A Wish Upon a Star

Here is a link to Part 1 from yesterday, wasn’t thinking of adding another part to it, but thanks to Jason’s comment on my last post, he got my imagination going.  The Animal Challenge


Asher was sitting on the couch at home , with his golden Labrador, Kobe at his feet. He was still trying to get over the shocking news that his boss had given him today. His boss had told him about the new employee coming tomorrow and how he wanted Asher to train her.

He was used to training others ever since he had taken his promotion to supervisor, but this was different.  He would be training and working with someone from his past! Tomorrow he was going to come face to face with his High school crush! She had come back to Connecticut,  he never thought that day would come.  Asher closed his eyes as he let his mind drift back in time.

He had been friends with Tiffany since grade school. They were always in friendly competitions with each other, but it wasn’t until his Freshman year that his feelings for her started growing deeper. It was after she had beat him once more with having the most rare animal to talk about in Science class. He thought for sure he had the winning report. He had chosen to do it on Okapi’s. A “forest giraffe”!  His smug smile disappeared though when she stood up and talked about the “Glaucus Atlanticus”.  She showed the picture and he heard all the boys say how cool it was.


That was when he felt the pangs of jealousy, and it wasn’t jealousy over her having the most rare animal, it was jealousy of her seeing guys smile at her!  That’s when he realized he had fallen for her.

It took him awhile, but he finally had worked up the nerve to ask her out and much to his joy she had accepted. He was flying high. They had so much fun and dreamed together about the future and what it might hold for them. They were in love and nothing could change it.

Then in their Junior year, everything changed. Tiffany’s family had to move to New York. Her Dad’s job had transferred him. it was awful! They had promised to keep in touch, and at first they had, but then it just got too hard. They lost touch with each other,  but Asher had never forgotten her. He wondered if she had still thought of him over the years.

Kobe got up from the floor, and came over laying his head in Asher’s lap.

“What do you think buddy? Think she still remembers me? Does she still remember our first kiss, our night under the stars, and our hiking adventure.”

He laughed as he recalled the day she had covered his bed and floor with confetti and glitter. He was finding glitter for weeks after that!

Asher sighed, he had dated other girls over the years, but nothing had really clicked. Would it be possible that he could find magic with Tiffany again?

Kobe whined as he nudged Asher’s hand.

“You are ready for your walk, aren’t you, time for me to stop daydreaming!”  Asher grabbed his leash and within a few minutes they were out the door to walk around the neighborhood.

The next morning Asher was at work bright and early, trying to calm the nerves in his stomach. In one hour Tiffany would be at his job! He tried to distract himself by working on some paperwork, but it was impossible, he watched the clock. Then he heard the knock on his office door.

In walked his boss with Tiffany beside him. Asher’s eyes met hers, and he saw her eyes spark with recognition.  Her long, flaming red hair shined, and her cheeks were almost as bright. He smiled at the freckles that dotted her nose. She hated those freckles, but he thought they were cute on her button nose.

His boss spoke. “Let me introduce you to our new employee, Miss.Tiffany Blair. Tiffany, this is Asher Sparks. He will show you the ropes and I can assure you that you will be in good hands with him.”  and with that, he excused himself and closed the door.

Time was flying, Asher couldn’t believe it had been 3 months already since Tiffany had walked back into his life. At first it was a little awkward, but it didn’t take long at all for the magic to come back and Asher couldn’t stop smiling.  Tonight they had gone to Crystal Moon Lake and walked and talked. Asher had brought along some wine glasses and Pink Moscato for the special night. Now she was wrapped in his arms, as they were relaxing on a blanket underneath the starry sky. Reuniting had never felt so good he thought, as he silently made a wish upon a star.


Frappe Magic

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The Frappacinos were freshly made and waiting. There were 3 caramel crunch ones and 2 mocha cookie crumbles.

Bernadette, the barista, looked at the clock. It was almost 7pm the first couple should be arriving soon.

