Out on the Water

The alarm was buzzing as Jangle sleepily tried to find the button to turn it off. Instead he ended up knocking the alarm clock onto the floor. He stumbled out of bed and grabbed the clock, finally managing to turn off the annoying sound.

He walked into the kitchen to scramble some eggs for himself.  He wondered where Jinx was, for he was typically an early riser. He didn’t need the alarm to wake him up. Most mornings Jangle would usually find him finishing up his breakfast or on the recliner reading, before it was time for them to go to the Toy Shop to work. This morning though he wasn’t in sight.

That’s when he remembered something, today was Jinx’s day off work. Jinx had said before about taking the boat out for a little ride on his day off. He really enjoyed being on the water. He often told Jangle that there was something very peaceful and soothing about it.

He would be gone for the day, but back in time for supper, he had said.  Chef Salvo was preparing a special meal for everyone, so he didn’t want to miss that. Jangle wondered what it would be, he was sure that Chef Salvo would not disappoint.

Ahh! What a lovely day it was, the skies were clear and the water sparkled. Jinx was enjoying just letting the boat drift. He hadn’t taken it out far, he didn’t want to get lost. He  let himself be lost in thought, and he thought of the special thing he wanted to do while out on the water.

Jangle and Snowball were hard at work and the toy that Snowball was working on was frustrating him to no end. No matter what he did to it, it just wouldn’t work.

“I think this toy is ready for the toy dungeon”, Snowball said to Jangle. “There is no fixing it.”

Candy Cane walked in to the toy room and overheard Snowball.

“Let me have a look”, said Candy Cane.

Snowball rolled his eyes, “I doubt you can fix it, I been working on it for the past couple hours. Jangle tried to help to, but neither one of us could figure it out.”

Candy Cane just smiled as she took it over to her work place.

It was about 30 minutes later when Jangle looked up and gave Snowball a nudge.

“Hey look,  Candy Cane is headed our way with the toy in her hand and she appears to have a smug expression on her face.”

She definitely was wearing a big smile as she walked up to them. “Allow me.” she said, and she proceeded to put the toy on the table. Pushed its button and laughed at the surprise on Jangle and Snowball’s faces.

“How did you fix it?”  Snowball asked.

“Easy! You just gotta have the smartz!” Candy Cane replied. “and reading the instructions, helps as well”, she said, holding up a paper in her hand.

“Hey, where did you get those instructions from? I didn’t have any  paper with instructions on it!”

Snowball’s question was only met with laughter as Candy Cane went out the door.

“Umm…I have a question Snowball, who gave you that toy to work on?” asked Jangle.

“Candy Cane did, she said it was a special order that….” Snowball stopped as a look came across his face.

Jangle laughed. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, I think you just got one pulled over on you!”

Meanwhile Jinx was still out on the water, but knew he needed to start heading back. He started rowing as he kept his eyes on the sky, watching the red balloon soar higher and higher.

Jinx made it back and docked the boat. He was glad for the time he had out on the water, but his stomach was starting to growl now and he was ready to see his friends again.

Everyone was enjoying Chef Salvo’s supper. He had outdone himself once again, everything was tasty.  Jinx chuckled as Jangle filled him  in about the “special” toy that Snowball had so much trouble with.

Later that night Jinx was reading by the light of  his red reading lamp as he sat in bed. Feeling drowsy he at last put down his book and turned off the lamp. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep with the vision of the red balloon still in his head.