! I have always liked this song, but the other day the words that I posted grabbed me in a different way.  They made me think of my writing. 

I love to write, or I simply wouldn’t do it. Writing makes me happy and its also a stress release for me at times. When Colin and I were writing “The Odessa Chronicles”, life was turning me upside down! I greatly enjoyed escaping to Moonbeam Farm with my dear fictional, (SSH! Don’t tell them that they aren’t real!) friends. If you would like more information on a book that will help you escape the real world for awhile, you can click on the book cover in the right hand margin.

Writing helped me through reality. “if you see the wonder of a fairytale, you can take the future, even if you fail.” 

I am so thankful that I writing can help me when times get tough and it brings me joy in all the happy times as well. 

What brings you joy? What helps you get through reality, when reality is harsh? I hope there is something that helps you find release, for I feel its so important! We all deal with stress, especially with this past year. Please don’t let it get the best of you, and don’t let it build up. Take time each day to just breathe! 

Here is a video clip of the ABBA song. Its the clip taken from the movie. “Mama Mia!”  I love just watching the sparkling ocean water.