The bell jangled as Bernadette looked and saw a blonde hair lady dressed in business attire, with heels, enter the cafe. She nervously scanned the room, looking for the man she was supposed to meet. Where was Kevin, thought Bernadette, she had tried to keep an eye out for him, but hadn’t seen him. Ahh! There he was, in the back corner. He had his glasses on and his laptop sitting on the table. He brought his laptop on a date? Bernadette shook her head, she had seen all kinds at the coffee shop.

The lady, Linda, spotted him and walked over to meet him. They talked a little and then Bernadette saw them walking towards her and she grabbed the 2 Caramel Crunch frappes, as they walked up to the counter.

“Linda and Kevin, right?” said Bernadette.


“Here are your 2 Caramel Crunch Frappes. Enjoy!” she said with a smile and a wink.

“Thanks!” they replied, leaving a nice tip for her.

Bernadette watched them walk back to their table. She was glad to see Kevin put away his laptop,  as they became engrossed in conversation.

“Excuse me Ma’am,…”

Bernadette turned her head. A young man with red curly hair, and freckles on his face was standing there with a young lady, who was nervously biting the inside of her lip and looking down.

This must be Daniel and Marianne thought Bernadette.

“Hi! Welcome Daniel and Marianne, here are your 2 Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappes.”

Marianne quietly said, ” Thank you!” and then quickly looked back down. Daniel smiled and thanked Bernadette.

Bernadette watched them walk back to the table,  and questioned herself about putting 2 shy people together. What had she been thinking?  They just sat there drinking their frappes, not saying a word. They didn’t  even look at each other, but down at the table. Poor guys, were obviously very shy! Bernadette wondered if there would be a second date.

She never knew the fun she would have managing an online dating site. She started it on a whim, and had been doing it for the past 3 years now. The site was slowly rising in popularity  and she felt so happy in helping some couples find their mates. She would put surveys online for people to fill out and they would send them back to her with a picture as well. There were 20 questions to answer about themselves. Then there was the fun bonus question at the end, which asked, what their favorite Starbucks drink was! Their first date would be at Starbucks and the drinks were Bernadette’s treat to them, no charge.

Sometimes she would only see a couple come once, but other times they would come quite often and it warmed her heart to watch the relationship grow. She had even received some wedding invitations! She had never dreamed that she would have a side job as a matchmaker, now if only she could be as good at finding herself a match as she was at matching up others! She sighed! Someday, perhaps … but for now, she was happy and satisfied, most of the time. Her life was crazy enough sometimes, she didn’t need guys to complicate it. It could be so confusing at times to try and understand them, almost like they were from a different planet!

With that thought, she grabbed the 3rd caramel crunch frappe, and her taste buds reveled in its sweetness.


The Deep Space Rescue

Its always fun when my readers get engaged with one of my stories and their imagination keeps going on what more could happen in the story.  It may also cause one to …”smack their head”… at times, but… that’s a whole other story.

Jason, from http://jasonfrels.com/2020/07/12/because-they-dont-know-the-words/  was talking about different scenarios that could happen to Sonya from my https://joyroses13.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/the-power-of-aqua-velva/ story. I challenged him to write an ending, since according to him I had left things hanging and he rose to the challenge. I knew I couldn’t let you guys miss out on reading his story, so be prepared to smile, and laugh at Jason’s wit, as you read the rest of Sonya’s story. You may gasp in the story too, as it can be surprising. I would love to know your thoughts on it. I am sure Jason would too. ENJOY! And thanks Jason for giving an ending to Sonya’s story. 🙂

The Deep Space Rescue

Nick walked into the coffee shop and there she was: Sonya in her sunflower yellow dress sipping a latte. He had made his reports to high command back in the Alpha Centauri system that he planned to drug her coffee drink and bring her back to Alpha Centauri. At last, he could complete this mission and the sooner they were back aboard his space ship heading for home, the sooner he could get the latest software updates for his robot brain.

