Friday’s Super Short Stories!

SouthWest Stewardesses have humor … “This is not a full flight, feel free to spread out. We promise that everyone will land at the same time.”

Fall Foliage … Adds Beauty to the day and a Smile to the heart.

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Curb: 1 … Head: 0 … But all is fine, no blood was shed, sanity still present … Goose egg gone …Just another vacation memory that won’t be forgotten ..Vacation may have started with a bump but it ended smoothly with fun memories.

The Lake of Memories

Thanks to Colin for this inspiring moon photo! If anyone has a photo that you think may be inspirational for a story feel free to share it. I can always use inspiration!

The reflection of the moon shimmered on the tranquil lake. Nate stood there in silence, taking in the beauty of the night. This is where it had all began.

He had come to this lake as a young lad, holding onto his mother’s hand. His mom held a picnic lunch in the other hand. They would spread the red plaid blanket on the ground, sitting the basket on top of it. Fluffer Nutter sandwiches with potato chips, bananas and chocolate chip cookies.

Nate took great delight in those days. Relaxing Sunday afternoons,  which always involved playing in the water. As Nate got older he and his friends would come hang out at the lake.

How many different girls had he kissed under the light of the moon? How many canoe rides together? He chuckled, Elyssa had never forgiven him for tipping the canoe on that one hot summer day! How she had wailed. Her precious manicure had been ruined. She had torn some nails when trying to grab hold of the sides of the canoe.

Yes, this lake was a large part of his childhood. OH the memories he had.

Five years ago he had stood by this lake mesmerized by the shining moon. His heart had been full. Moon river was playing in his mind, and he thought he was the luckiest guy. He was out with Alanna, the prettiest girl, but it had turned out that her beauty was only skin deep.

She had stolen his heart and then shattered it into a million pieces. The lake had lost its wonder and beauty. It only reminded him of pain, so he had stayed away. He stayed away, letting his heart heal.

Tonight he had felt a strong desire to return and was glad that he had. Peace was filling his heart in the silence of the night. His soul awakening from its brokenness. It felt like there was a touch of magic in the air. He breathed in deeply and exhaled, feeling a stir of excitement. Was there really magic to be had in a full moon?

He turned to go and his foot kicked something hard? Probably just a stick, but he thought he had heard something ring. He bent down to see. Confusion masked his face. What was a cowbell doing by a lake?

He rang it. Well it still worked. He rang it again and wondered if he could find a use for it. Perhaps he would save it as a good luck charm. A sign of starting over. He went to put it in his pocket, ringing it for the third time. Pink and purple smoke filled the air. Nate was amazed, there really was magic in the air.

Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Peace Lily blooms in my house … If only Peace could bloom as easily all around the world … For that to happen it has to first start inside each person’s heart … May peace bloom in your heart today!

When long ago memories pop in unexpectedly and fill your heart with joy.

We aren’t always aware of the times that we are being someone’s Lighthouse … Keep being YOU … By that simple act you are touching lives.

My Madelyn

This is a continuation from my Thursday’s post, Remembering When …

The thunder boomed and Wally dove under the table. Samuel shook his head, poor dog, hated thunderstorms.

He grabbed Wally’s favorite treat and threw it under the him. Samuel felt sorry for Wally but personally he enjoyed thunderstorms

One of his fondest memories had to do with a thunderstorm. Sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner Samuel let himself travel back in time. The time that he first met HER. Almost 30 years ago, back when he was only 20.

It had been a miserable day and all he wanted was to get home and unwind. But as Mutphy’s law would have it, his apple red Ford Ranger died on him. To make matters worse he was on back mountain roads, not much hope of seeing anyone. He would have to start walking. At least it was still daylight.

Grumbling to himself about his rotten luck, he started down the road. It was the dog days of summer. Didn’t take long before sweat was running down his face. There wasn’t even the slightest breeze. Couldn’t he catch some kind of break!

He was going to let his freezer door wide open when he got home. Stand smack dab in front of it letting the cold air blast him.

What was that? He thought he heard something. He looked one direction and another and his eyes found her. Instantly he was mesmerized by her beauty. She was headed straight for him and he was enraptured, unable to speak.

Closer and closer she came over the ridge, her dark eyes watching him. Samuel tried his hardest to stand still, he didn’t want any sudden movements to scare her away.

