Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! I was outside this morning in our back yard reading and listening to the birds symphony.  Every morning they provide music and I am always glad to listen. Nature’s music is a grand thing! I am continuing to listen to the singing of birds as I now type up this post while sitting at my desk. No, we don’t have birds, but there is always Youtube! I did have a parakeet once, a very sweet, pretty blue and white bird!  May you get to appreciate some of nature’s music today, and as always I hope you enjoy the quotes too.  I always enjoy hearing your thoughts of them in the comments below. Thanks for reading !


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday to everyone! How is your week going so far? Wednesday is almost here. You may remember me mentioning in my “Smile Time” post last week about how my hubby has a special surprise for me on Wednesday. The wait is finally almost over. It won’t be until Wednesday evening but at least I can say that it will be tomorrow! I am sure that we aren’t hopping a plane to Hawaii, but its not about how big the surprise is, its just the fact that he likes to plan surprises for me. He was like that while we dated and its been that way throughout our marriage.

Here is a funny memory that just popped in my head when talking about surprises. When we were dating it was a lot by letters and phone calls,  for he lived over 500 miles away from me in the state of Indiana. I remember one time when I was really missing him, even though he had just came and visited me not that long ago.  The weekend visits just always went too fast!  We were talking on the phone and I was telling him to come back out the coming weekend.  I told him if he did that I would eat a whole can of green beans that weekend.  Green beans are not my favorite vegetable! He didn’t come but he said he really was thinking about it and had planned to bring the biggest can of green beans that he could find! I would have been eating them breakfast, lunch and dinner! I had not even thought at how there are different size cans, I was of course picturing a small can in my mind. To this day he still says he wishes he would have done that just to have seen my face. LOL!

Okay, it is Tuesday so I should move onto the quotes. Sorry, took a little longer getting there this morning. Enjoy and have a great day! May little surprises fill your day!

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Tuesday’s Thoughts

Good Morning to all of you who are starting your day and Good evening to those who may be winding up their day! What things make you happy? I am thinking today’s quotes will be a little more on the lighter side, being that I posted a rather heavy post yesterday. Today lets focus on the positive.  Feel free to comment below about something that makes you happy and/or what quotes you liked the best today.  A memory that I am smiling about right now is being with my 2 kids at 12:30am last night laughing together. One of those unplanned, spontaneous times, and hey everything is funnier when you are extra tired, right? 🙂  I hope you can feel joy in your heart today!

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