Sharing the Joys



Happy Thursday! With all the chaos in the world, it always helps to focus on the Happy things! What are some things that make you happy? Today for me,  it was the simple pleasure of swinging on my porch swing, eating dark chocolate peanut M’Ms , lounging on the couch and getting a great shoulder massage. Massages always make me happy!

So what Happy things are on your list? When you take the time you may be surprised at how many things come to your mind. Don’t let the darkness in this world shut out the many things that can make your heart shine! Like the warmth of my dog’s body against my foot as she softly snores. Feel free to share below what makes your heart smile and most of all BE THANKFUL for the little joys life brings!


The Journey has begun!



I hope everyone has been enjoying the first day of the New Year! Whether you been vegging on the couch, (like me) or celebrating with friends and family, I hope that the day has brought many smiles. I don’t have anything of great wisdom to share, but did want to thank all of you for continuing to read my “nuggets” that I do enjoy posting and plan to continue. I really do appreciate it! Who knows what posts could be in store for this year, your guess is probably as good as mine. I just know that I want to continue spreading joy and smiles in a world that can always use it and thank you for the smiles that all of you bring to me! I can assure you of one thing, the fun characters that you have come to enjoy, like Jinx, Jangle, Snowball, Alabaster and all the friends of the North Pole,  along with Frank and George, will continue to have crazy adventures. 

I may not know where the road for 2020 leads!


But I do know a few things. I know that traveling down the road with me will be my faith, which keeps me strong, and my family and friends that fill me with love and keep me laughing.  I know that no matter where the road may take me that with those 3 things its bound to be a fantastic adventure amidst the dips and curves in the road. Happy New Year dear friends, may there be hidden surprises for all of you to find along the way! 


The Night of Dreams

a0aea1c7fc530ca5d848105e0c3dc55b from Pinterest


The starlit sky was bright, lighting up the night. Jane pulled her coat a little tighter against her, to fight off the chill of the frosty night air. Christmas was over, and Jane was enjoying the peacefulness of the night.

She often liked to take a walk in the woods, even when it was cold. She continued on, walking the same path that she did most nights. Jane quietly sang “Silent Night” as she walked through the quietness of the  woods. Christmas may be over, but the songs still played in her heart.

What would the New Year bring she wondered. What dreams of hers may come true. She thought back to when she was a little girl and the special Christmas where she got her last doll baby. She still could feel the excitement that she had when she unwrapped  her and hugged her tight. Her Mom had sewed such a pretty dress for her doll baby and her heart was full of love for it.

Oh, sweet memories. She remembered too when she got Lite-Bright for Christmas, oh the hours she spent  making all kinds of pretty pictures with the different colored pegs.

How time changes things as you grow.  As a child she opened the gifts with great anticipation. Now she still enjoys the gifts that are bought with love for her but even more special are the gifts that can’t be unwrapped.

The smiles on the faces of her family as they unwrapped their gifts. The laughter that rang through the house. The hugs freely given. Time spent together enjoying each others company. Time, a gift that can’t be bought and one that is so valuable! Time spent having fun with each other which makes the turkey get forgotten and put in the oven a little late, but no one minds having a late supper on a magical Christmas night.

Yes, so much more that she cherishes now that doesn’t come wrapped with a bow.

Just then something came shooting through the sky. She was seeing her first shooting star. She wished upon the star and her heart was warmed, as she smiled the rest of the way home. Thinking about her wish that couldn’t be wrapped with a bow but one that filled her with a deep, incomparable joy!



The Calling of the Sea!



My body instantly relaxes as I step into the warm sand, feeling it squish up between my toes. I smell the most wonderful scent of all, the smell of the salty sea. I hear the joyful sound of the seagull’s call, as they fly free.  They are welcoming me back to the place that has forever captured my heart.

Where my soul is refreshed, and worries washed away by the waves of the sea. Where time stands still as I soak in the joy of the moment.  When the pleasures of the sea grab hold of me like an octopus and don’t let go. My heart smiles as I pick up seashells; my gift from the sea.

My friend and I walk along the edge of the sea, talking, laughing and sometimes just being silent, letting the waves speak.

Knowing in our hearts that there is no other place we would rather be!

Could we be mermaids in disguise … probably!

** We aren’t at the beach yet, but I am dreaming, as the countdown has begun! **




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Remember the joy at finding a surprise in a box of Crackerjacks? We need to keep that childlike joy as we embrace each new day, you never know what it may hold!

Dandelions are weeds that hold wishes! Don’t be fooled, what may look like a “weed” in your life could have some hidden beauty!

If you could be any type of animal for one day, which animal would you choose? 


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Imagination is a wonderful thing….but with some of life’s situations we need to rein it in. 

When you are heading into a lot of traffic and the brakes aren’t working! You practically stand up on them and then you yell at them, for you know the car will listen … and then you wake up from your dream! 

Friends and joy go together like coffee and donuts!  (What do you think goes together? I did this once before and had a good response, so figured I would do it again. It really can be anything, in this case you can let your imagination go! :))


Sparkling Gold


Joe was ecstatic, he couldn’t wait to show  off the gold nuggets he had found! All those days spent panning for gold had finally paid off. He had told Mary he would find gold and he knew she didn’t believe him, but bless her heart, she still was supportive of him leaving their home and going on this expedition.

He still could see the pain in her eyes as he hugged her bye. She was trying to be strong as their two little ones were pulling at her dress. He had his own lump in his throat as he gave her one more kiss on her sweet lips. Oh how he would miss the touch of her smooth skin has he brushed his hand against her cheek. He did wipe some tears from his eyes when he headed down the road with his horses.

Now he was wiping tears again, but these were tears of joy! Now he could start for home and he couldn’t wait to swing his Mary around in his arms as he told her about the gold nuggets that he had found!

He took a look of them again, at how they sparkled. They may be shining but nothing compared to the shine in hie heart, at seeing his family again. They most definitely were the most precious gold nuggets of all!


Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Moments of pure joy fill the heart with golden rays of sunshine and memories of the warmth of the rays keep you smiling when it rains.

Graduation time for many, may wonderful adventures be ahead, as their mountain awaits them! What advice would  you give to a graduate?

Succulent sweet strawberries for strawberry shortcake, summer has begun!