He walked up to Sonya and caressed her hair and neck as his programming indicated that this would lull her into a false sense of security. He sat down and ordered a butterscotch raspberry salted apricot latte with extra marshmallows, but he had no intention of drinking it of course. He then began to tell Sonya how beautiful her eyes are and how they sparkle in the morning sunlight (he read this nonsense in a book once). And as she blushed and turned away, he drugged her latte. Earth women: always a sucker for cheap complements and candied coffee drinks.

As Sonya swilled her drink and became disoriented, robot Nick lead her back to his car and she took the passenger’s seat and soon passed out. Robot Nick headed out of town and headed toward his hidden spaceship in the forest. Robot Nick was relieved that his plan had finally come to fruition. It was a complicated plan because the only knock-out drug he had available had to be consumed with extremely sweet coffee drinks.

In deep space, in route to the Alpha Centauri system, Sonya began to awaken in the space craft.

“Where am I?” she asked. Then she saw Nick at the control panel.

“Nick! What is going on?” she gasped.

“I’m not Nick. I am the robot that replaced Nick. You are being taken the Alpha Centauri system for testing because it has been determined that your DNA is ideal for our experiments.” Robot Nick said.

Sonya struggled against the restraint field but could not escape. “What have you done to Nick?” she screamed.

“I abducted him last year and have spent this time reading his brain and scanning his body so that I could use his likeness to lure you into my trap. But, don’t worry, he’s back in his cell and quite alive until high command decides what to do with him. I am just a robot completing my mission.” robot Nick said.

While robot Nick was chatting with Sonya he failed to notice another ship on his space radar. This ship was steadily gaining and would soon overtake him.

There was a sudden jolt in the ship as red warning lights began blinking and alerts blared. Robot Nick returned to his control panel. ‘We’re under attack!’ he thought ‘but by whom?’.

He began to maneuver and powered up weapons in an attempt rid himself of this foe as another bolt of energy shook the ship and killed the main engines. Another jolt and the weapons were dead. Robot nick was powerless to defend the ship against this superior foe. He saw that the enemy ship was preparing to dock so he armed himself to prepare for the boarders.

The ship shuddered as the enemy clamped on and connected with its air lock. Loud hisses ensued and then the door clanged open. A bolt of energy hit robot Nick and he fell to the floor smoking with his robot brain shorted out. An imposing, almost alien figure entered the ship in a massive space suit. Sonya was caught between terror and confusion. The alien removed its helmet revealing a, what?

Sonya couldn’t believe her eyes; there on the deck standing quite erect was a cow with a bell around its neck. She must still be feeling the effects of the drugs robot Nick had used.

“Helloooo, Sonya.” said the cow “My name is Betsy and I am from the secret Joint Space Defense Force of Earth. We observed your abduction and are here to bring you back hoooome. We constantly battle abductions from those robot-loving squid aliens at Alpha Centauri, but we’ll soon deal with them.”

Sonya was at a loss for words and she passed out.

When Sonya came to, she was lying on a beach chair. ‘Weird dream’ she thought, but looking next to her she saw Nick lying on a beach chair with his thick, lush, wavy brown hair blowing in the gentle breeze. “Nick!” she exclaimed “Is that you?”

Nick’s eyes opened and he groggily said “Sonya? How did you get here? Where are we? Do you remember a talking cow in a space suit?”

“I thought that was a latte induced dream!” Sonya nearly shouted “You mean we really were saved from being abducted by aliens by a talking cow?”

“I guess so.” said Nick brushing back the bit of soft luxurious hair that had fallen in front of his face “I was captured quite some time ago and have been held in a cell by a robot. I remember being rescued by a large talking cow in a space suit and the next thing I knew I was here on the beach next to you. I guess next we’ll find out that Santa and his elves are real too.”

Sonya and Nick talked into the evening about their adventure and then began to wander down the beach, hand in hand, and admiring the sunset.

