Mona Lisa’s Smile!

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Landon was in his study, ready to bang his head on his desk! Was he really going crazy?

When he was looking at the house and thinking about buying it, there were all kinds of rumors going around that the old house was haunted. He laughed at the rumors, he was a intelligent businessman, he knew there was no such things as haunted houses. The house was sold at a bargain price, for the realtor was so eager to get it off her hands.  Landon felt like the cat that had swallowed the canary with the good deal he had got. It was a beautiful house, and even furnished. Apparently the last owners were certain that any pieces of furniture from the house would bring bad luck to their new house, so they were more than happy to leave everything behind.

The first few weeks nothing had happened out of the ordinary and Landon was feeling very happy with his new home. Whenever he would go out to the bank, or grocery store, he would get questions from people about how things were going.  When he would answer that it was all going well, they would look surprised, but not convinced. He could see the suspicious look in their eyes, as they wished him a good day. He felt the whispers behind his back. Landon had decided they were all crazy!

But now … Now he was beginning to feel like he was losing his mind. The Mona Lisa painting didn’t bother him at first but then he kept feeling like her eyes were following him and it bothered him. He decided to get rid of it, so he took it down and put it in the spare room, not quite sure what to do with it. Didn’t feel right in just throwing it away.

Imagine his shock the next day when he saw the painting hanging on the wall again! He shook his head as he looked at it and figured he must have just been thinking he had taken it down the day before. Perhaps it had been a long day at the office and he was tired, and had meant to take the painting down but hadn’t done it. This time he made sure to take it down and he put it in the spare room once more. The next morning it was hanging again on the wall and this time it was like her smile was mocking him! Again he took it down and this time he put it up in the attic. Now this morning as he came whistling down the hall, he stopped in his tracks when once again the Mona Lisa painting was hanging on the wall!

He had grabbed it off the wall and it was now laying in front of him on his desk. Yes, she was definitely laughing at him!

This was it, he was getting rid of the painting once and for all! Getting up from his desk, he grabbed it and walked out of the office. It was storming outside but he didn’t care. He didn’t even take the time to grab an umbrella or put a jacket on, as he went out the front door. Yes! The garbage hadn’t gone yet. He shoved the picture into the trashcan and walked back inside dripping wet.

After taking a warm shower and changing into dry clothes he grabbed himself some brandy and settled in front of his fireplace. Slowly he began relaxing. Everything would be fine now, he was sure of it. After all there was no such thing as a haunted house he told himself once again.

Legend has it that Landon disappeared , no one knows exactly what happened. All his belongings were still at the house, and his Lexus was in the garage, but he was never seen in the house again.

Rumors really went wild in the town after that, and once more the house stood empty. Then a new couple came to town. They fell in love with the great big house and the wife especially loved the Mona Lisa painting hanging on the wall. There was just something so mysterious about her smile.