The Calling of the Sea!



My body instantly relaxes as I step into the warm sand, feeling it squish up between my toes. I smell the most wonderful scent of all, the smell of the salty sea. I hear the joyful sound of the seagull’s call, as they fly free.  They are welcoming me back to the place that has forever captured my heart.

Where my soul is refreshed, and worries washed away by the waves of the sea. Where time stands still as I soak in the joy of the moment.  When the pleasures of the sea grab hold of me like an octopus and don’t let go. My heart smiles as I pick up seashells; my gift from the sea.

My friend and I walk along the edge of the sea, talking, laughing and sometimes just being silent, letting the waves speak.

Knowing in our hearts that there is no other place we would rather be!

Could we be mermaids in disguise … probably!

** We aren’t at the beach yet, but I am dreaming, as the countdown has begun! **




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Remember the joy at finding a surprise in a box of Crackerjacks? We need to keep that childlike joy as we embrace each new day, you never know what it may hold!

Dandelions are weeds that hold wishes! Don’t be fooled, what may look like a “weed” in your life could have some hidden beauty!

If you could be any type of animal for one day, which animal would you choose? 


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Imagination is a wonderful thing….but with some of life’s situations we need to rein it in. 

When you are heading into a lot of traffic and the brakes aren’t working! You practically stand up on them and then you yell at them, for you know the car will listen … and then you wake up from your dream! 

Friends and joy go together like coffee and donuts!  (What do you think goes together? I did this once before and had a good response, so figured I would do it again. It really can be anything, in this case you can let your imagination go! :))


Sparkling Gold


Joe was ecstatic, he couldn’t wait to show  off the gold nuggets he had found! All those days spent panning for gold had finally paid off. He had told Mary he would find gold and he knew she didn’t believe him, but bless her heart, she still was supportive of him leaving their home and going on this expedition.

He still could see the pain in her eyes as he hugged her bye. She was trying to be strong as their two little ones were pulling at her dress. He had his own lump in his throat as he gave her one more kiss on her sweet lips. Oh how he would miss the touch of her smooth skin has he brushed his hand against her cheek. He did wipe some tears from his eyes when he headed down the road with his horses.

Now he was wiping tears again, but these were tears of joy! Now he could start for home and he couldn’t wait to swing his Mary around in his arms as he told her about the gold nuggets that he had found!

He took a look of them again, at how they sparkled. They may be shining but nothing compared to the shine in hie heart, at seeing his family again. They most definitely were the most precious gold nuggets of all!


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Moments of pure joy fill the heart with golden rays of sunshine and memories of the warmth of the rays keep you smiling when it rains.

Graduation time for many, may wonderful adventures be ahead, as their mountain awaits them! What advice would  you give to a graduate?

Succulent sweet strawberries for strawberry shortcake, summer has begun!



Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Some things we clutch so tightly onto, not realizing the treasure that awaits us, if we would only let go.

It only takes a spark to start a dream, and then it can travel through your heart like a train, building up excitement the closer you get to its destination.

For my 3rd “story”, I thought I would do something that I hadn’t done for a little bit. I will give the beginning of the story and then you , my wonderful readers, can join in with adding onto it. Exercise your creativity and have fun, this isn’t a test, no chance of wrong answers. Add your thoughts to the story below.

“Are you scared?”

“No, I just have this terrified look on my face because I am having fun, what do you think?  I believe you should go first!”


Make A Difference!

After last night’s more serious post, there was a song that came to my mind, that I wanted to share with all of you. I can’t help but smile when I listen to this song and watch the video. I think it spreads a great message! It is a song by Chris De Burgh, I have really been enjoying his music thanks to a friend who brought his music to my attention.

The song is called “Read My Name”. It’s talking about making a difference in the world and how every child is special! Its not your color, or your background that makes you special, its just YOU simply being YOU! There  is no one else exactly like you and that is  something to celebrate. We may not all end up making big names for ourselves, becoming famous and known world wide, but there is still so much difference that we can make in the lives of others! We can make a difference every day just by spreading kindness, joy and love!  I love the smiles in the faces of these children on this video clip,  you can feel their joy for life.

Why as adults does it seem that the unbridled joy we had when we were young becomes more contained? More pushed down inside of us. We get weighed down with problems and forget how we still have an inner child that wants let out. An inner child that has unbridled joy and wants to let it go and make others smile!  We still need to keep our candle burning and let our light shine, lighting up the darkness!

Let the joy spread in your heart today, let it be contagious!

I hope you enjoy this song. I was introduced to Chris De Burgh’s music by a friend and I am so glad that I was, for I have been enjoying his music very much!














Sweet Melody

He looked at his watch, she should be coming soon. She was always on time and he always looked forward to every visit  from her.  It was by far his favorite time of day when she would appear beside him with her sweet smile and spunk.

Henry enjoyed living at the “Golden Acres” retirement home.  The staff were very friendly and he had made good friends, but nothing quite compared to the days that Gia would come to see him.  He had no family to visit him, so the days could get long at times. He was so thankful at how the elementary school nearby had an after school program for their students to visit the residents. His friends enjoyed it too, the children added sunshine to their days.

Gia was such a sweet, spirited girl. She loved to talk, but she did enjoy listening to Henry’s stories too and loved to ask questions!  Intently she would listen, as he would share not only about his day, but about stories from his past.  He would watch as her hazel eyes would grow big in amazement at some of the stories that he would share with her.  He did enjoy teasing and would sometimes embellish the stories a bit just to see her mouth open wide into a big  O shape. She then would see the gleam in his eyes and would giggle as she realized that he was pulling one over on her, sometimes causing her cheeks to get as red as her hair.

