Challenge Accepted

Jim from did an interesting post today that I think all of you would enjoy, especially the ones who love puzzles. His blog offers an array of different subjects, when you have a chance, go visit it, I am glad I did.

This post isn’t about puzzles though. Jim was another blogger who had participated in my Trivia challenge and while his answers were not correct, I was impressed with his creativity. As a reward for his creative answers, I offered him the chance to suggest a subject for me to do a blog post about. If I had only known what I was getting into!

His suggestion was that I explain my thoughts of Professor Yuji Ijiri’s concept of triple bookkeeping.

Math and Science were my worst subjects in school, with Math being the absolute worst! My Math teacher took a sabbatical after I graduated, just saying.

So Jim’s suggestion posed a real dilemma, for while I am not one to pass up a challenge, I was already confused as I read the first 2 paragraphs behind the concept of triple bookkeeping. Yes, I did actually look it up and read it. With all due respect to Yuji Ijiri, I cannot adequately explain his concept, which I am sure he put a lot of intellectual thought into.

I had to try to explain it somehow though, before Jim had the satisfaction of thinking he stumped me! Below this paragraph you will find my thoughts of Triple Bookkeeping explained. I do believe that all of my readers, whether they excel at  Math or not, will understand it, and that maybe it would even make Professor Yuji Ijiri smile! I should point out that he was Jim’s Professor in college, so for those of you who would like to know more in depth facts about triple bookkeeping, feel free to ask Jim! Thank you Jim for this suggestion , it gives me confidence that if I can tackle Triple Bookkeeping, I may be able to do a post on just about any other subject out there!

e8927fdd5e3833f8ca6bc3997f721282  Bookkeeping

c0ff0278dc7ba54c0b0317af514e2db1 Double Bookkeeping


f0094c8089b6af7f1517f0a00ca9b4aaf0094c8089b6af7f1517f0a00ca9b4aa Triple Bookkeeping!