After a deep and longed for kiss, Nick said “You really must tell me your middle name.”

“Sonya is my middle name.” said Sonya in a love-struck daze “My first name is Cynthia, but I prefer Sonya as it was my favorite aunt’s name.”

And they continued to fall madly and disgustingly in love and lived happily ever after and never got to thank Betsy for saving them. And they had learned their lesson and never ever drank lattes again.



The Power of Aqua Velva

Sonya was sipping her French Vanilla coffee, trying to calm her nerves. She had made sure to come to the coffee shop extra early, she needed time to think before he walked in the door.

It had been 2 years since she had seen him, 2 years of her trying to forget him. Would he look the same? Was this even smart her meeting him again, after so long?  Her mind was in such turmoil after reading that book. The book that had been all about her! She knew it was him, he might have been using a pen name, but that didn’t fool her. Only he would have known all the details that he wrote. The ones that made her blush a deep cherry red and tingle all over!

She had used the contact information in the book to email him, and he didn’t seem surprised to hear from her. In fact he sounded pleased, she knew it was just what he was wanting. But he could get rid of his fantasies, she had a thing or two to tell him, and it was far from nice! Her Mom had warned her about him, but like a fool she hadn’t listened, she thought she knew it all, and she had let him work his charms on her.

Sonya drank more of her coffee as her hands began to shake. She took a deep breath in, the meeting would be fine. She would tell him exactly what she thought of the book and … and…

Ooh.. there he was…. his  thick, wavy brown hair, she remembered the feel of it on her fingers. She watched as he walked towards her table, his sea green eyes were pulling her in. “No, be strong”, she told herself!

He was closer, she could smell his aftershave, he was still wearing her favorite scent, Aqua Velva. She drew in a breath, as her legs started shaking.

“Hi Sonya, we meet again!”

“Hello Nick”, her voice was soft and it quavered.

“So what did you want to tell me?” he asked, as he gently caressed his hand against her neck, running it through her hair, and suddenly, she found herself at a loss for words.

One More Walk…



Sonya had awakened early to take a stroll through the sunflower field. It was always peaceful to wander among the tall flowers. She remembered when she was a little girl that she could easily get lost in the sunflowers behind their house. Every path looked the same. At first she would get scared but she would eventually find her way out and later on the sunflower field became her hideaway. A place where she could just sit still, breathing in the fresh air and clearing her mind. Many times she had run in here as a teen, crying over boys, and all the drama that girls could cause. Figuring out who her true friends were, and letting go of the fake ones.

She called it her Sunflower Sanctuary and this morning she knew she had to come out for one last walk. Waking up in her childhood home without her parents there, still felt strange and brought back so many memories. She missed them so much! It was so quiet now, every room echoed, the walls were bare, but oh, if only the walls could talk.

Sonya had walked through the house last night, letting her memories take her back to hearing the music  of Mitch Miller playing on their stereo. Her Dad would be tapping his feet and her Mom would be singing along, as she was filling the kitchen with the aroma of something sweet baking.

Her parents had been gone for over 6 months now and the house was being sold. She hadn’t met the buyer, she had let her realtor take care of all that. She would meet them later today. This morning was her time to say goodbye. It was time to let someone else create new memories in this house and to let them discover the secret joys of her Sunflower Sanctuary.

One last walk through through the field to say a final goodbye. She couldn’t help but think of her childhood friend Toby, as she strolled through the field. He was a significant memory of the time she had spent among the sunflowers. Times of thinking of him and times of being with him. Her cheeks warmed, her very first kiss had happened right here, with only the sunflowers as witnesses.


Was someone calling her name? She looked at the buzzing honey bee on the flower. “Sonya! Its really you!”

She squinted her eyes, at the figure coming towards her, with the sun shining right over top of him.

Goosebumps appeared on her arms. “Toby!”

Sonya ran, and they embraced once more, in their sunflower field.



