A Time for Change

Yesterday was The March for Life across the US and around the world. It was about how desperately change is needed, how an end has to come to all these mass shootings that keep happening.  How schools should not be war zones!

We were watching some of it on TV and I was impressed with the speakers. You could feel their passion. What most impressed me though was just seeing the massive crowds of  young people that there were.

Our young people have had enough and they aren’t going to back down easily! I think the government is thinking that this outcry will end soon and no change will have to happen. Unfortunately that is what has happened too many times. A mass shooting happens and lots of people cry out for change but then the voices dissolve into silence and life goes on as usual until another shooting happens. The thing is life doesn’t go back to normal for everyone. The lives of the families and friends of the victims are forever altered!

It is past time for change but I feel hope is in the air. Yes, its going to take more than marches and protests, but at least that stuff is happening. It has been over a month now since the shooting in Parkland, but the outcry for change and new laws hasn’t stopped. I pray that this is the start of history changing and can be something recorded in our history books for the future. The Time When America  finally WOKE UP!!

Here are two short video clips of some of the speeches that were made yesterday.