The closer she drew to him the faster his heart beat. All negative thoughts about his truck breaking down and the heat of the day had flown from his mind, as he stared at her flowing black mane.

He had always loved horses and now here was one galloping towards him. She got just a few feet away and stopped.

Samuel moved slowly towards her and one time she raised up on her hind legs and neighed, scaring him good!

That made him stop. She was a wild horse, he knew not to get too close. He was elated enough with having the chance to get as close as he did.

They had stood there, horse and man, staring at each other. One being awestruck by the beauty and power of the horse and the other one wondering how much to trust.

Samuel felt frozen in spot when it happened. The moment that embedded itself so deep in his brain, he would never forget.

The magical moment when she had come close enough to him for him to touch. His breathing had been irregular, while questioning about reaching out his hand?

Time stood still as he reached out his hand and touched her head. The moment wasn’t long but for him it lasted forever. He watched her turn away and go galloping back into the mountains. Standing there he watched until she was out of sight. He couldn’t help but wonder. Why had she come?

Rain started falling but Samuel didn’t care. He had witneseed beauty in motion.

Thunder boomed, that got his attention. The clouds were darkening. He headed back for his truck. He may as well stay dry. There was no hurry to get home.

Getting into the truck he waited out the storm. It had been a quick one. Then without thinking he put the keys in the ignition and the truck started! He was happy but the thing had been totally dead, what had made it start?

His day was turning around and as he pulled away, he was truly thankful for the special moment in time. A time to remember that life’s surprises are around every corner. Even on what you think is your worst day!

Samuel smiled, meeting Madelyn, his midnight mare, was always such a poignant memory to revisit.

Wally had come out from under the table, the storm was calming down. He sprawled out in his cozy dogbed right beside the recliner. Samuel bent down to pet him.

Then he looked out the window, the sun was starting to set and the panoramic light show was beginning.

Samuel’s eyes grew large with wonder. She was there again. Her mane blowing in the wind.

Within minutes the horse galloped away. His Madelyn had been visiting him for years. Eversince that day they first met.

He scratched Wally behind the ears. “We got another visit from her old buddy. We never know when she may come, which is why its good that I am no longer the conductor of a train.’ Wally rolled over for his belly to be rubbed. Samuel laughed. Wally was a good listener as long as Samuel didn’t forget the important things, like belly rubs.

“Wally, did I tell you what happened one dark night, when I was with my friend Mason? Oh poor Mason…” Samuel chuckled as he remembered, and then continued on.

Going Back to Yesterday

This is the next part to my Secrets of the Heart

“Have fun little pumpkin!”

Molly had her arms wrapped around Kimberly. For one so small she could give mighty tight hugs.

Jacob was taking Molly to the fair. Kimberly couldn’t handle the spinning rides, but Jacob didn’t mind them. He was also looking forward to the funnel cake and corn dogs.

He was kissing Kimberly goodbye and Molly was tugging on his leg.

“Lets go Daddy!”

With one more kiss, Jacob took Kimberly’s hand. “The princess awaits, I must go, my fair lady!”

Kimberly laughed, shaking her head. Oh, how she loved him.

She stood on the porch watching them leave. Molly was riding on his shoulders yelling, “Go Horsie!” Jacob neighed in response.

Oh, not again! Kimberly wiped the tears that were forming in her eyes. She was more emotional lately. Little Molly was stirring up memories in Kimberly’s heart.

Kimberly was 6 again, bouncing and giggling, riding on the back of her Daddy.

“Go Daddy go!”

“And they lived Happily Ever After…” Kimberly was snuggled against her Daddy, while listening to him read her favorite fairy tale.

Dreams had danced in her head that night after her Daddy had read his last fairytale.

She had dreamt about living in a castle in the woods. All the animals loved her. They enjoyed talking to her and she would often invite them over for tea.

Her Daddy was the handsome Prince and all was perfect! They lived happily ever after … well at least they did in her dream. Why couldn’t fairytales be real?

Lost in the memories of yesterday Kimberly wiped her eyes again. The warm breeze reminded her that she was still standing on the porch.

She bit her lip and tried to clear her head. There was a long to-do list beckoning her and no time for memories of her past. Shutting them away was something she was an expert at.

The memories of dreaming of a fairytale and waking to a nightmare. It had been so long but when she closed her eyes, she could still feel the heat of the flames.