Celia woke up, and for a moment she had forgotten about the excitement from the night before, and then it all came back to her. She had a talking kitten!

“Wake up Muffin! Wake up! Today is the day!” Celia said as she rubbed Muffin. Muffin opened one eye looking at her, not feeling very happy about having been awakened.

“Must you be so cheery in the morning!” Muffin replied stretching  out her body and yawning.

“I just so excited, Tulag is going to meet us by the sandbox, right?”

“Yes, but do you have any plan figured out of just how you are going to help him find Myrtle?”

Celia pulled her knees up to her chin as she sat on her bed thinking. “Hmmm….not sure. I can’t cross the street by myself, so I can’t go very far. What do you suggest?”

“You are asking me? I am just a simple, innocent, cat, how am I supposed to be able to help you.”

“But you TALK!” said Celia.

“That doesn’t mean anything. Lots of animals talk. I have heard of a talking cow before and a gnu. They  got in to all kinds of trouble. I also heard of a talking chicken, and … well his story is pretty sad.”

Celia got serious for a moment, “What happened to the chicken?” she asked.

“We really should go meet Tulag, he probably is waiting for us.” replied Muffin, purposely changing the subject, he didn’t want to make Celia sad.

Celia looked at Muffin for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders and said, “Well what are we waiting for, lets go!”

She picked Muffin up in her arms and ran down the steps and out the door before anyone saw her.

Running to the sandbox she made sure to keep an eye out for Tulag so she wouldn’t accidentally step on him again. No worries, he was sitting right at the edge of the sandbox.

“Good Morning! I am feeling happy today, looking forward to finding my Myrtle. So where are we going to go?”

“Lets go in the woods, Mommy and Daddy let me play in the woods, as long as I don’t go too far. Maybe Myrtle is hiding in there. Perhaps she got lost and can’t find her way out.”

Muffin and Tulag agreed that it seemed a good place to start, so they entered the woods in Celia’s backyard.

Walking through the woods it was full of noises of chipmunks and squirrels scampering around. Muffin wanted to give chase, but knew Celia wouldn’t want her catching them, so she behaved. Maybe she would sneak out tonight and have some fun while Celia was sleeping.

A Magpie was singing from high up in a tree and watching the little trio walk through the woods.

They came to a little stream and Celia said that was as far as she could go. Celia sat down on a rock, as they watched the water flow. “Hey I see a turtle in the middle of the stream! Is that Myrtle?”

Tulag’s heart started to race as he inched his way closer to the stream to see. Then he called out “Myrtle!” Myrtle! Is that you?”

Myrtle lifted her head, “Tulag! I didn’t think I would ever see you again! That day Patrick took me from the pet shop, I thought was our last day together.”

Myrtle splashed through the water to get to land as fast as she could, which was still pretty slow.

Finally she made it and Tulag gave her a little kiss. “I can’t believe it, I actually found you! I escaped from the pet shop a few days after you left and have been looking for you ever since!”

Celia was jumping up and down, not believing what she was hearing and seeing. Tulag has found his mate. Her heart was bursting, she wanted to share the news, but who would believe her. It was a secret that she would just have to keep to herself. She smiled, feeling pretty special. She didn’t know of anyone else that had a talking kitten and helped reunite 2 turtles who were in love. She picked up Muffin and hugged her tight against her.

“isn’t this the bestest day ever Muffin?” she exclaimed!

“Well if you let me breathe, it just may be!” Muffin grunted.

Celia laughed and put her down on the ground. “We better get back Muffin, Mommy will soon be calling me for breakfast.  Are you coming Tulag and Myrtle?”

Tulag and Myrtle looked at Celia, with her eyes brimming with excitement. “Sorry dear, but we got to head back to my owner Patrick’s house. He is probably going crazy looking for me.” said Myrtle. “I am sure he will be surprised to see Tulag!”

