“The Little Red Hen”

Does this title spark any recognition? 

I spotted “The Little Red Hen” by Paul Galdone, at an Antique Market that my husband were browsing through this past weekend and I couldn’t resist buying the book for one dollar. I didn’t let myself think too long about how a book that I read in my childhood is now in an antique market, along with other things that I remembered from my childhood. Holly Hobby glasses, etc. Oh yes, time just keeps passing, doesn’t it! 

Back to the book, it brought back memories of my Mom reading it to me and then how I was so proud when I could read it to myself! I remembered the story well and how I loved the ending. 

For those of you who might not be familiar with the story, let me give you a little summary of it. I may be grown now, but I continue to love children’s stories and the lessons they can teach. Lessons that are good for adults as well. 

A little red hen lives with a cat, a dog and a mouse. Its a wonder the mouse stayed alive, but I didn’t think about that as a child. The cat, dog and mouse were all very lazy. Kind of reminds me of a cat named Dewey that I know very well.  The little red hen did all the housework and made all the meals. 

One day she decided to plant some wheat and she asked who would help, “Not I”, said the cat, “Not I”, said the dog, “Not I”, said the mouse.  So the little red hen planted it herself. She asked who would water it and pull the weeds from around it, “Not I”, said the cat, “Not I”, said the dog, “Not I”, said the mouse.  And so she did it by herself. This pattern kept repeating itself as she asked for help cutting the wheat and taking it to the mill and grounding it into flour and making a cake from the flour. The cat,dog and mouse, were too busy soaking up the sun, or laying by the fireplace, they didn’t have time for work! 

Then the dog smelled the delicious smell coming from the oven and the cat perked up its ears, (yes, that would be Dewey!) and they came into the kitchen just as the little red hen was pulling the beautiful looking cake out of the oven. Oh the faces of the cat, dog and mouse were shining with delight, as they started salivating! 

The little red hen looked at them all with their eyes shining with eagerness to taste the cake. She once again asked a question, “Who will help me eat this cake?”  “I will!”, said the cat, “I will!” said the dog, “I will!” said the mouse. 

BUT … the little red hen said, ” All by myself I planted the wheat, cut the wheat, gathered the wheat.”   ” All by myself, I gathered the sticks, built the fire, made the cake..” and “All by myself I am going to eat it!”  and here is my favorite line. “and so she did, down to the very last crumb!” 

Yes, I still laugh, and say, “Good for you! You show them!” 

See the delight you can still get from children’s books and the important messages they pass along. Delighting in children’s books is why I had so much fun writing “The Odessa Chronicles” with Colin and I hope those who read it can pick up lessons from it as well, just like the lessons I learned from the books I enjoyed as a child. 

What messages do you remember from some children’s stories? 





Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! I was informed by a dear reader yesterday that today was National Puzzle Day, so if you enjoy doing puzzles, today is the day to do them!  We have a puzzle that needs done, so perhaps tonight we will do that. I love how puzzles look when they are completed, but I will admit that I am not the most patient person in trying to work on one.  Life is a puzzle often and I have about as much luck sometimes trying to figure it out, as I do with puzzles.  Like a puzzle though, life can paint a beautiful picture! If your puzzle piece isn’t fitting in right today and you can’t find the other piece, don’t give up, keep trying, a beautiful picture is just waiting to be formed.


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!


Happy Tuesday! The sun is shining down on the snow in our backyard and it looks so pretty. That is what I love about winter, the beauty of the snow. There is beauty to be found in every season and I do think that I would miss the changing of the seasons if I lived somewhere that doesn’t experience that. Life is full of things changing just like the seasons do and you usually can be happier when you embrace the change instead of trying to fight it.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and may these quotes make your heart ponder and smile!


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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

My thoughts today are brought to you from my adorable great-nephew. He was out with his Daddy the other day at Starbucks. They were behind a lady in line who had been scrolling and scrolling through her phone while waiting in line. Her turn came and she boldly stated, ” Its my birthday, I want my free Starbucks.”   The barista looked at her and said, “Excuse me.”  So she repeated herself,  “Its my birthday I want my free Starbucks.”   She went on to say that she heard that there is some app that you can get and you get free Starbucks. The barista asked if she had their Starbucks app. “No, but its my birthday and I want something free,so I want a free Starbucks.”  He explained to her how that wasn’t exactly how it worked, but she persisted and she did end up walking away with something free. After my nephew’s Daddy ordered his Starbucks, my 4 year old nephew looked up at him and said, “Daddy if that lady wanted something free, I could have given her a free hug!”

I am really thinking that sometimes children should rule the world!


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