(To be continued…)

The Thinking Tree

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Molly loved this tree. It was her favorite spot to come to when she wanted to be alone. She called it her Thinking Tree.

Many days after school she would enjoy a snack of cheese sticks and fruit. Then she would climb up into her special tree with her stash of Reese’s peanut butter cups, and she would think.

Thinking of any school subjects was not allowed! Instead her mind would think on happy things. Her bunny Toffee often came to her mind, oh how she loved him.

On occasion she would think of the other bunnies too that she used to have. She wished that she knew what happened to them, but at least she still had Toffee! Molly would have been devastated if all her bunnies would have disappesred! After all, they had been with her when she needed them the most.

Memories of her past were starting to come back more and sometimes they made her sad. She hadn’t told Mommy Kimberly about them. Toffee and her special tree were the only ones who heard her talk about the flashbacks.

She remembered feeling so scared that day long ago when she walked along the road by herself. Molly had no idea where she was headed to, she only knew she had to get away!

Molly wiped her eyes as more memories rolled down her face.

Her Grammy had always made the best chocolate chip pancakes. Every morning Molly would wake up to Grammy’s smiling face, warm hugs and chocolate chip pancakes.

Then one morning Grammy wasn’t in the kitchen. Where did sbe go? Molly hadn’t known what to think Grammy had always been there. She waited in the kitchen for a little while and then went to Grammy’s bedroom.

Molly had been shocked, Was Grammy still sleeping? She was lying so still and didn’t move when Molly called for her.

Molly shivered a little as she remembered crawling into bed with her and falling asleep with her head on her chest. She couldn’t forget the shock of how cold her Grammy’s hand was when she picked it up.

Oh, her sweet Grammy. She loved Mommy Kimberly but she still really missed her Grammy. The tears kept falling as the flashbacks continued.

Molly had slept with her Grammy for awhile but then her stomach started hurting. She was hungry.

Why wouldn’t her Grammy wake up? What was wrong with her?

Later that day Molly emptied out the cookie jar. She kept running back to the bedroom to check on her Grammy but she was always sleeping!

When it got dark outside Molly had started to get scared. She grabbed her favorite book and took it to her Grammy. Grammy always read to her at night as they cuddled in Grammy’s big chair.

Grammy was good at making Molly feel better when she was scared. She would tickle her making Molly giggle and forget about being scared.

Molly remembered how badly she had wanted her Grammy to wake up and chase away the scaries, like she always had done.

Trying to feel better Molly had opened the book, but the words were too big. All she could do was look at the pictures. She remembers shaking because of strange noises.

How scary that night had been. Molly had no idea what to do, so she snuggled gainst her Grammy. She had wrapped Grammy’s arm around her and cried herself to sleep.

“Molly! Its time for supper. Come on down.”

Slowly her memories began to fade. Molly was brought back to the present as she heard her Mommy calling again.

“I’m coming! She called back. Tomorrow would be another day for thinking, now it was suppertime.

A smile came to her face when she remembered what they were going to do after supper! They were going to go visit her friend’s farm.

Molly scampered down the tree and into the house. She loved visiting the farm. She would eat as fast as she could. How she hoped that there wouldn’t be any green beans for supper!

Forever in Our Heart


Dear Pat, Its been three years today since you have been gone. You left us too soon! We will never forget you Pat, you will always be in our hearts! We met when we were young, when you swept my dear friend off her feet. Oh the memories! We laughed through the years, and cried, and laughed again. You always had a way of making people smile no matter what! While you were sick people came to cheer you, but often left feeling like they had been the ones cheered up! Your smile was contagious and even through the tears we had to laugh. I remember when you could barely talk, for your battle with cancer was almost over, but you still had it in you to make a crack about my driving! You were one of a kind, dear friend and we miss you, miss your hugs and just miss you being you!  Your family is simply amazing with the inspiration they been to others, the strength they have shown.

And Pat, just so you know,  you may not be able to keep me on my toes anymore with your wit, but I do have friends that continue to do that very well. Your wife included, you would be proud of them!

Love you Sherry, I know Pat will forever be in your heart and I know my dear friend that you will continue on. Pat is cheering you on through life. I am so blessed by your friendship! Keep shining on, and remember, when this pandemic is over, to the beach once again we will run!