“Will he let us stay together?” asked Tulag

“Oh yes, not a problem, he is a nice guy and he knows all about love. He found his girl and they are very happy together. On our way back to his place I will fill you in on all the craziness that has happened since leaving the Pet Shop. You will never believe everything I witnessed from living with Patrick. It was really cool, I helped him catch this girl named Tanya and…”

Celia and Muffin watched as the two turtles walked off talking, unaware of anything else around them.

“So sweet, I do hope they come visit me again,”  said Celia.

“Yeah, yeah… but can we get home, I am hungry for some tuna!” and the two of them ran through the woods towards home.



Magic at the Beach


Morning had come. Bailey felt the coolness of the water splashing up on her. It felt good to walk, she was a little stiff after having fallen asleep on the beach.

Memories of the past night began replaying in her mind once more.  The memories that had made her jump on her horse, not even bothering to change her clothes, and ride like the wind to the beach. The beach was her happy place, where she could find peace.

Bailey’s heart wasn’t beating so erratic anymore and she was able to breathe. Last night as she rode Starlight, she felt like she was gasping for air. How could it have happened? One minute she was having a fine evening dining at a upscale restaurant and laughing with her friends. The next minute she was driving home as fast as she could, to get Starlight and gallop away!

It had been her best friend’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding. Bailey was Laura’s Maid of Honor. They had grown up together and dreamed about the day they each would find their special someone and live happily ever after! Laura had found her special someone first and that was fine with Bailey, she couldn’t be more ecstatic for her friend.

They had been counting down the days to the wedding together. Bailey had planned special fun things for them to do together as the days got closer and they were having a blast. All was going so well. Bailey was loving the crab cakes and lobster, and then … the unexpected guest had arrived!

Bailey gasped as the door to their private room opened and he stood there looking for her. She grabbed Laura’s arm beside her and said, “you didn’t!”

“Bailey, let me explain, you refused to see him, he only wants to…”

Bailey didn’t wait to hear anymore, she couldn’t! How could Laura have done this! She jumped out of her seat and ran right past him, ignoring his yells.

She cranked up the radio in her car, letting the music match the screaming in her heart. Jeremy’s face was vivid in her head, his look of disappointment as she ran right past him. She had arrived home, ran to the barn and jumped on Starlight. Starlight knew where to go, they had galloped to the beach many times.

At the beach she continued to ride Starlight, though at a slower pace, breathing in the salt air and trying to exhale her pain and frustration. Finally after awhile she grew sleepy and laid down on the sand, with Starlight standing guard.

Now as she walked questions were coming to her mind again. How could he be so bold as to show up? Didn’t he know she was done, that she didn’t want to talk to him again, she didn’t want to hear his explanation! Did he really think that any explanation would soothe her hurting heart. Oh how she had loved him!

Memories of them together were coming back. The memories she had tried so hard to suppress, that she thought she had managed to get rid of!

Who was that, was someone else on the beach at this early hour? Bailey strained to see ahead of her at the figure that appeared to be walking her way. They got closer and her heart started doing flip flops, it was him! He had come after her!

She stood still as Jeremy continued walking closer to her. She wanted to mount Starlight again and run, but yet felt frozen in place as she watched him.

He was almost up to her now and his eyes were silently pleading for her not to run. He stood right in front of her and he reached out and touched her hand.

“Please Bailey, please let me explain….”

The warmth of his hand sent sparks through her that she couldn’t deny. She looked in his eyes and saw a tear rolling down his cheek.

She nodded, for she couldn’t speak and they started to walk through the water, together.



Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy June! I hope your first week of June brings some happiness amidst a world gone crazy right now! I know that it can be so easy to fear what may be coming next, but I heard a great quote on the radio yesterday. The person said, ” We have to learn to let go of what we can’t control so that we can grab hold of the things we can control!”

For a few moments as you read the following quotes I hope that you can let go of some of the fear and anxiety that the world can bring right now. The sickening feeling that comes when you read and see the news! I hope they can bring some smiles to your heart!


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