The sound of approaching footsteps made Henry turn his head. The children were coming and Gia was leading the line.

“Henry, oh Henry, do I have a story to tell you!” Gia squealed.

She plopped herself down in the chair in front of him, her cheeks were flushed with excitement.

He got such a delight out of listening to her stories. The sound of her voice was like a sweet melody, filling his heart with joy.  Sometimes she would tell him what crazy Tommy did in class that day, or how her teacher told her to be quiet. How the teacher didn’t understand nuffin, that sometimes she just had to talk or she would explode.

Henry couldn’t hold back his laughter as he watched the emotions splash across Gia’s face as she told her story. She waved her hands in the air as she was explaining her frustration with her teacher. She had got in trouble again for talking.

“Then my teacher made me wait another forever 5 minutes after recess had already started! It was awful, I was dying !  I just had to tell Abby what Mikey had told me. He likes her he weally does! He wanted to meet her at the merry-go-round, but cause of teacher he had to wait, wondering if Abby would come.”

Henry’s eyes sparkled as Gia paused to take a breath. “Oh dear, poor Mikey. What happened?”

Gia smiled and said, ” I ran fast, when teacher said I could go. Abby was swinging and I pulled her arm saying we had to go. She wasn’t too happy with me at first, but when I told her about Mikey she got happy and ran to the Merry-go-round. We had fun going round and round but guess what, guess what Henry!”

Gia’s eyes once more got wide as she started to explain. Then she bounced out of her seat because of  laughing so hard.

“Oh Henry it was so funny!”  Gia sputtered out.

“What is it, tell me please, what happened?” Henry asked.

Seeing Henry’s eagerness to know made Gia start laughing again. Once she got control of herself she continued with her story.

“Well Henry had a present for Abby, it was in his pocket and it jumped out! It jumped out and landed on Abby, Henry!”

“What did? What was his present?”  Henry asked.

Henry’s eyes danced with amusement as he watched Gia throw her hands up in the air and shout, ” It was a FROG!”

“Oh Henry, Abby squealed and Mikey’s face got all red, Abby don’t like frogs, but I do, I like frogs Henry, do you like frogs?”

Before Henry could answer, Gia continued. “Abby ran fast to the teacher and me and Mikey we played with the frog. It was a cute frog, but teacher didn’t let Mikey take it back inside with him, he had to let it go. Mikey and me played with it a little after school until we got picked up.”

Ending her story Gia took another breath and said, ” Oh Henry I have something for you before I forget”, and she reached down to pick up her backpack.

Henry put his hands to his face and said, ” Oh No,  its not a frog is it!”

Gia dissolved in giggles, “Oh Henry, you funny, its no frog! Here you go, and Gia placed it in his hands.

“I hope you like it, I drew it just for you.  I gotta go now  Mom will be waiting. Bye bye friend!”  With those words she gave him a quick hug and he watched as she skipped down the hall.

Henry’s eyes glistened as  he then looked at the little card that Gia had placed in his hand. On it was a drawing of Gia and him holding hands and scrawled beneath the picture were the words. “Thanks for being my fun friend. I like you. Happy Valentine’s Day Henry! Your friend, Gia.”

Henry smiled and thought how this may be one of the most special Valentines that he had ever received  and his heart was full.






When Sorrow brings Joy

“When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.”

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

These quotes are taken from beautiful poetic essays by Kahlil Gibran. It is from his book called “The Prophet”, a book that I am presently reading.  The book was recommended to me by a friend and I am recommending it to all of you!

When I first read the 2 quotes that I included in here I had to stop and think for a little.

I thought back on some of the times where I have had the greatest sorrows in my life, and sure enough, out of those times, have come some of my greatest joys.

Due to sharing some of my sorrows with another, a friendship was formed, one that  has brought me great joy.

Due to a loved one going through a very difficult time our bond has grown closer, which again has brought sweet joy. I savor the moments more with them now and my ears are better at listening when their heart speaks.

I think of the time that I left a large piece of my heart behind locked doors. I heard the metallic clank as they went shut, there was no part of me that wanted to leave the building but I had to. Within 15 minutes of leaving, my husband and I stopped to meet a friend who had told us to call her before we left and she would be there for us. Her arms were there to catch me as I wanted to fall.

The sweetness of that moment can’t be measured. Knowing she took the time to be there for us in person meant so much. The depth of her love brought a shining light to our sorrow.

I think of another time that my heart was literally breaking. I had shed so many tears and felt so confused. Then within an hour and a half I got online, kind of still in a daze, when I read something that a friend had sent. My eyes got teary again, but this time it was with tears of laughter!  I can still feel the relief that just bubbled out of me by having something to laugh at. That bubble would not have been as great without the sorrow that had come before.

I think of the tender look of love on my husband’s face and how my heart felt the lump in his throat. He squeezed my hand as I laid on a hospital bed not knowing exactly what was wrong. The warmth of his love, though not spoken in words filled my heart with precious joy.

This isn’t some new startling revelation of how sorrow can bring joy, but I believe it is easy for us to forget. No one wants to go through deep sorrow, but sometimes it is good to just spend time reflecting on what joys have come out of our sorrows. Sometimes there are things that may stand out to us more as we look back, compared to before.  Looking back can be a great reminder to all of us at how sorrow and joy really are intertwined.