Reaching Out

Recently there were 2 news stories that really stood out to me. One stood out to me because of the show of human kindness; it warmed my heart! The other one unfortunately showed the exact opposite. I will first share the one where it shows that mankind still has a compassionate, caring heart!

A family was vacationing at the beach when 2 of their boys got stuck in a riptide. Riptides are so dangerous and unfortunately there have been many deaths related to them. Watch this short video to see what happens when humans decided to pull together and help those in need! If only we could show this spirit more often! No one gave a care about race, religion, etc. They just saw people that desperately needed help and they went into action.



Now this next news story just chilled me.  Like I said, it unfortunately shows the exact opposite side of human nature.  The side we hear about too often, and I know, here I am giving another example.  Sorry, but there is a point I want to make.


HORRIBLE! YES! There is no dispute.  It is a tragedy, and I know its not the first of its kind.  People have turned a blind eye to others being beaten to death, have turned a blind eye to others being raped.  It’s sickening, but its real. What is wrong with people?

I could make a very long post about what is wrong with people today, but that’s not the point I wanted to make.  These 2 stories made me think.  While I would never stand by and mock a drowning man, have I ever not helped someone when they needed it?  How many times have I turned a blind eye?

That’s  a hard question, for we all want to be seen as those who reach out and care for another!  I do try my best, but I am sure there have been the times where I have missed the opportunity to save someone that is “drowning.”  Drowning in the troubles of life.  Who knows if a couple words from me or a smile would have helped brighten their day, but was I too busy to get my list of things done for the day?  Did I miss smiling at that person that I passed by in the store because I was busy looking at my phone?  You say its just a smile,  but what if it would have been the only smile that person would have got that day?   Did I hurry someone off the phone because I needed to run,  right before they were getting ready to share their broken heart?

There are times that I really miss being a waitress.  I miss getting to know people that I wouldn’t come in contact with any other way.   I enjoyed taking the time to really get to know my customers.  I still see some of my regular customers in my mind and remember the conversations we had.  I knew when they were having a bad day and I gave a listening ear and I had fun with them on their good days.  Jokes would flow back and forth quite frequently.  I made sure that they got their dose of laughter for the day.

Thinking about it I guess in a way this blog is like a coffee shop. We share fun moments and serious ones in our posts.  Some of you are like my regular customers who I often  chat with  beyond the posts on good and bad days and the laughter often flies as well.  Hmmm… the only thing missing is that I don’t collect tips.  That’s OK, there are better things than money!

The thing is that unless we stay in our homes 24/7 we come in contact with people every day.  We have countless opportunities to give a smile, and a wave in person, and through our “coffee shop” blogs.  We  never know when that smile and wave may turn into a conversation that was needed that day,  or the smile may have been enough to give the person a lift to carry them through the day.

Yes, we are human and yes we are going to get too busy and miss opportunities, but it doesn’t make it right. It doesn’t say that we can’t try to be more aware  so that we are quicker to seize the opportunities when they come.  I can guarantee that if we do, we are not going to regret it! Our heart will be touched with a feeling that can’t be compared.