A Serving of Humble Pie

My Dad’s favorite pie is Mincemeat pie. I honestly don’t know how he can eat it, but I would take Mincemeat pie over Humble pie any day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were perfect and never made mistakes. If things just always went according to plan, working out exactly as you intended it to. Unfortunately if that was so, we wouldn’t be human!

Recently I have had to partake of some Humble Pie and it hasn’t been my first time and probably won’t be my last. Though I don’t intend my next serving to be for the same reason. Lesson has been learned!

As bad as eating Humble pie can feel, it does serve a purpose. It helps to show us things that we can make a note of and learn from. As someone has said to me, learning from our mistakes is part of life, it keeps us growing. May not be the most fun way to grow, but it does help us, if we are open to seeing the lesson.

The other lesson from eating Humble pie is the feeling of grace we get from our dear family and friends. The feeling of grace when they extend their forgiveness. It warms the heart.

Hopefully we can remember that feeling of grace and extend our forgiveness to others when we are on the other side.

Life is a journey. A journey of mountain tops and valley’s;  twists and curves. A journey of times where  we can teach lessons to others,  and times of where we are the student and learning lessons. So thankful for my dear family and friends that continue to  walk this journey of life with me, through all the ups and downs that life brings.